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Game Suggestions & Ideas / Ursines / Bears
« on: October 29, 2019, 10:13:53 pm »
So, apparently the floodgates of update potential have been opened while I was away; naturally, this has given me a lot more hope for new species being added to the game. Of the potential creatures that could be added, bears have always stood out to me, given that they can't really be accurately replicated using the current models (and because I like bears); so, I've come up with a bunch of ideas on what bears could be like and how they could be handled. So, without further ado:

New Species: Ursine
(yes,I know this is technically inaccurate because there are markings for tremarctines and ailuropodines mentioned further down, but felines have pantherine lion manes and tiger stripes, whatever)

  • One thing that could make bears unique right out of the gate is size; they'd be substantially bigger than the dogs or cats. Their maximum shoulder height would be the same as the feline's maximum head height.
  • A couple of notes on their anatomy: bears are plantigrade (their hind feet are flat, they don't walk on their toes like dogs or cats) and their heads can't really go any higher than their shoulders (the shoulder hump limits upward movement; they can look down just fine).
  • Their morph sliders are the same as the canines.
  • The default tail is short and stubby; aside from the obligatory tailless option, there would be a couple other options that are a little longer and differently shaped.
  • Manes are more based around covering the neck than with adding hair to the head (though there'd be styles with mohawks and bangs and so on, for those who are into that). Fluffy manes, spiky manes, smooth manes, side manes...
  • Most of the more naturalistic ears are appropriately round and relatively small by default. More fantastical ears take notes from the feline's ear selection.
  • Lots of different tufts, mostly centered around the back and belly.
  • Unique markings could include a chest moon, a spectacled bear face and giant panda bi-colored markings; there is plenty of room for others (given some special animations they have, maybe there could be a bit of cheekiness in giving them superficially clothing-like markings). Markings applicable to both cats and dogs would also be applicable to bears.

Animations are where bears could differ most from cats and dogs, and disputably where they could truly shine:
  • Though they run at the same pace as cats and dogs, their walking speed would be just a little bit slower. Naturally, the walking and running animations would be quite different from the current models, given how different their anatomy is.
  • The lying down set that leads to rolling over is more or less the same, though a bear lying on its back would have its legs and arms spread out more than the current species.
  • The sleeping lie-down set would not have the bear curled up in a ball like the feline and canine. Rather, it would shift onto its side a little bit and rest its head on its paws.
  • Four dancing animations:
  • Its headswing dance is not very different from the other animals' headswings.
  • Its headbang dance incorporates bipedalism; headbanging bears will stand up on their hind legs and start headbanging like a big, furry guy, with one of its arms raised in the air (perhaps gesturing "rock on!" with a paw).
  • Its moonwalk is again not different from either felines or canines.
  • As for its unique dance: it gets up on its hind legs, crosses its arms and kicks at the air, one foot at a time. Because why not.
  • Like the feline, it roars. The bear rears up onto its hind legs, spreads out its arms and roars, before dropping back down onto all fours.
  • Its stretch animation is similarly unique; instead of just stretching as if it were a yawning cat, it sits down, falls onto its back and starts stretching its limbs.
  • Just for fun: bears would not sneak in the same crouched posture cats and dogs do, instead, they get up on their hind legs and slowly walk. "Crouching" is a general bear-friendly bipedal stance. Human roleplayers rejoice.

Request/Find Meshes / Sonic Adventure DX Character Meshes?
« on: November 09, 2013, 06:56:17 pm »
Hello, this is Peenut2k7, or Some-FH-Madness on Tumblr. I am here to request if anyone has made or has found any Character Meshes from the game Sonic Adventure DX for the PC. If there are none, there is a nifty little tool out there called SADXMDL. It exports models from SADX into OBJ files or similar, which with addons, can be exported into .mesh files with Blender. I am requesting because OGRE Command Line Tools is not working for me. So... any help?


Sonic the Hedgehog Model
Tails the Fox Model
Knuckles the Echidna Model
Nothing Else in Particular, Big the Cat optional  ;)

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