What is your stance on the future of FeralHeart?

I'm okay if the game shuts down
16 (26.7%)
I'm not sure what I want
10 (16.7%)
I believe we can bring the game back to life
34 (56.7%)

Total Members Voted: 51

Author Topic: The mixed future of FeralHeart  (Read 3566 times)

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Re: The mixed future of FeralHeart
« Reply #20 on: October 27, 2019, 05:42:50 pm »
Me lurking for no particular reason led me to find this thread, which inspired me to say something here for the first time in - what, three years? (for those who are wondering who in the world I am, hi, nice to meet you, one or two of you may or may not recognize me as Default from around 2014)

Mind, this is from the perspective who hasn't been a serious member of the community since 2015 or 2016 (what's a no mod October), and someone who hasn't played the game in a year or two. (the login screen - which I didn't ever really like but I initially put up with it anyway - throwing malicious ads in my face whenever I try to play is a huge turn-off for me, it is the de-facto reason I don't play FH anymore, even ignoring the new maps)

So. The question of how I'd feel if the game were to shut down, and whether or not I would want it to stay active.

Honestly, I have to say that, for as many fond memories (and terrible ones... regrets over my behavior from late 2013 - 2015 is best saved somewhere else) as I've had playing FeralHeart and being a part of its community, I wouldn't be that bothered if it were to close down, though I'm sure many other people would beg to differ. I would feel some sadness of course. this game was a big part of my life for in the first half of the decade and it played at least some role in shaping who I am as I write. But, outside looking in as I write, I don't see much chance of the game rising back up like some fuzzy, cat-or-dog-shaped phoenix, even with fancy new updates (I haven't downloaded it but the last update looks pretty sweet), potential removal of that malware dispenser you have to brave to play the game (though that would definitely get me back on board, at least) or any possible exposure from some big name in the greater internet community. The game isn't past its due date, necessarily, but I don't see the game growing from here, at least as I write.

So, that's my two cents; apologies for being a downer here, but I'm just speaking my mind.
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