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Members of the Season / Summer MOTS Winners 2020
« on: June 09, 2020, 11:44:06 pm »

The poll has come to a close and the community has decided on three users most deserving of the MOTS title this summer
So without further adieu, it's time to announce the 2020 Summer Members of the Season!!

Congrats to our winners, and thank you for being wonderful additions to the FeralHeart community<3

News / FH Official News Letter: Spring 2020
« on: May 12, 2020, 05:05:19 pm »
A review of things that have happened during this season thus far & some new things to come:
2020 has rolled in! With spring well underway the time has come to refresh ourselves on some of the things that have gone on and maybe find out about some of the new plans and events in the works. We hope you've all been staying safe and healthy. During these unprecedented times we're grateful to have a place like Feral Heart where we can all find some peace and unity even while social distancing & staying home.

Board & Site Changes
Some of the notable additions and changes:

The past months have been rather uneventful in terms of any largely noticeable site or board changes but there have been some slight changes to note.

- The mod in training name colors were changed from orange to yellow to better distinguish them from the similarly colored moderator colors.

- Razmirz has gone through the process of removing Joomla which brings us one step closer to the updated site.

- Expect to soon see some new Feral Heart themed forum rank names. Thanks to community suggestions on our Tumblr, Instagram, and anonymous polls we’ve got a fun little list.  8)

- After many long sleepless nights, immense hardships, ugly weeping, and bloodshed the random forum dots are no more. We know you guys are probably really upset about this decision though so we have made plans to include all the dots on the upcoming overhauled forum design. Just be patient, we know exactly what you want and will give it to you in a couple more years.

Events & Community Highlights

Rolling in with the new year and spring season comes an all new one time contest, the Official Feral Heart Podium Contest. Tired of that blinding base white character creator screen? Wouldn’t you like to see something fresh, swanky, and new without just having to mod your game every time? Well now is your chance to have a shot at creating a podium that might just become the game’s official podium aka character select screen. If you’d like to participate we’re accepting submissions until June 1st HERE

On February 15th the Feral Heart staff along with the Winter MOTS held a live streamed podcast. During the podcast we had a Q & A session where we answered various questions submitted from the community as well as engaged in discussions about the game and other fun topics. There was also some fun casual chitchat and activities like doodling. Thank you to all those who tuned in and participated! If you’d like to see a recording of the stream you can listen in on part of the recording over on our Official YoutubeHERE

Feral Heart user & 2020 Spring MOTS winner SpicyDirt & Faewyn arranged a lovely little community event in February where they invited users to just get together and have fun in celebration of the Valentine’s season of love. A movie was streamed, various little mini games were played and overall everyone had a fantastic time socializing and getting out of The Grounds and spending time in Eastern Pass. Huge thank you to SpicyDirt, Faewyn, and others for planning out and putting this together. It’s these types of positive interactions within the community that we cherish and love to promote. Spread the love!

As a nice way to look back upon all the enjoyable years of Feral Heart, staff along with the Winter MOTS came up with the idea of Feral Flashback! Earlier this year the community got together to collectively share some of their most memorable screenshots from Feral Heart. Together we celebrated Feral Heart’s entrance into the year 2020 by looking back fondly on times that defined our experience with the game. We look forward to many more great memories in the years ahead! You can look through the screenshots submitted HERE

The Feral Heart Official Instagram page recently reached over 300 followers! It's so nice to have many of you join us on Instagram as well. We appreciate your continued show of love and support for all things Feral Heart and hope that you continue to enjoy the content we share with you! If you haven't already followed our Feral Heart Official Instagram what are you waiting for?!Click here to visit our Official Instagram page!

Let's give another round of applause and congratulations to all our 2020 Spring Members of the Season These folks were voted by the community to be the most deserving of the MOTS title, and we can't help but agree! Each of them have fabulous attitudes, and we hope they'll continue bringing forth innovative and fun new ideas for the FH community.


