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There is one basic task when you’re in the game as a moderator: keep your eyes on the chat. (And just so you know when it comes to us mods ;) )

So, I thought I’d share a little trick to how I watch the chat when I have other things to do at my PC or want to watch some Netflix or YouTube while monitoring the chat! Normally I have two monitors and just leave the FH window open on my secondary monitor but I currently do not have that luxury. And this method will help for those of you that only have one monitor, or do have more than one but don’t want FH to take up a lot of space on your screen when you are multitasking.  Alt + TAB is simple enough but with this method you won’t even have to bother.

NOTE: You must be able to use the OpenGL rendering system. This will not work with Direct3D9. When Direct3D9 is not the active window it pauses what is on screen so you won’t get a feed of the chat.

What you will need:

Step 1 - Install OBS and DeskPins
If you have any problems with this, let me know down in the replies.
DeskPins is used to keep the chat window on top of the other windows.

Step 2 - Set up OBS
1. Open up OBS

2. In the Sources pane, click the + icon and add a Window Capture

3. Once the Properties window opens, find your FeralHeart window and then click OK. You should now see FeralHeart open in OBS

Step 3 - Crop OBS to your chat box
1. Right click the Window Capture button in the Sources pane and select Filters

2. Once the Filters window opens, click on the + in the bottom left and select Crop/Pad

3. Type in the number of pixels you would like to crop from each side. This depends on your monitor resolution and size of your FeralHeart window but don’t think too much about it. Just type in random numbers and you will see for yourself and be able to fine tune it to your liking.
I cropped 15 pixels from the left, 400 off the top (left a little bit of room to expand chat window in FeralHeart), 1185 from the right and 290 from the bottom.
Once you are done cropping, you can go ahead and close the window.

This is important: Now to resize your preview window so that way all you see is what you just cropped.
4.  Right click anywhere on the preview area in OBS and Select “Resize output (source size)”

5. Once it asks if you want to continue, click Yes

Step 4 - Pop out OBS preview window and pin it on top of other windows
1. Right click OBS’s preview window area again and select “Windowed Projector (Preview)”

It should end up looking like this.
NOTE: Leave the other, main OBS window open otherwise it will close out of your preview window too.

2. Make sure DeskPins is launched. You should see it down on your taskbar.

3. Left click the icon on your taskbar and your cursor should turn into a little pin
(Alternatively you can right click the DeskPins icon and select “Enter Pin Mode”)

4. Find your preview window and click the top of the window that shows the title.
Your window is now pinned and will sit on top of all other windows! Resize the preview window as you please.
If you want to get rid of the pin, you can hover over it until a little X appears or just close the window entirely.
NOTE: You can leave FeralHeart running in the background but do NOT hit the minimize button or OBS won’t see the window anymore.

Once you close out of OBS or FeralHeart, it should still save these settings for the next time. The only thing you will have to do again is "Resize output (source size)"

I hope this is useful to the few of you who want to watch what's going on without tabbing in and out. Let me know if you have any questions in the replies!

• • • Can I get an F in the chat for the D O T S • • •

Gone but never forgotten.....

Rules: Press F

Leaving / Chaotic times - Notice of temporary leave
« on: October 01, 2019, 08:11:36 pm »
This is an announcement that I will be taking a hiatus from the game and forums for about two months.
During my hiatus please private message other members of staff as I will not be able to return your messages. ^^

So, I've had some massive life changes in the makings for most of this year. I am going to be moving across the country later this month and be out on my own. My plans for this ended up clashing with unfortunate and unexpected circumstances that have turned my move into my move and my family's move both occurring at the same time. I couldn't cancel or change my plans to move out and my family are forced to move before the end of the month as well so I have just been living in the nonsense that has become my life ever since the news.

This is my first time leaving where I've called home for so long, and moving to a new state so I am excited but I am also stressed. While I am packing and working out everything that I need to do before I leave, I am also helping my family pack and prepare for their move to a new home. This among other poor circumstances that we have been dealing with, has solidified my decision to take some time off of my responsibilities here at FeralHeart to deal with all of the chaos.

In the meantime, I wish all of you well. Stay hydrated! I hope to be back after about two months. Maybe a bit sooner depending on how everything goes.

Since I won't be around for this: Happy Halloween FeralHeart!

Help Us Improve the Game / \\Submissions Meshes//
« on: May 25, 2019, 07:33:54 pm »
\Here is where you can add your screenshots of your mesh and objects creations!//
Mesh Submissions (you are here!)  Map Submissions Texture Submissions

Post a reply to this thread, with your screenshots and downloads added in it!

If you submitted examples of your work to our old submissions thread and are still active and are interested in helping, please repost your submission!
(All old submissions will be archived)

Your examples should include clear screenshots and download links so that staff may review your work.

