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Forum Games / A story where you choose some of the words
« on: July 02, 2019, 02:11:57 pm »
Place words according to the type of word that's called for, then read the story with all the words you've chosen. There's no right answer to the word selections. You can do it however you want, if you want you can copy the story in your post then replace the numbers in the story with their respective words in your post.

I must warn you, I haven't tested the story for read-ability, so this story could be frustrating to read due to the sheer amount of times that some words repeat, so I've color-coded them for you.

This is similar to

1: Name a character of yours, friendly or evil.
2: Emotion
3: Past-tense verb.
4: Name one of the most evil characters you have.
5: Emotion.
6: Way of travelling by foot?
7: Emotion-ly.
8: Object/animal plural.
9: Dialogue.
10: Emotion.
11: Riddle.
12: Name a character of yours, friendly or evil.
13: A time of day.
14: Excuse.
15: Shout.
16: Number.
17: Action.
18: Weapon.
19: Place.

Once upon a time, {1} came upon a frisbee, he was very {2} about that, so he {3} the frisbee -to/at- everybody before realising it had no magic powers, it just had "Magic frisbee" engraved on it. {1} decided -he/she/they- would look for the one who carved the words into the frisbee. Along the way, they met {4}, and greeted them in a {5} manner before continuing, but {4} promptly stopped them, saying it was dangerous, and asked to come along. {1} agreed to let {4} come along to protect them, and together they {6} {7}. Suddenly, there was a geyser that was erupting {8} blocking the way, that geyser said "{9}", that made the two explorers {10}, but they asked the geyser how to get past, and the geyser replied "Solve my riddle, {11}", and the two explorers solved the riddle and the geyser let them past. The sound of the travellers' footsteps caught {12}'s attention, so -he/she/they- walked up to the two travellers and asked them what they're doing in the forest at {13}, telling them it was dangerous, and they replied "{14}". {12} was fooled, and let them continue on their way to find whoever carved the frisbee. "{15}" Yelled a mysterious voice from nowhere, turns out it was {12} again who wanted to come with them, now there were {16} travellers, give or take a few of the ants that secretly joined. {12} pointed out a tower on the horizon, it had giant statue of a frisbee on top of it, and {4} let out a cackle. "I betrayed you! I just wanted to find the castle because I was lost! Now that you've found it, I don't need your help anymore, but unfortunately I can't let anybody else know about the castle, so I'm going to erase your memory!" Exclaimed {4}, who then proceeded to snatch the frisbee from {1}'s -hand/paw/talon/jaw-. "But that frisbee doesn't work." {1} stated matter-of-factly, only to be shushed by {4} who whispered "Only I know how to operate it.". {12} tried to intervene, but {4} {17} so powerfully that they fell over. Thankfully, {1} had a {18} handy, and proceeded to use that {18} to chase {4} all the way to {19}. The world was saved! And the frisbee actually had no magic powers.

Game Help / Crashing in the middle of exporting
« on: May 15, 2019, 04:09:37 am »
FH crashes in the middle of exporting; When I try to export the map, it just locks up for a minute and then crashes. I'm using OpenGL, and I'm not clicking on the screen while it exports.

I haven't tested exporting other maps today, just the one map.

The map is a very detailed map, but it hasn't gotten any more detailed since the time I successfully exported it a month ago. All I did between now and then was adding a portal to Cape(Because it seems to be a bad idea to make a detailed map the only entrance to another detailed map), then I removed some details after the first few exporting crashes and it still crashes.

Game Help / Crashing Custom Maps
« on: April 15, 2019, 09:20:36 am »
Two(So far) maps I made are crashing every time I go to them. I have no clue what could be causing it, so I'm not sure what details I should provide pertaining to the issue.

I don't know what both crashing maps have in common that isn't shared with another map of mine that doesn't crash. One map is highly detailed, the other isn't.

I accidentally dragged the entire mesh around while making feline animations, I restarted and I don't think it fixed it unless I had dragged the mesh around before.

The skeleton clips out of the body.

Will the feline look that slight bit distorted ingame? Or is it just a neat little peculiarity I now get to see in Blender for the rest of the animating?

Forum Games / Drop something on the character below you
« on: March 22, 2019, 01:23:47 am »
This is similar to the "Drop something on the person below you" game, but this is dropping something on the character below you.

Somebody dropped something! Which of your characters encounters the dropped object, and what do they do with/about it?