Don't forget to nominate your picks for the 2020 Summer MOTS going on now! CLICK HERE

Staff Changes

Developer Departures: xSpirit, Cattails, ZombieKitteh, marsbone, Thimble, Aureilius, BlueMuzzleFlash, Leda, Auccultist, astralskye, sobieski, & BluuLeopard.

We’d like to take a moment to wish these devs farewell and thank them for their work and efforts with Feral Heart. Due to creative differences and conflicts with Raz’s schedule and overall visions for Feral Heart this development team has decided to depart some months back. Our staff and community alike had an immensely enjoyable experience getting to know them. Each brought on their own special flare and creative touch to the project. They’re a very talented group and we hope that they continue to pursue positive work with projects that better fit their interests.

Development and Improvement
Bringing the community together to build a better game:

Due to our previous developer team leaving to work on their own projects Razmirz has begun the process of putting together a new development team to pick up where the others left off. This team will be devoted to continuing work here for the foreseeable future. While details of this new developer team can’t be announced publicly yet due to things still being discussed and settled, expect to see updates in the upcoming months. Also keep in mind that any WIP projects done by the previous developer team will not be used here as they have taken along that work with them. (This includes content teased in the last News Letter). Any projects and content going forward will be the work of the new developer team.

- We’re still open and looking for content creators for the game! Have skills in map making, modeling, creating textures, producing markings, animating, composing music & or sound effects? Want a chance to work directly with the staff to have your very own work included into the game? Now's the time to raise your paw! Maybe you have what we’re looking for to become a developer for the game! Click here

- Our anonymous feedback polls are still up and running! We encourage everyone to participate! We really appreciate your opinions and ideas. Click here to view

News / Some Words of Encourgement...
« on: March 17, 2020, 01:08:11 am »
March 16, 2020

Dear Feral Heart users,

For many years Feral Heart has stood out as a place where the community creates and enhances the experience that is the game. In fact it is testament to the users’ incredible faith and loyalty that a game that hadn’t had a recent source update until 2019 has survived to see its self into today. Through out those years together you withstood the trials of time, from the creator resigning, lack of source code content updates, the removal of general chat, the world overhaul, the hacking, disputes & disagreements, etc...

You all are no strangers to change, uncertainty, and or hardships, because at the end of it all it was this sense of community that kept us together.

And so... now more than ever is a time to come together, in a unity of understanding and support, because this time the trial is a bit bigger and isn’t just a game.

As most of you are aware the recent days have been challenging. As our world prepares to cope with a growing crisis many of us find ourselves coming to terms with an increasing sense of uncertainty. For some that uncertainty creates fear. It is important to note that while things may seem foreboding, that under no circumstance should we let fear or sadness overcome us, nor should it isolate us.

In fact, now is a time for us to all share in the weight of this burden. A time to extend a hand to those in need of assistance, and an arm over those in need of comfort.

As the world braces for the many possibilities of changes and hardships ahead it is that same old Feral Heart resilience that we ask you all to find and share from within yourselves. Though an unlikely place, it is within a roleplay game filled with wolves and lions that we are offered an encouraging reminder: Which is that we can be more than what we perceive ourselves to be. Right now many of us may feel helpless, afraid, and sad, but it is through our worst moments that we grow, refine, and discover the best in ourselves.

Together we’ll get through this too.

~ The Feral Heart Staff

FeralHeart Media / The Official FeralHeart Youtube
« on: February 23, 2020, 02:28:24 am »

Do you enjoy watching videos on Youtube? Do you also like to subscribe to channels that upload enjoyable Feral Heart content? Then you're in luck! Subscribe to our Official Feral Heart Youtube to enjoy Feral Heart related video uploads. On our Feral Heart Official Youtube we may occasionally upload updates on the FH game, behind the scenes dev work, podcasts, event teasers, tutorials, song/dance collaborations, important notices, as well as other fun FH related fun!

We welcome everyone to join in on the floofy fun so come along and subscribe to us!

