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Unable to login to the website
« on: December 09, 2018, 05:03:47 am »
I'm able to log into the forums just fine, and I checked my user/pass in the game to see if it was correct (as it won't send me the reset pass/forgot username emails, and it did not say incorrect user/pass). I have logged in before, around September(?), but I cleared my history and cache, so when I checked back a few months later I wasn't logged in.

However, when I go into either Chrome or Firefox, it gives me the invalid token page or just leaves my info in the login box yet it doesn't log me in, in the case of Firefox. I don't remember how I managed to log in last time; I just know that I had trouble logging in back then too, and it had taken me two days to get the site to log me in. At this point, I just want to log into the website, it's too late at night to consider logging into the actual game now.

I've also attempted to log into it via my phone, so that's out of the question. Refreshing didn't help either, and neither did re-clearing everything stored on chrome, including site cookies and the whole shebang. I've looked at the other threads and the solutions offered either don't work or the users aren't having my problem specifically. Any other suggestions I could try?

EDIT: Y'all can lock this, it took a few days but I finally can log in.
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