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« on: July 11, 2019, 01:06:07 am »
I didn't see any other topics on this, lmk if I missed one hh

"Art Fight is an annual art game that lasts for 1 month. Users can register on the site to join in. Each year, participants are split into two teams to which they are assigned randomly. Players "attack" people of the opposing team by making art of original characters you choose belonging to members of the other team. You are free to use most any style (see Attack Rules section of Rules). Your team receives points based on what you create for the other team with each attack. The artist that receives the attack can then counter that attack by drawing the character belonging to the person who attacked them, or pay it forward by attacking a different person on the other team. At the end of the month, the team with the greater score wins."

Anyone else participating in ArtFight this year?? It's been really helping me get into a habit of doing drawings almost every day, but I need some more people on Team Nightmare to target >;) I figure a lot of FH players are artsy and have feral/furry chars so I figured it'd be a good place to ask!

I'm Team Dream!
I have mostly feral characters but a couple other types too!

Drop your links below if you're up for fighting!

bro what if i put my feralheart cave next to yours.. bro what if they only had one flattened bush mesh to lay on and we had to share... haha just kidding... unless...?

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Re: ArtFight!
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2019, 02:00:39 am »
Moving this to the community activities hub~

Download my presets here!
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