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Advanced tips for map making

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I always love reading over things like this so I'll definitely be sure to check back at this when I start workin' on this new map! Thanks for sharing this, definitely very useful from what I've read so far.

You've done it again!! Definitely bookmarking this, this looks real interesting and helpful, full of things I'd never even thought of. Really makes me want to pick up that Ogre manual and start experimenting ;3

Ahhh, many thanks for posting helpful tips like this! Gonna quietly snatch this up when I decide on making a map of some sort again, haha. I can see this being extremely useful to many users to want to experiment with their maps! <33

I have been lurking on this post for a few days and I feel it is about time I actually comment. Although I am not a huge map-maker, I can honestly say this is possibly one of the most interesting and well-written tutorials I have seen on the forum. It is obvious you spent a fair amount of time discovering and attributing the technical aspects of maximizing file efficiency and Ogre scripting to Feralheart map-making. The inclusion of mathematical descriptions also are extremely useful to those wondering why the game works the way it does, and how the Ogre engine incorporates trigonomety and other simple equations to help Feralheart run.

I especially enjoy that you explained that shrinking textures is an important part of optimizing objects & maps. While as the higher resolution may be a better quality, constantly using large resolution textures for minor objects is simply not efficient. Maintaining an appropriate balance is key to helping at least alleviate lag issues for some folks. You should also bring up how high-poly meshes can also create lag issues—maybe also touch on the difference between of quad and tri meshes, and maybe even how to convert back and forth between them, as—from personal experience—I found this is another great way to help minimize lag issues when coverting/making one’s own custom objects for maps.

Although this may not be for the average Feralheart user, there will be people that find this a very inspiring read—just as I have.

Really amazed that you took the time to write all this down because these are really helpful tips and it’s good to have them all in one place. I actually find some of these pretty good to note down for myself to remember in the future. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to put this together so neatly and nicely! Very thorough <3


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