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Species / Dreadlings
« on: August 15, 2019, 11:09:39 pm »


Dreadlings are a closed species created by Panzram/Koicrow, and are now released!

Dreadlings are a unique species with many variant types, mutations, and more! After two years of creation, the species is finally released to the public. You may find any and all information, terms of service, faq's, and art located below!

Click here to go directly to the dA group!

You may also visit any of these links for quick access, but feel free to join the dA group for announcement, news, updates, events, and more!

> Group Rules & ToS
> Species Info

You may also join our discord server to chat with other community members, get news updates, and more!


all art composed by koicrow

Leaving / See You Around!
« on: June 17, 2019, 08:29:17 pm »
Just like Edolicious, I will also be taking my leave from the game. I’ve enjoyed the memories and the nostalgia, but life has been moving forward and I have to move with it. It’s been a fun time, and I’ve met so many great people. You all are a wonderful community, and I love you all very dearly.

But unfortunately, ol’ Calvary is signing off. Thank you guys for the wonderful memories. You all are also free to contact me on discord (Calvary#8924) if you’d still like to chat!

I’ll miss you all, but farewell and keep thriving. <3

Praise / Happy Birthday, Panzram!
« on: May 23, 2019, 07:09:45 am »
I know you can't really get on the game anymore, but I know you're still lingering around on the forums. I wanted to tell you Happy Birthday, and that you are amazing!

Please have the best birthday possible, okay? I hope you end up being able to play again, we all miss you. <3 Happy birthday, buddy. You deserve it.

Praise / Praise The Razzles
« on: April 01, 2019, 01:23:16 am »
It is about time that the Raz Invasion has begun, we must praise Raz for his dedication and multiple personalities for the hard work going into the forum to bring you Razzles your razzy needs.

Our souls are all Raz, we have all been Raz from day one. This is the final reckoning of the Raz Invasion. We must bring praise and joy upon to the great Raz community for being so razzling and specrazzular.

My other Razzles, fellow Raz, please sing praise for Raz and your fellow Razzles and Raz's for their razzling happiness and dedication to the community. We salute you. You have been a great community of Razzles, always doing your part to keep this game running delightfully, as we, the many personalities of Raz, have been so proud to see.

Thank you.

The Inputbox / Bi/Tri Monthly Community Surveys
« on: March 13, 2019, 07:51:12 am »
Now hear me out, the title isn't that appealing, but I feel it would be a nice touch, and also may help bridge the gap between Community and Staff a bit more. This is also something MOTS can help pitch on, so bear with me as I explain a tad more.

As we all know, the community enjoys being creative and bringing around new ideas. Previous ideas in the past, for example, were the International Board, Localization, Merging Art Boards, and all that good stuff. All these ideas were something the community has been adamant about. The more attention it gets, the more staff looks into it.

Now, the tricky part comes in. Deciding if the idea should go through, and what ideas should be put in first if they are agreed upon. That's always a tough decision, but what if the community got the chance to decide what becomes a priority to be dealt with first? This is where these surveys come in.

These surveys of course, would be continued every few months, or at least when each project is finished. The survey would consist of a few well-liked ideas that the community is very outspoken about, and such ideas would be put into a survey to be voted on. The community would be voting on which idea/suggestion should be implemented first, and what should be a priority. Of course, there would only be a few ideas put up at a time, as well as the most voted one would be the one to be prioritized as something the community wants the most.

I feel this would not only help staff to know what should be prioritized for the community, but a way for the community to let staff know what they really want to see put out there the most. This also gives MOTS a chance to reinforce their power, and keep staff on track with what the community prioritized.

This is just a brief idea of course, I'm also too lazy to format this entire post. However, feedback is very much appreciated and I would be happy to have things added on or removed to fit a general idea!

Ask Me / Ask Me!
« on: February 16, 2019, 02:07:57 am »
yes I'm doing one of these again


Feel free to ask anything! <3

Game Discussion / Should Staff Be Allowed to Join Roleplay Groups?
« on: November 13, 2018, 09:36:02 pm »
credit to ressypoo for the idea to post this.

Imagine sitting online, minding your own business when suddenly you really want to roleplay. You'd join a group RP right? It has cool history, a nice backstory, ranks, a discord, and everything you want in an RP. You get to join it! Yay!

Now picture yourself as a staff member, another day where you're sitting in the Grounds, and you really have the urge to roleplay. However, the only difference to this story is, is that we often can't. Well, not that we can't, but usually we are turned away. Why? Mainly because when it comes to RP groups or any group, people are scared that staff members are joining to watch, and are scared they might get in trouble.

We don't get to join RP groups, mainly because of this innate fear that people will be spoken to or talked down to for doing just about anything, even breathing, which mostly isn't the case. Much like you, we want to rp with the community, but there is a .00000001% chance we get to join a group to roleplay in. Often times we have to avoid RP groups, mainly because they feel uncomfortable having a staff member in their group, driving members not to talk in fear of being watched or getting into trouble with the mods.