Example: *Gui tears the pancake into pieces*
*Drops a sofa*

Next poster: *-Character name- married the sofa*
*Drops a pineapple*

The FH rules apply.
Keep it appropriate for young people!


*Drops a cake*

I'm rusty at creating, and new to animating interfaces, so I can't deny that I must have broke something in part of my animated interface.

I'm making an animated interface, but I can't seem to plonk too many frames into the code before the image just goes white, but I didn't gradually add in frames to test the capacity.

I checked all the spelling and the spelling's good. I have a preset material with an animation about as long as that(If not longer) that shows up well. All the textures are in FeralHeart/media/textures. I've raised the timer from 3 to 6 to 20 and it still stayed white.

Since I know the spelling's good, I've shortened the image names a bit to make it less painstaking to read perhaps.
Code: [Select]
material GuiMat/TextArea
lighting off
scene_blend alpha_blend
depth_check off

anim_texture textArea1HE.png textArea2HE.png textArea3HE.png textArea1NE.png textArea2NE.png textArea3NE.png textArea1BA.png textArea2BA.png textArea3BA.png textArea1CH.png textArea2CH.png textArea3CH.png textArea1BE.png textArea2BE.png textArea3BE.png textArea1RE.png textArea2RE.png textArea3RE.png textArea1TApng textArea2TA.png textArea3TA.png textArea1LE1.png textArea2LE1.png textArea3LE1.png textArea1LE2.png textArea2LE2.png textArea3LE2.png textArea1LE3.png textArea2LE3.png textArea3LE3.png textArea1LE4.png textArea2LE4.png textArea3LE4.png 0.3
filtering trilinear
Oh! I fixed it, naming so many images was a little taxing, I named an image wrong. This can now be locked.

Game Help / I made a walk sound but it won't play
« on: March 06, 2019, 02:24:14 pm »
I put an MP3 file I created(Played it on a keyboard) into FeralHeart's sound folder, and it is named walk_grass, but there isn't any sound where that new file should play(When I walk it's silent), it didn't break the normal walk sound though. This is not a very urgent issue at all, as I play FH with sounds off most of the time.
What could be causing a sound file to not work?

To sum it up: I can't log into FeralHeart due to my internet currently suffering from random dropouts, it gets too frustrating for me.

My internet's gone really flaky, I don't know when I can fix it, and I have barely a clue how to fix it, it seems to be an undocumented problem or I just haven't researched into internet dropouts enough. My network drivers weren't fine at the time the internet started acting up, but I fixed my network drivers and they look fine now but the internet problems continue. I've replaced my cable with a new one, still the internet problems continue. I suspect the modem is perishing, I can't think of any other reason for the random internet dropouts.

I admit I was hard to find ingame before, but I won't be online ingame at all until I fix the internet problems, which have went on since the start of 2019 and will last an unknown amount of days more.

I will be less active on the forum until I get accustomed to copying all of my posts before I send them so I can paste them back in if they're lost due to a dropout in the internet.

Game Discussion / Mixed markings packs
« on: December 01, 2018, 03:17:02 pm »
When I saw people ask/comment about the marshmallows, I saw some people saying "You need to install Mass Markings", the rest said "You need to install Legendary Markings". When I was using Mass Markings, I spotted marshmallow tails and sometimes marshmallow heads, until I installed Legendary Markings after hearing that most people use Legendary Markings. I believe Mass Markings and Legendary Markings are sometimes thought to be the same, or I think I once heard someone say they were, IDK.
There is a confusion, but I understand if it can't be stopped, as that would require telling everyone to refer people to -Most used markings pack-... Or maybe telling them to not suggest markings packs. Or a sign could be planted saying "Install -Most used markings pack- to fix marshmallows" somewhere.

I need more proof this happens, I'm mostly surmising that there's confusion present, I only have memory of seeing this happen at least once. Have you seen mixed answers about markings packs? Did mixed answers happen some, most, or every time people were suggesting any markings pack(s)?
What do you think can/should be done about the markings pack confusion?

Game Help / Preset Maker is acting up
« on: November 24, 2018, 05:20:08 am »
A preset won't export no matter what install of FH it's in, no matter what slot it's in. I also have a crash looming in Preset slot 2 of one install when that slot is unmodified.

That troublesome preset's slot is 1, but I put it in slot 3 to test, still didn't work.

I didn't keep track of any changes in the preset's size, it is 13.6 MB unexported.

I don't think the preset has exported successfully before on either install.

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