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welp i it was all worth a try, i might as well get a laptop :D idk when but i've tried preety much everything i can, but really guys ty for trying to help i really wish there was a better way i could get the game now, but i guess i'll have to wait till i can play it sadly welp thx everyone hope to see u on fh one day :D u all have a fantastic night!

i really dont know what to do, but im not giving up just yet, i know there has to be a way to fix this


ok so my promblem is, when i get first get into the game my game and screen on my computer glitches out, if u want a better look of it click on this link! :D

idk what else could be done is there anything else we can do to fix this promblem?

idk what to do guys......... i updated my grphics card idk what else to do

this game must really hate mehhh......... :(

welp that didn't work......... :(

ok, ok i can do this......... cross your fingers guys im about to see if my game is working now

i dubbled checked to make sure my graphics card is up to date witch it is but now im nervous :(

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