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Leaving / Farewell
« on: September 09, 2020, 10:56:21 am »
Hello all.

I hate to be typing this, but I believe it's time I take my leave from FH for good. I think it's best for me to move on from here, and go forward on to other things. Moving on to the next phase of my life is important, and I feel I need to do this to get there. The past 8 years have been a rollercoaster, but I will always keep those who I've met and grown to know well close to my heart. I am also appreciative of the opportunity I was given to work alongside the staff for the short period of time I was on the team for. It's hard to say goodbye, but I will remember the good times and hold onto those memories. I am very thankful to have been apart of this community and met such kind and caring people. <3

With that said, thank you, and please, take care everyone.

Sincerely, Sig.~

Characters / World Lion Day - Show us your lions!
« on: August 10, 2020, 10:57:03 am »

Happy World Lion Day, folks!

In celebration of this wonderful day, show us your lovely lion characters!
Can either be by screenshot, art, etc.

Here's a few of mine:





Share yours down below!

Game Discussion / For Mac Users
« on: July 27, 2020, 11:06:13 am »

This thread is regarding the users who play FH on the Mac using macOS Catalina.

For many months, PlayOnMac hasn't been compatible with Catalina. I'm happy to report that a version that has been altered to work with Catalina has been released, and I can confirm that FH does indeed work.

PlayOnMac 4.4.1: Click me.

The installation process (to those needing it) is laid out here: Mac Setup by Razmirz

If you need any assistance with it, or any sort of Mac issues, please consult myself.

Have fun.~

Forum Games / Word Disassociation
« on: June 19, 2020, 03:40:20 pm »
Didn't see this game anywhere on here yet, so thought might as well.

So the aim of this game is to post a word that has no obvious connection to the previously posted word.

For example:

User 1: Chicken
User 2: Xylophone
User 3: Banana
User 4: Trampoline

And so on.

First word: Lion

User Creations Collection / Sigyn's Den of Goods
« on: September 11, 2019, 04:06:05 am »
~ Sigyn's Den of Goods ~

Welcome all to my den of stuff and various goods. Here you will find my many creations that I've taken the time to make for myself and you, the public. I hope you enjoy my works.


Game Mods
~ Moon Mods
~ Skins
~ Cursors
~ Portals
~ Other

~ Personal
~ Private
~ Public

~ Personal
~ Commissions
~ Requests
~ Public

~ Other goods

This thread is a W.I.P for now.

Characters / Sigyn's Characters
« on: September 10, 2019, 01:49:33 pm »
My Characters



Info: Sigyn is my main character and has been for almost 7 years. She's my most treasured character, and no other will ever replace her in my heart.
Group: Eneo Pride
Toyhouse: Sigyn


Info: I created Masketta back in 2012, and he was my first TKC character. I've used him actively ever since then, and he's always had a special place amongst my character hoard as one of my first proper characters.
Group: The Kreptic Circle
Toyhouse: Masketta


Info: Nyx is my second TKC child. She's a necromancer that takes the form of a dire wolf x deer as a Krepti.
Group: The Kreptic Circle
Toyhouse: Nyx


Info: Ryoko was my second lioness that I created and used as a main character. I then used her in a roleplay for many years with close friends of mine.
Group: None
Toyhouse: Ryoko

Title says it all. What kind of addons and modifications would you like to see created to help improve your Feralheart experience that are free to use by the public? Perhaps it could be a variety of different coloured/designed interfaces, exciting new maps to explore, textures, cursors, meshes, podiums, presets, anything that you can think of. I want to hear it all.

Characters / Sigyrn's Entry
« on: March 04, 2019, 06:29:22 am »


Prior to death: Six months
Currently: Unknown (possibly around the 100 year mark)


Prior to death: Grey wolf (canis lupus)
Currently: Kreptis

As a Kreptis, Masketta has a ice-blue tongue, bright yellow eyes, a Kreptic Circle marking below left eye, and a dark grey pelt that is covered in patches of the night sky (which moves alone his body from his right cheek to the tip of his tail); the last thing he saw before his demise.
Before his death, his fur was a charcoal grey and his eyes had the same bright yellow as his Krepti form, both forms sharing the same hulking frame.

Masketta comes off as reserved upon first meeting him, he is quite quiet and spends most of his days sitting to the side.
But within his dark soul is a young wolf that still yearns for the life he once had; to run through the pines and feel the cold chill of the snow upon his fur.
Wrath runs through his veins, but it's not a constant as some days are better than others for him.
He can be protective of his group, and is not afraid of confrontation.
Overall, he only puts his trust into those who earn it, and is extremely loyal to those he holds close to his heart.

Snow falling around him as his long limbs bounded along the forest floor, his heart pounding within his chest for what he'd soon find out would be his last few minutes of life, Masketta, only an adolescent, ran as fast as his aching paws would take him.
Being chased by a pack of rival wolves, Masketta ran for as long as he could to outrun the others, his only thought on his mind being to survive.
But he was also leading the pack away from his family that lived deep in the pine forest.
Unfortunately, the brute soon found himself in an unfortunate situation, eventually being trapped between the edge of a cliff and the wolves themselves. Backing up as the ferocious canines snapped at him and snarled, his back paw gave way on the edge of the cliff, the large grey wolf falling to his death. Hitting the surface of a frozen lake, the ice cracked from his fall, breaking several of the bones in his large body and knocking him out cold.
Sinking into the freezing water, Masketta slowly died of hypothermia while staring at the night sky above.
Masketta had died saving his family, the wolves previously chasing him head back to their territory, knowing that they had just been the cause of death of who they knew was going to be one of the strongest canines in the land.
Masketta's family mourned for him for many moons, and never truly got over losing him.
They knew that even in his mother's womb, Masketta had been in danger, for he was born from an Alpha, which the rival pack saw as a threat.

Many decades after his death, Masketta woke with a new appearance within the icey-water. He roamed for a long time, his family and friends having passed a long time before. He now spends his days in the Kreptic Circle, being amongst others similar to himself.
Due to the circumstances of his death, Masketta is unable to feel the cold, and is very sensitive to heat.

Other Information
Masketta was created in the late months of 2012 and has been one of my most beloved characters ever since.
His preset is made by by D-ead7Dog -
The Kreptis Circle is a group that was started by Jack Hallow and Dagos/DeadMau5.
It is now run by Blackberry/Berrymutt, Inked, and Iris/Lady_RavenRose
Voice claim: Dylan Massett from Bates Motel
Themes: In The Pines - Danny Farrant & Paul Rawson, Water - Jack Garratt, Blood // Water - grandson, Believer - Imagine Dragons

Art of Masketta the night of his undoing by Vvulfy on DA

Ask Me / Interrogate Sigyn
« on: September 20, 2018, 05:32:51 am »
Ask away!

Art Gallery / Sigyrn's Art
« on: June 01, 2017, 12:19:35 pm »

Welcome to my art thread, where I share with you all of my recent creations in the artistic realm!



Sketchy of my girl, Anasi, a part of Bawfle's Zambisi Pride


Carmilla Karnstein from the Carmilla series

Tammy from Ocean's 8


Sabrina Spellman from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


For Nidobun on DA

For Kitchiki on DA

Birthday gift for Bawfle

For Oha on DA

A bday gift for my irl best friend


For LanieJ on DA

For angel_thesabre on Twitter

That's all I have for now!
Here's my DeviantArt where you'll find all my works.
Thank you very much for visiting my art thread! And don't worry, there'll be much more art to be posted in the future, so don't forget to check up on this thread often for any updates!

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