Author Topic: Cannot get into old account because I do not remember the email or password  (Read 165 times)

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I cannot get into my old account, kanjithehero, because I can’t remember the email I used to create it. It’s been years since I’ve been online, so I can’t even remember the password. If I could just find out what the email of the account is, I might be able to get into my old account. I have proof that I owned it (I remember the names of the majority of my characters, I have pictures that I took in game that I still have, etc.). I’m pressed as heck about it because I’ve missed this game so much. Hopefully somebody can help. Thanks!

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I suggest messaging one of the staff members on this page for this particular issue:
My answer is #c0ffee
with a side of #ffeeaa.
Get ya spook on: