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Member Bio & Journals / Re: Shocker's Bio [2019]
« on: Today at 04:08:59 am »
You are a sweet girl! I’ve always admired your lovely art and your creative character designs. You’ve got such a whimsical fun nature <3 You seem like quite the awesome person. Also I see Star Wars everywhere and I love me some Star Wars so we cool 8)

Other Mods/Creations / Re: I made some buttons.
« on: Today at 04:04:59 am »
Ohhhh those are some fancy buttons 8D I really should try actually modding my game some. Your fancy buttons inspire me to maybe download mods lol. For years now I’ve just used the old boring default layout. Good work on these. A simple subtle difference in design but it’s a pleasant bit of something and I like it.

Praise / Re: Happy Father's Day!
« on: Yesterday at 10:25:16 pm »
Happy Fathers Day to everyone papas.

I Happy Father Raz

Forum Games / Re: Count to 50 before a Member of the Season posts!
« on: Yesterday at 10:20:50 pm »

Forum Games / Re: Count to 50 before a Member of the Season posts!
« on: Yesterday at 08:19:18 pm »

Forum Games / Re: Count to 0 from 10,000!
« on: Yesterday at 08:18:58 pm »

Leaving / Re: Away for a while-
« on: Yesterday at 08:17:52 pm »
I’m sorry to hear that Likuu. I hope things get better. Keep your head up, there’s nothing you can’t handle and with time all things get better. Wishing the best for you <3 We’ll miss you but we understand that you’ll need your down time. Remember you’re always welcome to message me if you want to talk as well <3

Introduction / Re: Hola
« on: Yesterday at 03:56:55 pm »
Hey there CannibalWolf! Welcome back to Feral Heart <3 I hope you’ll enjoy your time around here again and maybe have the luck of reuniting with some old friends. There’s plenty new faces around since you were last here so I’m sure you’ll make many new friends too.

Finished Maps / Re: Hidden Creek - Public
« on: June 15, 2019, 08:34:26 pm »
Wow that’s beautiful work! I love the different season versions especially! The fall one is my favorite! You’ve got quite a knack for map making <3

Screenshots / Re: Esarosa's Screenshots | 6/15/2019
« on: June 15, 2019, 08:32:53 pm »
So many recognizable faces. Look at all these cuddle piles <3 Very fun collection of screenshots here

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