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Honestly didn't know a couple of these things (and i thought i knew almost everything map related) and am definitely going to look into making some maps with this newfound knowledge!


--- Quote from: AlphaEclipse on December 10, 2018, 01:27:42 am ---I have been lurking on this post for a few days and I feel it is about time I actually comment. Although I am not a huge map-maker, I can honestly say this is possibly one of the most interesting and well-written tutorials I have seen on the forum. It is obvious you spent a fair amount of time discovering and attributing the technical aspects of maximizing file efficiency and Ogre scripting to Feralheart map-making. The inclusion of mathematical descriptions also are extremely useful to those wondering why the game works the way it does, and how the Ogre engine incorporates trigonomety and other simple equations to help Feralheart run.

I especially enjoy that you explained that shrinking textures is an important part of optimizing objects & maps. While as the higher resolution may be a better quality, constantly using large resolution textures for minor objects is simply not efficient. Maintaining an appropriate balance is key to helping at least alleviate lag issues for some folks. You should also bring up how high-poly meshes can also create lag issues—maybe also touch on the difference between of quad and tri meshes, and maybe even how to convert back and forth between them, as—from personal experience—I found this is another great way to help minimize lag issues when coverting/making one’s own custom objects for maps.

Although this may not be for the average Feralheart user, there will be people that find this a very inspiring read—just as I have.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for your feedback Alpha,

Indeed High poly count in meshes is a very good and important topic. I should soon write information about it.

About quads, as far I know Ogre doesn't have a concept of quads, it's all triangles.
So if you do quads in blender I believe it's all converted to triangles in Ogre. Unless you know how to create a mesh with quads.
I have no knowledge of any performance or difference between them two in ogre.

Also, Camino commented that saving maps on a Zip file can avoid Windows restore to touch your maps when restoring windows.

Wow that is dedication right there! Honestly,I have no idea who you are, but thank you for making this detailed tutorial...
Makes me want to get back into map making again.

Tbh making maps was the first ever thing that pulled me into the game. When I randomly found a YT video and commented and then found out you can create your own maps.
So I'm sure many will find this useful. This porbably needs to be pinned or added to a 'Frequently Asked' kinda thread for users to find it easier! Maybe a suggestion *Hint hint* to the mods x3


--- Quote from: Tikoucas on December 28, 2018, 03:20:23 pm ---About quads, as far I know Ogre doesn't have a concept of quads, it's all triangles.
So if you do quads in blender I believe it's all converted to triangles in Ogre.
--- End quote ---

I had no idea Ogre did not work with quads! I could have sworn that I had greater FPS when using triangles over quads in game, but maybe just acted like a placebo on my part. I certainly did have less lag in Blender though, I can assure that!

Regardless, again I applaud you for taking the time to make this thread. I will definitely be poking my head in here every now and then for updates.

These are some good tips.  I'm not sure how you shrink textures in other peoples maps though...


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