It's sad really. Before I became staff, I used to run RP groups of my own. (Seether Carnage, Risen Revolution, The Arai, Somber Dominion, etc). I loved RPing with the community, but when you become staff, it's almost as if you are outcasted. It's almost as if the norm becomes that you can no longer join an RP group in fear of making members feel uncomfortable or scared. I'd enjoy rping again, but it is very likely that no one accepts a staff member into their RP groups, and if they do, they are heavily uncomfortable with a staff member being there, when all we want to do is RP like the rest of them.

I'd like to know from the community, do you think staff should be able to join RP groups? Do you think not? Or does it depend on the situation?

Feel free to elaborate below! I've always been curious.

Praise / Wow, Cal Doing Another Praise? Amazing.
« on: October 21, 2018, 01:55:07 am »
I wanted to make this after the event, mainly because the turn-out to the event was really exciting. I was not expecting so many people to join in, and to those of you who couldn't, I deeply apologize, as new staff recognizes it and will surely make it up to those of you who missed it due to various reasons.

However, that still doesn't take away from the fact I'm going to praise all of you.

To the Community,

I was enthralled today, even though I was late to the party, to see so many happy faces and excited folks enjoying the party. I saw so many compliments, and people who even got sappy about the party. For once, I felt like everyone was like second family. I did not feel separated, but rather it was as if the community and staff meshed together and became a big ol' bundle of family, like brothers and sisters. I was so appeased with how everything went. I enjoyed every moment that I had with you all. I hope you all enjoyed it as well. Thank you for making the community what it is.

To the staff, mapmaker, DJ, and movie host,

Thank you for doing so much for the community and pitching in. I had such an amazing time, and I wish I could express more of my gratitude in some way. You are amazing individuals, and if I could do more to tell you how much I appreciated what was done, I would. Thank you a million times over. This party was a great one.

Now, to all of you, I hope you enjoyed the party. If we could improve on anything for the next event, please let me know in the replies. <3 Please also let me know what you guys enjoyed most. I would love to hear feedback along with your own praises for one another.

Happy Halloween!

Screenshots / Halloween Spirit Week: Monster Mash!
« on: October 18, 2018, 05:48:36 pm »
Are you ready to get spoopy? Welcome to day one of spirit week! If you remember correctly, today is the day you made your own presets for the spooky season! Here, feel free to show off your lovely Halloween presets below so we can see them.

Happy Spoop week! Don’t forget, there’s more Spirit Week stuff to come, and don’t forget about the Halloween party this Saturday! Can’t wait to see you all there.

Let the screenshots commence B]

Member Bio & Journals / Who Are You Again?
« on: October 08, 2018, 12:21:34 am »

Hey there! PocketMutt here!

[just kidding pocket please do not kill me]

Hello everyone! I'm Calvary! You can also call me by these aliases:


So, let's start, shall we?

I'm a 19 year old girl living in the humble but ridiculous state of California. I'll be turning 20 next year, and I'm currently aspiring to be a Journalist. I major in Communications, will be graduating with my AA next year and transferring to a 4-year uni soon enough to gain a Bachelors degree. I have a few hobbies, one of which is writing, as I enjoy doing so in my free time aside from getting on this lovely game with you lovely people. This community is dear to me, so I hope you enjoy reading the rest of the information about me!

❊ Where Did I Come From ❊

Back in 2011, I was playing a game known as WolfQuest. From there, a friend told me about FeralHeart and its launch. I soon joined in 2012, along with my friend, and I've been playing ever since.

❊ Likes ❊

-Video Games
-Arizona Tea
-Comedy Movies
-Dank Memes
-TV Shows (American Horror Story, The Challenge, The Walking Dead, etc)
-G o a t s
-Meeting new people
-Helping others
-Teaching others
-Music (Bazzi, Khalid, Eminem, Maroon 5, King Princess, etc)

❊ Dislikes ❊

-People who lie
-People who manipulate
-Constant Negativity

❊ Groups I've Been In ❊

Red RaVage (2012)
Umafisi (2012)
Pack of New Dawn (2012-2013)
Seether Carnage (2012-2014)
OCoTNA (2013-2014)
Red ReVerence/Risen Revolution (2014-2015)
Vahraniik (2015)
The Arai (2015)
Somber Dominion (2016)

I've been in more, but those are ones I can remember off the top of my head.

❊ Users I've Gone By ❊


❊ Characters You Can Find Me On ❊

-Calvary (main)
-Vaylrir Arai

❊ Contact ❊

Discord - Calvary#8924
DeviantArt - cal-vary
Forum/In-Game - Calvary
Email - [email protected]

- checks always
- checks sometimes
- checks very rarely

❊ You are always free to contact me, sit with me, or chat with me if you feel the need! A girl gets lonely sometimes, so please feel free to do so! I promise I don't bite. Hope to see you in game!❊

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