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Official Forum Rules & Guidelines
« on: October 06, 2019, 04:15:04 am »
Forum Rules & Guidelines

Feral Heart is a game that requires users to be 13+ years, though we accept users of all backgrounds thus maintaining a friendly, orderly, safe, environment is a priority to the staff. Outlined below are a series of rules listed for the purpose of doing such. By registering on our site and creating an account you have agreed to these rules and our terms and policies. We reserve the right to ban or terminate your account if you fail to abide by these rules.

Send reports via Message form to a moderator!

You can read about how to report another user here!
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Re: Official Forum Rules
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Forum Rules & Guidelines

This is the Official Feral Heart forum
Announcements, rules, and downloads provided here are your only source of official reliable information & content regarding the Feral Heart community, outside of our Official Feral Heart Tumblr, DeviantArt group, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Any other non official source of Feral Heart information is not applicable and may be misleading. Downloads provided by our official site are safe and virus free, but downloads obtained from other non official sources may contain viruses or other installs that can harm your computer. The Feral Heart staff are not responsible for any negative consequences if you decide to download from other websites.

Respect Each Other: Keep Appropriate Language & Discussion
(If a discussion gets out of hand the staff reserve the right to issue warnings, request alterations, remove content, lock/delete threads or pursue further penalty to the involved users. This rule applies to all areas of the site from, personal threads, responses on threads, avatars, signatures, links, and profiles etc.)

Cursing/Swearing is forbidden.

Bigotry of any sort is forbidden. Racism, sexism, misogyny, objectification, homophobia, or any other form of bigotry will not be tolerated. This includes statements made to purposefully harass, slander, insult, threaten, and or demean any user or group.

Flaming or harassing is forbidden. It’s ok to respectfully disagree with someone or something but do not press on with debates or conversations, especially if warned by staff. This includes discussion driven with the goal of complaining, starting drama, and or spreading rumors in place of respectful constructive criticism.

NSFW/sexual/& or sexually suggestive language, discussion, images, and or links to such content is forbidden.

Discussions about drugs & alchohol are forbidden.

Discussions of suicide and or self harm are forbidden.

Financial discussion in regards to funding FeralHeart’s servers or website are not allowed. While we appreciate the offers we advise you not to do so as the server's financial upkeep is solely our server master Razmirz's responsibility and he'd like to keep it that way (as stated here).

(If you’re wondering if a word, topic, or any other material is against our policy, or wish to report someone or something please contact a staff member (HERE).)

Follow Proper Forum Etiquette

Stay on topic. When posting a response to a thread don’t post irrelevant comments, links, or images.

Do not spam or create duplicate threads.

Avoid multi/double posting in the same thread right after a previous post of yours. Provided it isn't spam, it is allowed, however if you want to mention another thing or edit your response you can simply press the "modify" option on your post instead. 

Avoid multi bumping threads. If you do bump, limit it to no more than once every other day. Bumping threads that have fallen off the front page is allowed but be mindful and only do so when necessary. If you want to revive a conversation, say something interesting, constructive, and relevant instead. Refer here for further tips

Before posting a question in either the Game Help or Forum + Site Help boards, check if anyone has asked your same question and received a reply. Utilize the forum search bar.

Avoid making excessive amounts of accounts. Utilize the ability to change your username rather than making a new account. If the staff believes a user is in possession of too many accounts, some of them might be deleted without any warning.

If you note an issue that does not comply with any of the forum rules, you may bring it to the attention of the staff by using the Report button on the offending post as well as privately messaging staff (HERE)

Keep Appropriate Behavior
(Please treat others & their property how you would like to be treated. Be considerate and use proper discretion.)

Any content that hurts the Feral Heart brand’s image is subject to removal and penalty to the creator, users, and/or advertisers of such content.

Do not impersonate other forum members or current or former staff.

Doxxing is forbidden. This includes providing and publishing personal information about any user for spiteful reasons.

Do not steal art. Unless you have exclusive permission to use a piece of art do not use or claim it. If we are contacted by the original artist of a certain work, we will remove the stolen art and you may face penalty.

Respect other content creators' work. Do not claim, modify, or misuse work that is not yours. Unless the creator gives permission do not modify or use creations, this includes but is not limited to meshes, maps, mods, presets, textures etc. If you are caught doing otherwise you will face penalty. If you're ever unsure about the permissions to any given bit of content just ask the creator. Unless it specifically says that you are permitted to use and/or modify the creation, you do not have permission.

Advertisement for commercial or monetary purposes is not allowed.

Respect the Staff & Their Rule Enforcement Policies:

If a staff member asks you to stop a particular behavior be mindful of the request and obey it, if you do not this may result in an additional penalty.

Do not argue with staff members about warnings, kicks, or bans. If you have a concern you are welcomed to private message any of the staff (HERE) about it via the forum and it will be discussed privately.

You may not seek information about another user's kicks and or bans. We like to respect every user's individual privacy and thus discussion of kicks & or bans is only had between the affected user and the staff.

If you or anyone else is warned, kicked, or banned, do not discuss about it publicly. Any behavior seen as complaining or attention seeking may result in additional penalty.

Play Safe
Never share your personal information on FeralHeart. You do not fully know who is behind the computer regardless of who they might claim to be. If someone asks you for your information (such as your full name, home address, postcode, social networking accounts, etc) we advise you to not disclose it with them. If anyone pressures you to share private information or makes your feel uncomfortable for any reason please immediately block them, take screenshots, and don't hesitate to file a report to a member of staff HERE.

If you need further assistance understanding these rules & guidelines or just want some extra information feel free to ask the staff team HERE. Below are references to other helpful relevant resources:

Thanks for reading! We hope you have fun!

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