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TheNineCircles (TNC)
« on: September 10, 2019, 12:11:41 am »
Hello everyone! I am the founder and admin of The Nine Circles. Firstly, I'd like to thank you for your time. Now let's get to the goodies.
Status: Open and recruiting!

History: TNC started out as more of a gag before turning into something wonderful. We're a fairly young group, having started a month ago, TODAY! Happy one month anniversary to the TNC family. As of right now, we have 36 members and we hope to bring this number up.

What are we?
TNC is a demonic AND mortal rp/social group. We consist of SEVERAL demonic species that are still growing as we speak! The roleplay is based off Dante's Inferno, so for those of you who might not know, they are the 9 circles of Hell. Although, most of our demonic species like to spend their time in their circles, you can find our mortal counterparts on Earth, some in which seek of our attention and other's who have little to no knowledge of our exists. We still love them nonetheless.
TNC is beautifully ranked, with TONS of ranks to be earned, some in which require various of steps both in and out of rp! We like to add a bit of spice to our ranks.
We are plotted! A Hell-based group plotted? Yes, as odd as that might seem, we do have a plot for those who wish to participate in the roleplaying part! The plot is based in chapters--the first chapter currently ongoing!
We are social as well! TNC is one big family. Although some of our family members like to RP, we understand that not everyone does and we love them equally. TNC is full of people with different interests and hobbies so we encourage the making of friendships!

What should we look for while joining TNC?
Due to the group's topic, we are a mature group. Meaning we look for members who understand that there will be dark and sensitive topics. However, we do also take into consideration of those who may be off to the idea and have taken measures to avoid discomfort from our members.
We are a Semi-lit+ group. We love the paragraphs and hope that you have accurate grammar within these paragraphs. We do understand that everyone's pace is different and we are willing to help you grow as an rper!
Although we are a "fantasy group", we like to keep our colors dull/soft, nothing too overwhelming for our precious creators' eyes.
We are always accepting new species and new ranks. All that we ask is you speak to any staff member within the group to get it approved and added!
At the moment, we are primarily discord oriented. This meaning that our rp's and activity are heavily based through discord as many of us have gotten busy during the start of school. However, this does not mean you won't be finding us online.

I'm interested! Where can I found you or how can I contact you?!
If you're online, you can easily find the character TheNineCircles lounging about in The Grounds near the Lonely Cave entrance recruiting.
Cant see us? Give me a whisper @ TheNineCircles
If we're not online, please send me a request on discord at: Moni#9850

Short Recap
<>Plotted, Ranked, Multiple species

Contact Info
FH: TheNineCircles
Discord: Moni#9850
*Please do not PM me on the forums, I most likely won't get to them until very late and I'd like to be as quick as possible with my responds.*