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Re: [[Open and Accepting]] Island of Crystals - Pokemon Gijinka Rp
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Mother its cold here. Father thy will be done.
Thunder and lightening are crashing down.
They got me on the run, direct me to the sun.
Redemption keeps my covers clean tonight.
Baby we can start again.
Only the young can break away.

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Re: [[Open and Accepting]] Island of Crystals - Pokemon Gijinka Rp
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His ear gave another flick as he gave a nod. I could go in and look like an idiot, or I could go in and look like a mischievous Pokemon. He thought, blinking a few times before choosing his answer. "I can do this, don't worry." He told her, though doubted himself. He gave another nod before walking off towards a smaller shop that was strung with different meats and cheeses - hidden by multiple, larger, and more successful buildings. He peered through the glass, seeing the bored store manager and a teenaged human with a similar expression. About one customer was in the shop at the time, which made it easier for him. Quickly entering the small building, all while in his Lucario form, he tried to remain unnoticed - not the best tactic for him, especially since he wasn't one with stealth - and grabbed a large wheel of cheese.
He gave a nod to himself, just a bit too early for ceremony as the store manager caught sight of him. The Lucario hid the cheese wheel behind his back, as if he were a child himself. "You stupid Pokemon!" The human called, holding a large broom. "It's hard enough for people to buy from here, we don't need Pokemon stealing it!" Marcelo flashed a weak smile before running off with the cheese inhand. The man stopped at the door, though the teenager ran off after him. The alleyway did work, though, and was the perfect get away from him.
He was horribly out of breath, but somehow managed to get back to the Flameon. "H... Here's some food." He offered the cheese wheel to her, trying to catch his breath.