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Praise / Happy Birthday Bawfle!
« on: June 10, 2019, 07:59:20 pm »
Want to wish Bawfle Buffy Buffalicious a very Happy Buffday!!! <3 She’s a very lovely lady and deserves lots of cuddles and hugs today. I hope your special day is a very enjoyable one. May you have lots of fun and enjoy plenty good food. Love you very much and wish you nothing but the best. Kick back today and have yourself a hardy slice of cake and with tons of sweet treats. May your life only keep getting better with every other year that comes.

Screenshots / The Many Adventures of Sura (gif dump)
« on: November 11, 2018, 12:31:09 am »
Ever wonder what Sura gets up to in the great land of Feral Heart?

Most of the time you'll find Sura lazing about with good friends in the Grounds.

When the winter holidays are near Sura will always be playing in the snow. Kind of hard to build a snow man with paws...

Kibou Ridge is a favorite hang out spot because Sura loves the cold.

 ... but sometimes it gets too cold at Kibou and Sura likes to go off to distant lands to enjoy hot springs

Sura likes to stop and enjoy the treasures the world around them has to offer. Adventures on tropical islands bring coconuts <3

On his journeys Sura often encounters weird and wonderful new friends <3

Though he knows he'll probably have his soul violently ripped from his body, Sura loves to harass Raz. ESPECIALLY ABOUT COOKIES AND BISCUITS

Sura also really loves to stalk his senpai Redlinelies... sadly senpai never notices him although Sura is very bad at "hiding"

Sura does a lot of strange things...

News Archives / The Return of two Familiar Faces! :)
« on: September 16, 2018, 07:56:30 pm »
~Welcoming Back Familiar Friends~

Hey guys! We have some exciting news to share!

A former long time staff member Shally (previously known by the username Shallow) has returned to Feral Heart and will be rejoining the team as an Admin!

In the past she had worked as a Feral-Heart staff member from 2013 to 2017. Unfortunately due to an illness in her family she was forced to resign in early 2017. Ever since she has still been diligently working with the team, but in the background of the community. We hope you're as excited for her return as we are!

Let’s give her a warm welcome back! If you see her in game be sure to give her some snuggles. <3

We also have another old staffer returning as a Moderator (Swedes travel in packs...)!
So please give another warm welcome back to Ressy (PrettyReckless).

She's been a part of the FH community since 2012, and joined the staff a few years ago, and now she's returning after a long break!

Welcome back Ressy!

Praise / Congratulations Kikiorylandia
« on: July 17, 2018, 11:49:05 pm »
Is it a garage door opening? A hair drier blowing? Or a helicopter taking off? Or a race car revving it’s engine?

No one really knew with Kiki’s laptop...

After several months of watching Kiki’s laptop deteriorate and suffer from a slow and painful agonizing death the staff team is proud to announce that Kiki has FINALLY purchased a new laptop.

It’s been really rough sitting on Skype calls just listening to her laptop wheezing and gasping over our conversations in call. We begged her time and time again to put the poor thing out of its misery but Kiki refused and relentlessly pushed it on.

We don’t know what finally inspired Kiki to take compassion over the poor ailing laptop but we are glad she did.

We hope that the old laptop can finally retire and spend the rest of his days in peace. I’d like to take a moment to thank that laptop for all its service to Feral Heart and it’s community...

Even as it struggled with the physical hardships of old age and abuse it pushed on. May the new laptop continue to carry on the legacy of such fine dedicated service.


Important Notice about Registration & Username/Password Changes

Currently users can not change their usernames or passwords. Registration isn't working either. If anyone tries to make an account as of now they will receive the following error message:

Oops Somthing went wrong.Please go back and try again.

Our server master Razmirz has been informed about the issue and it should be resolved promptly. Keep in mind that Raz is very busy with some personal matters at this time and is the only one who can repair this issue so we appreciate your patience. <3

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

In the meantime please refrain from creating additional threads relating to this topic.

Update as of January 23rd

For now the issues should be resolved however Razmirz has informed that there may be need for some further tweaks on his end. If any of you continue to encounter these issues please do feel free to inform us. Again sorry for any inconveniences caused by this.

Thanks Razmirz!

News Archives / Sleigh Bells Ringing...
« on: December 20, 2017, 05:21:38 am »
Are you listening?

As this year fades to a finish we on the Feral Heart staff team want to thank you all for joining us on another floofy fun filled year. Like the bright golden shining star a top a holiday tree you all help to bring out the very best of this community and help light the way for another wonderful year in 2018. So on behalf of the entire Feral Heart Staff team Happy Holidays & Happy New Year floofs!

