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« on: May 05, 2012, 04:18:19 am »
Some Suggestions That Have Been Looked Down Upon...
 As most of you know, on the forum there have been many rejected suggestions. It's not the fact that you are disliked or anyone is just doing it to call you out, but when suggestions are sometimes rejected, at most times its just the best for the people of the game itself. But, there are certain suggestions that are just not going to be added to the game for reasons of safety.

 Anything involving items will most likely not be such a good idea. Items in Impressive Title (the first game involving interactive animals by Kovu) caused people to hack other's accounts for rare items. This caused much tension in the games and lots of work on the administrators. Items just should not be able to be enabled in the game because of this.

 Anyway, I had a suggestion. Why not have one certain event or time whenever the people of the forum may vote on a poll for a new moderator or administrator? Now, this may not be such a good idea because people will be voting for themselves, creating new accounts, asking their friends to do it for them, etc. etc...But, possibly there could be background checks on the accounts that get elected the most often? And, just to be sure, have them fill out a form that includes a reasoning behind electing this particular person. Once the reason is read over, the administrators can moderate that person's account for a while to see if what was said was true.

 Just a suggestion.


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Re: Suggestions
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The moderation staff picking isn't that simple. While the idea is a good one in theory, the staff has to be absolutely sure of who're they're choosing and for what purposes. They keep an eye on those who seem to be moving forward and trying to better the community, or who are well in-touched with the rules, who's generally helpful, and overall a patient or kind individual. While elections could be a good idea, the community's view on what is good for it and what those who are putting forth and monitoring it may see it as something completely different.

This is how I see it being done at least.

Items, besides the downloadable ones made by some of the members, are free-game for everyone, so while there is items, there won't ever be the mess that went on in Impressive Title.


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Re: Suggestions
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CloudFish took the words right from my mouth; items won't be a problem because' despite addons for items; we all have the same thing. C:

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Re: Suggestions
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Explained well above honestly.

This might not be the case when it comes to the post, but this whole thing makes it seem like "modding" regarding Feralheart is a "treat" for those who are given which is not really the case. Moderating forum or game is a responsibility and not really something there to be fun, not for the mod nor the user, it's more there to keep things together and ensure things do not get chaotic even though no one should be limited from trying to enjoy themselves doing their job. No one would be able to even enjoy themselves if there's no line restricting-

In my eyes community picked mods would never, ever, work well for a game like this, and putting up votes and then denying top voted members because some of the staff do not agree wouldn't exactly help or look that good. Even though modding users isn't really harder than anyone makes it, it wouldn't exactly help the staff team, community or game if users was assigned mod powers that the community picked because as mentioned above, the "view" of suiting mod most likely differ greatly when it comes to user and admins/mods.

Been around for a while now, and even though I can admit mixing things up slightly at times might be for the better I would never want to allow users decide the mods or when a mod should be promoted. If you'd want to break a hole in the staff team and watch as it slowly crack and might bring the whole community down, this sure would be a good way though.

The thought itself is a nice one however, the more the community is able to control their presence eventually the more happier it could get. But this would be taking it too far by quite a few steps and I wouldn't really want to allow it to happen.

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Re: Suggestions
« Reply #4 on: May 14, 2012, 09:59:31 am »
Much of what I wanted to say was already said by Red there, hurr. The views on what a good mod/admin would make will likely differ a fair bit between the staff and the members. Neither is more wrong or more right, but the staff have been around longer and they know what the community needs more than anyone.