News Archives / Tune In Feb. 15th! Feral Heart Podcast!
« on: February 03, 2020, 04:52:45 am »
It’s time for a Feral Heart podcast!
One month into the new year with Feral Heart and what better way to get things rolling than with a staff & Winter MOTS hosted podcast. We hope you’ll all tune in to join us in some Q & A discussion, chitchat, and other fun activities.

Date: Saturday February 15th at 3pm EST

Live from the Feral Heart Official Stream Click Here

What to expect?
During the podcast staff & MOTS will go through the questions submitted on this thread and will pick out a few to answer and discuss together. We’ll bring up some of our own discussion topics, followed up with some chitchat and possible fun activities.

Submit Your Questions
Got some questions you’d like our staff & MOTS to answer during the podcast? Submit your questions in your replies to this thread and you might just get them answered!

Deadline for Question Submissions?
While we’ll still be accepting question submissions during the podcast, answer order preference will come to those who posted their submissions before the date of the podcast. So be sure to get your submissions in ASAP!

Question Submission Guidelines
While we welcome all sorts of questions we do want to make sure that things are kept respectful, friendly, and organized so we ask that you keep these guidelines in mind when submitting your questions.

  • There is no limit to the amount of questions you may ask, but keep in mind that we may not answer every single one. We’re going to try to make sure that everyone gets a chance to have at least one of their questions answered.
  • While we encourage you all to be honest, we kindly ask that you be respectful with the questions you ask. You may ask questions to address concerns but we expect that you keep it civil, constructive, and mature.
  • Please do not ask for ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrival) for patches/updates as we can not provide you with a certain answer.
  • You may ask general questions for the staff & MOTS to answer, but you can also direct your questions to a specific staff or MOTS. Please do not ask anything that may be overly personal though. Use proper discretion.
  • You can ask about anything pretty much, but do keep in mind that the main focus point of the podcast will be on Feral Heart related topics.
  • Keep appropriate language & topics in your submissions. This means no swearing, nsfw related questions, or anything that would violate our forum board rules. If you’re unfamiliar with our forum rules please refer below:


As another year comes to a close we on the staff team want to thank you all for joining along with us on another adventure filled year of Feral Heart. 2019 has been an especially eventful year and so we look forward to what 2020 brings with hopeful hearts. From the ups and downs we’re grateful to have a community as supportive and encouraging as this one. Thank you for believing in us <3... and so on behalf of the entire Feral Heart Staff team Merry Christmas & Happy New Year floofs!

“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
A new decade has begun–hard to believe. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and look forward to what the new year has in store for all of you. And, if you're feeling adventurous, looking forward to what the new decade has in store for you. But on the other side, it's sometimes best to enjoy the moments as they come. So you all enjoy yourselves this holiday season. Eat your hearts out.”
- Morgra

“Merry Christmas to all and a happy new year!
As this year slowly comes to a close, I want to thank all of you for your continued support for this game and it's community. I hope your days are filled with love, happiness, family, friends, food and figgy pudding. I don't even know what figgy pudding is...but I hope it's good since people are caroling about it. Anyways- looking forward to what the future holds in 2020! See you all soon!"
- Ame

“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Another year comes to a close and I thank you all for your understanding and support. May the new year be a joyful one full of laughter and love. Don't forget the fireworks to start the new year with an awesome bang too!”
- VortexAlive

“This community has faced so many challenges throughout Feral Heart’s time online, but every year we’ve managed to pull through together. It’s hard to believe how long some of us have been around, yet here we are at the helm of another new year! What’s in store for Feral Heart in 2020? Who knows really, but one thing that is certain is that I’m grateful to have shared in this experience along side you all, thank you for making Feral Heart feel not just like a second home but a family <3. I wish that this upcoming year bring everything and more that you all desire. May you and your loved ones be blessed. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Here’s to great things to come in 2020!” ~Lord Suragaha

