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Game Help / Function now bound to two keys at the same time
« on: September 17, 2019, 03:17:04 am »
I tried to bind the head move function to the right Alt key, and the function stayed put only until I restarted the game, now it's bound to both the left Alt key and the right Alt key. The video recorder I use uses the left Alt key, so each time I start recording, my character's head position goofs.

The question: How do I contain the power of the head move function within just the right Alt key, and leave the left Alt key empty(Or at least bound to a function that won't goof the film)?

I've looked inside the Keyboard.cfg and found this:
Code: [Select]
Head Track=184
This is also happening with the Autorun key, so I have two autorun keys, the Q key and the Y key. I successfully bound the E Button Of Doom to the C key, with the chat window toggle bound to the E key, so I suspect there can't be a key left unbound when it was originally bound to something... But I don't know what to bind to my left Alt key that I press when I film, I don't want the left Alt key to cause anything to happen in the game.

The texture wasn't all white in Map Maker in one install, but the texture is all white in a different install after I exported the map.

I tried putting the Exports files into "FeralHeart/Media/Textures", and putting the affected PNG files into "FeralHeart/Media/Objects/My_Objects", but those didn't work.
The install I used Map Maker in is patch 1.16, while the install that I tested the map in is patch 1.17.

My question is: Is there a way to restore the texture?

That texture shows up fine in Map Maker and Test Drive in the old install, but shows up all white in the new install after I exported it.
I can't test the exported map in the old install since I can't log into the old FH patch, and I can't test the map within Map Maker in the new install because the map crashes the Map Maker of the new install.

The Inputbox / Putting Discord-Only Groups Into Different Board
« on: September 12, 2019, 02:48:24 pm »
Should there be a new Roleplay Advertising Board for Discord-only roleplays?

Videos / FlyingGrass' Videos(FeralHeart Lioness Needs A Wash!)
« on: September 08, 2019, 03:32:18 pm »
This is where I'll plonk my FeralHeart videos, though I haven't uploaded my videos to Youtube, I placed them in Google Drive.

FeralHeart lioness needs a bath! Time for me to test one of my latest inventions! Complete with deception, and a whole lot of water!
The blue fire particle is from Drek's Particles.
The smelly plants are from Drek's Objects I think.

Presets & Markings / Free two-tone 2K mane texture
« on: August 13, 2019, 08:48:53 am »
While replacing Gui's old mane texture, I have drawn a color-able two-tone 2K mane texture.
It comes in two layers, as a Photoshop file. The Corel feature "Adjust>Hue And Saturation>Colorize..." can color both layers seperately, I haven't tested in other paint programs, so I don't know if other paint programs have a "Colorize" feature but maybe it'll be easy to color using other paint programs too?

Normally the FeralHeart mane texture is more of a neat zig-zag at the bottom, but here I moved the leftmost and rightmost spikes inward.

The Photoshop file can be opened by quite a few paint programs such as GIMP and Medibang and Corel. Paint.Net can't seem to open the file though.

Both layers aren't already set to "Multiply" for painting in color, they'll have to be set manually for painting in color.

This mane texture was made in Corel Paintshop, using a few of the brushes that come with CorelPaintshop.

And I forgot to mention that this texture is 2K, feel free to resize it.

Download is in DeviantArt:\

Picture of it on Gui, so far the only demonstration screenshot I snapped:

I'm not sure if this was already suggested. Maybe alter the Overlays.cfg a little to place the movie clip text at the top of the screen, since the movie clip's text field fits more than will fit on screen, so we(Or I do, I'm not sure who else does) need to make sure we didn't type off of the screen before we publish movie clip.

Forum Games / A story where you choose some of the words
« on: July 02, 2019, 02:11:57 pm »
Place words according to the type of word that's called for, then read the story with all the words you've chosen. There's no right answer to the word selections. You can do it however you want, if you want you can copy the story in your post then replace the numbers in the story with their respective words in your post.

I must warn you, I haven't tested the story for read-ability, so this story could be frustrating to read due to the sheer amount of times that some words repeat, so I've color-coded them for you.