"May you all have a wonderful holiday season this year! In 2017, we've celebrated many great memories and have had the wonderful privilege of sharing them with you. Thank you for sharing your kind hearts and spirits that have continuously brought joy and creativity to the maps of Feral Heart. Merry Christmas, everyone, and here's to the possibilities of the new year. <3" - Nynx

"Happy Holidays to all you wonderful floofs here in our wonderful little community! I hope your holiday season is blessed with family, friends, good health, and of course, lots of joy! May you have the opportunity to experience the wonderful gift of giving in this holiday season, as well as take the time to appreciate the gifts you may receive from others! Thank you all for being such lovely people, and good luck with those New Year's resolutions! Stay nice and warm out there this winter! <3" - Kyn

"Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to my beloved feral family. Thank you all for the warmth and joy you bring to our lives as well as to each others' lives. I have had an amazing time being a part of the staff team this year and have made some lasting bonds this year in FeralHeart. I cherish all of my time spent here with you lovable fluffs. I hope you all have a fantabulous holiday season with lots of love, hugs, joy and laughs. Remember to stay warm, tell someone who you care about that you love them and eat a bunch of cookies and holiday sweets! Cheers to an even better year next year in 2018!"  ~Morgra

"Greetings to the FeralHeart fluffs! I wish you guys a merry Christmas and an overall happy Holiday season. Stay happy, cozy, and enjoy yourselves... you deserve it! I've certainly enjoyed my 2017 and I love the memories I've shared with you guys<3 I'm looking forward to what 2018 may bring to our friendly little community! Here's to FeralHeart! Cheers!!" ~Kikiorylandia

"Goodbye 2017 and welcome 2018! Time sure does seem to fly! With everything that happens within a year both good and bad it's nice to know that we all have this happy little place called Feral Heart to come back to when we need to get away and have some fun. Thank you all for sharing in another floofy fun year with us! Wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday. May this new year bring only the best for everyone. I can't wait for another year's adventures with you all! Long live Feral Heart and its floofs :)
2018 here we come!!!" ~Lord Suragaha


News Archives / 2017 Years End Update Thread
« on: December 20, 2017, 05:01:25 am »
Feral Heart 2017 Year Review

As another floofy fun year comes to a close we find ourselves looking back at everything that happened so here's a nice little recap of the year 2017 on Feral Heart! :)

Board & Site Changes

Some of the notable additions and changes:

- With the help of some staff & community translators we now have additional translations of the Official Game Rules.
- The Big Help thread HERE had some minor revising due to some information no longer being relevant.
- Due to confusion and the frequency of questions regarding thread necroing we now have a small guide explaining proper thread etiquette HERE in the Rules and Official Information board.
- We have brought back the use of the old Forum Polls board with the introduction of two recent community feedback polls:

Anonymous Feral Heart Staff Evaluation Survey 2017 HERE
Anonymous FH Community Suggestions Survey for Potential (MIT) Mods in TrainingHERE

Game Changes

The W.I.P Feral Heart Community Patch

Earlier in the year we turned to you, the community, to help us with the upcoming FH Community Patch. There were many talented and enthusiastic content creators who came forward. After several long review sessions the staff team finally selected two community members to partake in the exciting map making part of the project and they were:

Lady_Alizarin HERE
LaughingWolf HERE

While the game itself has not yet received a patch since the last Community 1.15 patch both Lady_Alizarin, LaughingWolf, and a few others have been hard at work at the next upcoming surprise. With that being said we'd like to offer you a tiny glimpse at just a little bit of what's in store for the near future ;)

Events & kewl sturf

We've managed to have quite a few successful movie nights with the community over the last couple of months. It's always great to kick back and enjoy a film with the community, especially when we get to introduce the favorite pass time to newer players in the community. If you're interested in more information about this or just want to know when next movie night is going to be, keep your eyes open on this thread here.

For many years now we've been gathering at Redlinelie's classic Feral Heart Cinema map but this year one of our lovely devoted community members Bawfle made a beautiful re-envisioning of the old cinema map for public use. Feel free to check it out and give her a shout out for her amazing work! HERE

Let's have a whole-hearted congratulations to all our 2017 Members of the Season These folks were voted by the community to be the most deserving of the MOTS title, and we can't help but agree! Each of them have fabulous attitudes, and we hope they'll continue to spend time bringing their bright smiles and positive attitudes to the FH community. Congratulations as well to all the current Winter Winners!

Spring 2017

Summer 2017

Autumn 2017

Winter 2017

This year May 20th-21st we managed to celebrate the Official Roleplay Day, however we added a little twist this year by making it a two day event. Day one of the event was dedicated to all feline roleplay and it ended with a group roar at Kiwimbi Beach. Day two of the event was dedicated to all canine roleplay and it ended with a group howl in Cherika Valley. Overall everyone had a great time and we thank you all for participating in the imaginative fun!

Due to a noticeable reduction in interest for the preset contest in 2016 we made the decision to put the contest on hiatus. We decided that in place of this old contest that we'd explore the possibility of introducing new contests for community to enjoy. We do miss this classic contest but for now hope that the community will enthusiastically embrace some new contest concepts. The preset contest was often limited to those who had preset making skills and knew how to work with various art programs, by introducing new contests we hope to give more of the player base a chance at entering and winning contests better fitted to their individual talents. We want to give everyone a chance at contest fun and we want to keep things feeling fresh! So until further notice the preset contest is on hiatus.