Your examples MUST be your work only! Please do not submit converted meshes that you did not physically create on your own.

Take note that the submissions made in this thread are simply to serve as examples of your skills. The submissions are not intended for the patch itself.

You may make as many submissions as you'd like.

There is no deadline for submissions as of yet.

The staff will contact you if we believe your work fits in with the style and needs we're seeking for the game.

Praise / Happy Halloween FeralHeart!
« on: October 31, 2018, 06:19:39 pm »
Hope you all have a delightful, spooky day! Eat as much candy as you want, it's the day to do it and not feel bad about it c;
There isn't a group of people that I know that love Halloween as much as you guys.
Be safe out there, have fun, chill out, eat unhealthy food, and spook on my dudes!

Have a good one!

You can now press DOWN to thank the bus driver before jumping in Fortnite.

Fortnite players: How do you think this will affect your Fortnite experience and gameplay? Are you happy they implemented this monumental change or are you disappointed? Does this make you proud? Does this make you sad?

I'm very interested to hear your thoughts on this.

Miscellaneous Tutorials / Problem with MediaFire Links {SOLUTION}
« on: January 12, 2018, 10:35:34 pm »

Hello there,
Real quick tutorial I would like to make for everyone here. For a long time, MediaFire has been the go-to file hosting source for the userbase of FeralHeart. A vast majority of the download links on the FeralHeart forums that lead to user-created maps, textures, free preset designs, users' .fhp preset files and more are all connected to MediaFire.
As of late, you may have noticed that a lot of the MediaFire links might have stopped working for you. Instead of sending you through to the actual file to download, upon clicking the link you will get sent to the MediaFire homepage. This may not be the case for all of you, but for myself and a few others who have reported that links are not working for them it is a growing concern.

Not to worry! There is a simple fix that I have found to get past this problem!

It's as simple as removing a portion of the URL from your browser's address bar.

Extra Quick Version of tutorial:
Just click the MediaFire link as you normally would and once you get sent to the MediaFire homepage highlight this bit of the end URL and delete it:

Lets say you follow the link to the Feral Heart Official Movie Night topic on the forums and you need to download the cinema map. So, you scroll down and you click on the hyperlink titled "FeralHeart Cinema" as shown below.

When you click on the link, you should get directed to an page that looks like this:

Allow the time in the upright corner to go through until it says "Skip Ad" and then click on it:

When you click on "Skip Ad" you should be sent to this page. On this page, you may choose to either wait a few seconds for it to automatically redirect you or click on the blue text that says "click this link" Either one should work but if you find you are waiting a long time, click on the blue text:

After it takes you to MediaFire, this is where the problem is occurring and you will mistakenly get sent to the MediaFire homepage that looks like this:

What you need to do is go up to your browser's address bar and highlight and erase this portion of the URL and then hit the Enter key:

This will work for any and all MediaFire links. Always delete the section ?rndad=stringofnumbershere and then hit Enter

After you have done that, you should get sent to the correct link:

I hope this helps! Feel free to ask any questions about this in the replies below and I will do my best to assist.

Praise / Happy Birthday to Lord Suragaha
« on: December 07, 2017, 04:31:04 pm »
Happy Birthday to the most incredible admin Feralheart could ask for. You have made so many people's lives brighter through your long-standing selfless commitment to the game and through your bubbly personality and hilarious one-liners. Thank you for everything that you do. We all love you <3 Hope your day is magical!


Screenshots / Morgra's Screenshots {Updated with 2017 screenshots}
« on: December 28, 2016, 10:07:15 pm »
Updated on 12/26/2017 with 2017 screenshots
2017 has been the most incredible year I have had on FeralHeart so far. Here are all of my screenshots and memories from this year

2017 image heavy

So, 2016 was a big year for me in FeralHeart. I decided to come back after being absent for about two years. I managed to make it to all of the movie nights later in the year, the Halloween Party and the Holiday party. And, I met some awesome people and become more active around the forums. Unfortunately, most of my screenshots from my older years on FeralHeart got wiped accidentally, so I don't have anything to share from my 2011-2013 years. And I had some more from this year but they were accidentally removed too (I'm terrible, I swear xD) I will get these more organized later on as I go, but for now, enjoy!

Thanks for the memories so far FeralHeart!

Praise / Happy Birthday Kiki!!!
« on: December 02, 2016, 09:32:59 pm »

Just wanted to send out some birthday wishes to our lovely and hardworking moderator, Kikiorylandia!

Kiki, you've always been so nice and welcoming to me in the few times we've talked. You've really been a blessing ? You're very kind and always put the community first.

Hope you're having an excellent day!

Everybody spam the birthday wishes :D

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