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Animal & Non Human Roleplays / New Horizon: Incompertus
« on: November 20, 2019, 06:12:55 pm »
New Horizon -- Incompertus
A continuation of Aethereum

Incompertus is a 2 pack tribal canine roleplay. The roleplay itself is heavily custom as we have 2 packs that are used between ranks, heavily custom pack traditions that all have different in-character laws applied, rank system, lifestyle and set behavior. Our goal is to have a family-like community as well as a roleplay zone that everyone can feel welcomed in.

With two packs joining as one and a greed spilling over the discoveries are made, leaving one pack worried and the other determined to take over the lands.
The question is....Will you be there to take on the adventure?

Perks of Aethereum
➘ Discord-only!
➘ We have 2 packs to choose from!
➘ Wide variety of custom traditions, IC punishments, IC laws in all packs;
➘ In other words, highly custom!
➘ IC and OOC events;

Athereum is:
➳ Discord-only;
➳ Semi-realistic;
➳ Literate; An application is required upon joining
➳ Long-term;
➳ Custom;
➳ Tribal;
➳ Sandbox style rp;
➳ Revamped.

Revrour packs

The Kazatus
These are canines who tend to work everything out with a little but of physical force. They don't hdie behind words and like to deal with others in a physical fight. These are very stubborn, rude wolves who live only to survive another day. It is hard for them to stay polite and collected when they are offended. Their means of teaching are gruesome and questionable at the same time but in the end the trainee is shaped into a very strong minded soldiers. It is really hard to change Kazatus mind or make them fight against their own pack, their dedication to one and the same leader is unbreakable. For this Kazatus are told to be the most loyal canines in all of Revrour.

Kazatus wolves usually reside in the mountains. They are well accustomed to cold and dislikes heat too much. Their body shape is often huge and tops canines in the remaining two packs. They can be told to be scary and mean - they kind of are - due to their dark colors that build that image. To see a white canine in Kazatus pack is a very rare occurrence.

Their traditions and customs are always loud and a thrilling experience. Instead of being welcoming and cheerful they tend to fight other canines for titles and power inside the pack.

Kazatus' rank infromation:
➸ 2 rank branches: Additional 8 combatant ranks and 3 medic ranks.
➸ The Kazatus has tiers.

The Izul
A diverse pack. Izul canines are often shoved between rude Kazatus and peaceful Tholuhn. They can be rude and snarky if tested but really kind and polite to strangers. They are more traditional, family-based pack that holds the rule of 'whatever happens in Izul stays in Izul'. They are strict on loyalty and behavior, but not to the point where it would be seen as a bother. Rude behavior is greatly looked down upon, if a quarrel does occur it must be solved out in a ring.
Izul is more dedicated to the growth of tolerance and kindness more than the idea of surviving in the wild. Pups from early days are taught to be thoughtful and polite whereas when they grow older they are taught the art of fighting. Izul canines are seen as dependable, responsible and considerate for the needs of all wolves in Revrour, thus Izul words in senate meeting are often final and taken into account regardless of opinion switches. Izul wolves are seen at the top of Revrour hierarchy.

Izul wolves usually reside in valleys. They have accustomed to heavy rain and sometimes cold atmosphere as well as heat. They are more on the average scale, raging in all shapes and fur colors.

Izul's rank information:
➸ Additional 17 (5 branches that branch out further more) combatant ranks and 6 (3 branches that branch out even more) medic ranks. An addition was made -- Now there is an artistic branch!
➸ The Izul has tiers.
➸ Izul's hierarchy is diplomatic, meaning leaders are chosen and not passed down upon.

Please add one of the following members so you can be invited into the server.
ChocolateChip#4773 | Chloroform#4380 | ethereal#3518

In-Game Roleplay & Group Advertisement / Corruption | Re-opening
« on: October 17, 2018, 07:16:24 pm »


Corruption is a group founded by ChocolateChip, and co-founded by Majestic. This group is mature in nature, so intense themes should be expected! Our goal is to allow you all to explore and put in your own two cents!

The group is formed around the thought that males are superior, and females were seen as ignoble all the while required to follow such miserable rules. Some females conform to this belief system, and obey their male superiors with no hesitation. Others, however, are more reluctant and wish for a better path in life.

Males dominate the hierarchy, while females are offered very few ranks. Although it seems that all females are unable to acquire a decent rank, that is not the case at all. Females can petition for a male rank but the process is very difficult, and few succeed.

However, in the gist of all the commotion and terror caused upon the females, there is a new turn for those who wish to escape the wrath of Corruption -- or at least for those who think they can. A rival pack in which they see females as better individuals rather than nothing.

Literacy: Literate ( We require a rp sample )
Realism: Semi-Real

Mature: The hierarchy takes a major role in this rp so blood and gore should be expected.

If you are interested and/or have any questions, PM ChocolateChip#4773 or Morgan#9707 on discord. Or you can fill out an application on our site!

In-Game Roleplay & Group Advertisement / Looking for a realistic canine rp
« on: September 19, 2018, 04:38:35 am »
Hello there! I’ve been looking for any realistic canine roleplay, whether it is a wolf rp or a dog rp. I go more for a discord based rp since it would be more convenient for me, but I can also work around a rp on feral heart. If anyone has any suggestions, please drop a reply or privately message me. Thank you!

In-Game Roleplay & Group Advertisement / To be deleted
« on: June 09, 2018, 10:57:52 pm »
To be deleted

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