“Greetings, floofs, and happy Holidays!!
Hard to believe 2019 is already coming to a close, time sure flies doesn't it? And now it's time to celebrate. I wish you all the best this Holiday season. So surround yourself with friends and family, eat good food, and laugh long and hard. Here's to another year, FeralHeart!!”
- Kerriki

“Happy Holidays and here's to a New Year!!
We're nearly to 2020, it feels like this year went by so fast! I hope everyone got some cool gifts for Christmas and at the very least, had a joyful day. Y'all deserve to be happy!!! I'm excited to see what we all have in store for the new year, so raise your pinkies in hopes that it's a good one!”
- Bloo

“Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! It is officially nearing the end of 2019, and we will soon say goodbye to the past year, and welcome in the new year of 2020! This year has been full of crazy things, some bad, but most of them good! Memories I will always cherish and keep with me for a very long time, And I hope you have made some beautiful memories in 2019 as well. As I always say, Let’s Be Positive and look toward the future! I’m positive the future will have many amazing things in store for everyone!”
~ Iris

“First of all, I wish you all Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and New Year! This was a crazy year, with huge achievements and amazing progress. I honestly can't wait to see everything continue. Thank you all for the oppurtinity and for being a member of this amazing community. See you all next year!”
- xSpirit

- Ressy

"Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 2019 is already over and 2020 is approaching fast, it feels like there was so much things that happened over the course of this year! I hope that you've all had a wonderful Christmas, and that you will have an even better new year, filled with plenty of joy and new memories. Enjoy all that life has to offer (especially chicken nuggets), and spread the love around."
- Lucius

“Hello floofies. Many wishes that you were able to spend time this Christmas season with loved ones and those precious to you. ❤️ As this year sets like dusk over the horizon, the next year resides in the near distance of a very starry night. May the constellations have good things in store for you. Be kind, have courage. Good luck to you.” - Nynx

News Archives / FH Official Newsletter: December 2019
« on: November 04, 2019, 07:03:27 am »
A review of things that have happened during this season thus far & some new things to come:
As we near the end of 2019 let's take a moment to refresh ourselves on some of the things that have gone on and maybe find out about some new plans in the works.

Board & Site Changes
Some of the notable additions and changes:

In an effort to better organize and prepare the forum for it's eventual update staff have begun the gradual process of cleaning up and removing certain unnecessary boards. This clean up includes removing or reorganizing boards that are barely utilized or no longer fit our vision of focus for the future of the Feral Heart forum. Huge thanks to the moderators & MITS for assisting in this team effort!

- Changes were made to the Off Topic & Feral Heart Roleplay boards. The Off Topic roleplay boards were removed entirely and their threads were refitted into the regular General Roleplay boards now renamed the Feral Heart Roleplay boards. The Off Topic boards that were removed are as follows: Animal Roleplay, Human Roleplay, and Misc. Roleplays. Given the broad nature and imagination of our community's roleplays we've decided that there should be no specific distinct boards for Off Topic or Feral Heart related only roleplays. What really defines a roleplay as specifically Feral Heart or not? To help the newly re-homed threads fit in, the General Roleplay boards were renamed to the Feral Heart Roleplay boards with two simple new distinctions: In game Based Roleplays & Forum Based Roleplays. The Groups Roleplay board was removed. There is now simply an In-Game Roleplay & Group Advertisement board in place of the old Roleplay Advertising Board.

- The Off Topic > Literature board's Stories & Poems boards were removed and moved into the Feral Heart Creations > Feral Heart Media Stories & Poems boards.

- The Off Topic Media > Art Galleries board was merged to the Feral Heart Media > Art Gallery board. The Off Topic Media > Art Galleries three separate child boards: Commission, Trades, & Requests were removed and their threads moved to the Feral Heart Media > Request Art board. The Feral Heart Media Request Art was renamed the Commissions, Trades, & Request board.