Speaking of introducing new contests this year for the first time ever we introduced the Feral Heart Fan Fiction Contest. For the first theme we decided upon asking users to come up with some tales about Halloween traditions/culture that could have shaped Feral Heart lore (from legends, myths, traditions, or well-known piece of knowledge). The contest was received well by the community and there was a number of submissions. The tales written were truly fun and imaginative and entertaining for all to read. Of all the wonderful submissions our winners were:

Fanfiction Contest Winners
And the winners are...

First Place: Jango_Fett, at 84.5%
2nd Place: Enoki, at 83.8%
3rd Place: Kastilla, at 83.5%


As a community effort we finally reached 10,000 in the count to 10,000 game thread HERE The game thread was started by Rak$ha in 2010 and we finally reached 10,000 on March 7, 2017! Wheewwww congrats everyone who participated!


All the Feral Heart 2017 Party Events
Thanks to everyone who joined in all the fun this year from the steamy hot Summer Party, to our spooky Halloween Party, and finally our chilly but cozy Winter Holiday Party! We are so happy to have spent another fun floofy and feral year with you all!

Final Note

As with every year 2017 saw numerous changes among the staff team both exciting and some saddening.

Retired Staff:
Global Moderator Shallow
Moderator PrettyReckless

Gained Staff:
Moderator Kynvuu
Moderator Morgra

Morgra and Kynvuu were added as moderators in the Feral-Heart Art Group on DeviantArt

To all those staff who have left we want to take a moment to thank you for all for the love and devotion you gave our community. Each of you brought your own unique spark to the team and it is thanks to your efforts the Feral Heart staff team and community continues to grow, evolve, and survive against the odds. It takes a very special individual to do what you've all accomplished here. It's no easy task juggling the chores of daily life but still finding the time out of your busy lives to lend yourselves fully and voluntarily to help the community. So thank you... <3

Bun Baby

Necroing Threads aka Bumping Up Old Threads

I've decided to address this issue since a number of forum users have questioned this topic and many don't seem sure about what is the right thing to do.

First off what is necroing?

Simply said it's when a user posts on an out dated thread causing it to bump back up to the top of boards in the more recent sections.

Will you get in trouble for necroing old threads?

Highly unlikely unless you severely abuse the ability to necro threads by just bumping up tons of old topics with nonsensical responses.

Is necroing a bad thing?

No in itself the act of necroing old threads isn't a bad thing however there are positives and negative results that may come from necroing as explained in further detail below:

Pros & Acceptable Instances of Necroing:

- If there haven't been recent topics that you're interested in discussing in you may decide to necro an old but relevant thread.

- You avoid clogging up the forum boards with extra threads on the same topic if you can necro a relating older thread.

- Perhaps you'd like to update an old thread that you yourself created so you necro it.

- You'd like to give thanks and praise under a very helpful tutorial and by necroing it you may give others an opportunity to find this thread and reap its benefits or just enjoy something that may have just been pushed back with time. (Same may apply to map, preset, screenshot, video, and art threads).

Cons & Unacceptable Instances of Necroing:

- You necro a thread simply to boost post count but your response in said thread isn't thoughtful or relating to said topic.

- You necro a number of threads and they start to push back newer threads thus delaying or preventing the newer threads from being seen and responded to. This is incredibly inconsiderate to fellow forum users).

Example: Often times users will necro threads in either of the Help boards and this not only delays/prevents relevant threads from getting the much needed answers they need but it also causes confusion.

- It wouldn't be good to necro on an old roleplay topic because there's a high chance that the group is no longer active. (Same can  apply to old preset/map/mesh request shops  that may no longer be in business)

When deciding to necro any thread your best option is to consider the points made above. Is it still relevant? Will necroing this thread or thread(s) benefit the forum community or will it push back others threads, cause confusion etc? Is the response you're leaving on said thread(s) thoughtful?

We want everyone to enjoy their forum experience but to do that we all must be mindful of our activities and how they effect others here. Hopefully this clears things up for you all :)

If at any point you're unsure whether or not if necroing a particular thread  is ok we staff encourage you to ask us and we'll be more than happy to guide you. Happy posting everyone!

  FH Community Suggestions Survey for Potential Mods in Training

After reviewing community responses to the Feral Heart Staff evaluation form we noticed a common suggestion to implement a place for users to leave their suggestions for possible mods in training. You made it very clear to us that many of you want to have a say in picking future staff and this is just one of the many ways we plan on coming through with that request. Please take the time to look over this and share your thoughts :). All answers are anonymous and everyone is welcome to participate. We want to continue to make the best of your FH experience so help us with your feedback! :) We are very excited to see what you all have to say!

Forum Polls / Anonymous Feral Heart Staff Evaluation Survey 2017
« on: September 13, 2017, 07:01:44 pm »
Feral Heart Staff Evaluation Survey 2017

Here is our Feral Heart Staff evaluation form. Please take the time to look over this and share your thoughts :). All answers are anonymous and everyone is welcome to participate. We want to make the best of your FH experience so help us with your feedback! :)

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