This is similar to

1: Name a character of yours, friendly or evil.
2: Emotion
3: Past-tense verb.
4: Name one of the most evil characters you have.
5: Emotion.
6: Way of travelling by foot?
7: Emotion-ly.
8: Object/animal plural.
9: Dialogue.
10: Emotion.
11: Riddle.
12: Name a character of yours, friendly or evil.
13: A time of day.
14: Excuse.
15: Shout.
16: Number.
17: Action.
18: Weapon.
19: Place.

Once upon a time, {1} came upon a frisbee, he was very {2} about that, so he {3} the frisbee -to/at- everybody before realising it had no magic powers, it just had "Magic frisbee" engraved on it. {1} decided -he/she/they- would look for the one who carved the words into the frisbee. Along the way, they met {4}, and greeted them in a {5} manner before continuing, but {4} promptly stopped them, saying it was dangerous, and asked to come along. {1} agreed to let {4} come along to protect them, and together they {6} {7}. Suddenly, there was a geyser that was erupting {8} blocking the way, that geyser said "{9}", that made the two explorers {10}, but they asked the geyser how to get past, and the geyser replied "Solve my riddle, {11}", and the two explorers solved the riddle and the geyser let them past. The sound of the travellers' footsteps caught {12}'s attention, so -he/she/they- walked up to the two travellers and asked them what they're doing in the forest at {13}, telling them it was dangerous, and they replied "{14}". {12} was fooled, and let them continue on their way to find whoever carved the frisbee. "{15}" Yelled a mysterious voice from nowhere, turns out it was {12} again who wanted to come with them, now there were {16} travellers, give or take a few of the ants that secretly joined. {12} pointed out a tower on the horizon, it had giant statue of a frisbee on top of it, and {4} let out a cackle. "I betrayed you! I just wanted to find the castle because I was lost! Now that you've found it, I don't need your help anymore, but unfortunately I can't let anybody else know about the castle, so I'm going to erase your memory!" Exclaimed {4}, who then proceeded to snatch the frisbee from {1}'s -hand/paw/talon/jaw-. "But that frisbee doesn't work." {1} stated matter-of-factly, only to be shushed by {4} who whispered "Only I know how to operate it.". {12} tried to intervene, but {4} {17} so powerfully that they fell over. Thankfully, {1} had a {18} handy, and proceeded to use that {18} to chase {4} all the way to {19}. The world was saved! And the frisbee actually had no magic powers.

FH crashes in the middle of exporting; When I try to export the map, it just locks up for a minute and then crashes. I'm using OpenGL, and I'm not clicking on the screen while it exports.

I haven't tested exporting other maps today, just the one map.

The map is a very detailed map, but it hasn't gotten any more detailed since the time I successfully exported it a month ago. All I did between now and then was adding a portal to Cape(Because it seems to be a bad idea to make a detailed map the only entrance to another detailed map), then I removed some details after the first few exporting crashes and it still crashes.

EDIT: I have gotten the map to export now, I just compiled all the objects into one object file(I can make a tutorial on that) and removed most unused objects, and removed collisions I didn't need, and unsure what else, but now it exports! I'll have Perel Laboratory uploaded someday soon, and when I get around to it I'll repeat the process on my other crashing map(Which is also a laboratory. Thank you, everybody. ^-^

Game Help / Crashing Custom Maps
« on: April 15, 2019, 09:20:36 am »
Two(So far) maps I made are crashing every time I go to them. I have no clue what could be causing it, so I'm not sure what details I should provide pertaining to the issue.

I don't know what both crashing maps have in common that isn't shared with another map of mine that doesn't crash. One map is highly detailed, the other isn't.

I accidentally dragged the entire mesh around while making feline animations, I restarted and I don't think it fixed it unless I had dragged the mesh around before.

The skeleton clips out of the body.

Will the feline look that slight bit distorted ingame? Or is it just a neat little peculiarity I now get to see in Blender for the rest of the animating?

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