- The Discords Server Hub board was removed. Due to the major decline in Feral Heart users role playing & talking in game and on the forum in favor of Discord, we will no longer be promoting a specific Discord oriented board or Discord in general. This change is also in part due to immense complaints in regards to the foul nature of certain Discord groups that were promoted here. A number of these Discord groups violated our user safety policy by linking users (especially underage users) to inappropriate/harmful individuals, discussions, & content. We apologize to those who utilized the board and their Discords respectfully but we hope that you understand our reasoning for the change. You’re all free to use your Discords but please do not advertise or link them on our boards, thank you.

- The staff page was finally updated!

- Progress on the forum/site update? Still adding dots...

The forum rules received a much needed rewrite & update.

The game rules had some important updates. Here are just some of the latest additions:
  • Any content that hurts the Feral Heart brand’s image is subject to removal and penalty to the creator, users, and/or advertisers of such content.
  • Any sort of manipulation, use, and/or distribution of the Feral Heart source code is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to creating custom servers and/or games regardless if the project is nonprofit or not. We reserve the rights to the Feral Heart source code and game assets and may suspend any outside non official use of such content.

Development and Improvement
Bringing the community together to build a better game:

- Our next patch map maker has been decided upon! Let's all give a big warm welcome and congratulations to Leda! It took a great deal of time to review each submission and for staff to discuss it among each other. Selecting our latest patch map maker from the immense list of talented map makers wasn't easy. You guys really blew us away with the amazing examples of your work in the Community Content Creators board. We're really confident in Leda's talents and her ability to bring the next map environment to life in her amazing style. She's been working diligently through the holiday already and has some interesting teasers to share with you all. Can you guess the environment in works?

- Not only has our coder xSpirit been busy at work behind the scenes creating content for you all but so have a number of other amazingly talented staff & users alike. These guys truly deserve a shout out and lots of love for all that they do! They really have some fantastic ideas and concepts in the works, not only that but they have been reading all the community feedback and coming up with some interesting ideas. It's with great excitement that I'd like to present you all with just a teaser of some of the magic they've been creating. Please keep in mind though that none of these things have been finalized or approved yet as Razmirz must have the final say for what content gets pushed forward for updates. Even so we'd like to share with you what is possible with a game with as much potential as Feral Heart, and a team with as much love and passion as this one:

- Have skills in map making, modeling, creating textures, producing markings, animating, composing music & or sound effects? Want a chance to work directly with the staff to have your very own work included into the game? Now's the time to raise your paw! Click here for more information

- Our anonymous polls are still up and running, and we now have a new one up! We encourage everyone to participate, and we really appreciate your thoughts and feedback! Click here to view

Events & Community Highlights

This year brought on the return of a very old but favorite Feral Heart Contest, The Preset Contest. Thanks to popular demand users got a chance to show off their creativity preset costumes to the Halloween theme. The staff judged the frightfully fabulous submissions and out of the many other talented contestants our grand prize winner was SpicyDirt with their trick or treat candy corn lion. Congratulations!

Speaking of contests, there was a Screenshot Contest back in October! Many wonderful submissions came in making it hard for the staff to decide their favorites but the winners were eventually selected and announced and they were:

1st Place:Leda
2nd Place:LupusK
3rd Place:BirdieBeep

We hope you all had a spooktacular time at the annual Feral Heart Official Halloween Party! It was great seeing everyone in their creepy and ghoulishly fun Halloween costumes. This year's lovely map was brought to us by our lovely staff member Lady_RavenRose We thank you all for attending and hope you all had a very Happy Halloween!

During the Halloween Party we had a fun little mini game event where our feral trick or treaters had to seek out and find LadyRavenRose's lost magic spell potions. Congratulations to all the winners who helped track down each hidden potion! :

Blue Potion: l3lue

Purple Potion: spinningcars

Green Potion: Esarosa

Orange Potion: SeventhViin

Brown Potion: Valar.Morghulis

This Halloween in Feral Heart was an exceptionally festive one! The spooktacular fun lasted all through the month of October and into early November thanks to our very talented coder xSpirit as well as the very skilled and creatives users BlueMuzzleFlash, ungodlycoyote,& Thimble. Feral ghouls, ghosts, and various other haunted apparitions started appearing all over their modded editon of Feral Heart. Users went around trick or treating gathering up all the sweet treats they could find. In the end the user who found the most treats and won the mini game competition was PinkParrotlet! A huge congratulations to them as well as a xSpirit, BlueMuzzleFlash, ungodlycoyote, and Thimble for making it all happen.

Stay alert this winter holiday season for a possible Christmas themed fun mod event! Given how popular and well received the Halloween mod was xSpirit and his team have already been discussing and crafting some very secret things with Santa.

2019 Feral Heart Winter Holiday Party

Speaking of fun seasonal party events, the Annual Feral Heart Winter Holiday party date is soon approaching! You're all invited to this merry little Christmas festival on Dec. 21st! The map this year will created by Lord Suragaha. Have you been naughty or nice this year? For more information click here!

Smells like popcorn! Movie Nights are back! In anticipation of the holiday season Lord Suragaha has been streaming a number of Feral Heart community favorite fun flicks! Some of the films featured so far: Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Fox & the Hound, How to Train your Dragon: Homecoming, The Land Before Time, Lady & the Tramp (2019 live action), Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, & Brother Bear. Best part is that there's more to come! On Dec. 22nd The Lion King (2019 live action) will be streamed as well as some surprise additional films! It's always great to kick back and enjoy a film with the community, especially when we get to introduce the favorite pass time to newer players in the community. If you're interested in more information about this or just want to know when the next movie night is going to be, keep your eyes open on this thread here.

Feral Heart user & 2019 Winter MOTS winner Ellen11v put together a lovely little community event over this autumn where she invited users to just get together and have fun. Various little mini games were played and overall everyone had a great time being creative, socializing, and getting out of The Grounds. It was a nice show of care and effort put into promoting a positive attitude and environment for the Feral Heart Community. I commend her, all those who helped in the effort, and came along to show support. It's moments like these where the community really shines at its best and shows what Feral Heart is really all about <3

The Feral Heart Official Instagram page recently reached 100 followers! It's so nice to have many of you join us on Instagram as well. We appreciate your continued show of love and support for all things Feral Heart and hope that you continue to enjoy the content we share with you! If you haven't already followed our Feral Heart Official Instagram what are you waiting for?!Click here to visit our Official Instagram page!

Let's give another round of applause and congratulations to all our 2019 Members of the Season These folks were voted by the community to be the most deserving of the MOTS title, and we can't help but agree! Each of them have fabulous attitudes, and we hope they'll continue bringing forth innovative and fun new ideas for the FH community.


Staff Changes

Staff Currently on hiatus until further notice: xSpirit (Developer)

Screenshots / LordSuragaha's 2019 Feral Heart Halloween Party Screens
« on: October 27, 2019, 06:20:03 am »

Rules & Important Information / Official Forum Rules & Guidelines
« on: October 06, 2019, 04:15:04 am »
Forum Rules & Guidelines

Feral Heart is a game aimed towards a wide user base of all ages and backgrounds therefore maintaining a friendly, orderly, safe, environment is a priority to the staff. Outlined below are a series of rules listed for the purpose of doing such. By registering on our site and creating an account you have agreed to these rules and our terms and policies. We reserve the right to ban or terminate your account if you fail to abide by these rules.

Send reports via Message form to a moderator!

You can read about how to report another user here!

Screenshots / Lord Suragaha's 2019-2020 Screenshots
« on: October 05, 2019, 09:16:23 pm »
I have so many screens gathered up that I need to start posting again <3 I'll just leave a few here for now.

Most recent screens here from user Ellen11v's Come Together Party. Had a lot of fun with everyone <3 Thank you for hosting it Ellen!

Other random screens through out the year:


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