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PANTHEONS | 4-pack Mythology Wolf RP
« on: July 28, 2020, 04:42:54 am »
Created: 06/05/2020
Status: ACTIVE

4 Pack Conflict | Active since 06/05/2020 | Mapped | Plotted | Multi-Paragraph | 20+ members

Welcome to PANTHEONS! We are an active, multi-paragraph and beautifully mapped group. Our group consists of four different packs each with their own culture and traditions based on real world mythology. Each pack is named after one of the suits of a deck of cards (Spades, Diamonds, Hearts, and Clubs). We have a Discord as well (Add Stormwlf#3070 or spaz#6009 for invite)!

We are a preset friendly group and semi-realistic. We’re pretty lenient with markings as long as they aren’t a shape that wouldn’t naturally occur in nature (such as a heart or star).

The history of Pantheons is littered with violence. Colonizers took over the valley of Pantheons. King Harlow of the colonizing Empire traveled to all of the provinces in the valley, Spades, Diamonds, Hearts, and Clubs; breeding with the Queens of those lands before returning to his own territory outside of the valley. The firstborns of each of those litters became the heirs of those provinces which were still occupied by the colonizers at the time of their ascension.

The current Kings of each suit are half-siblings.

The Spade Clan: The Northern dwelling wolves of the Spade Clan are home to the strongest and most noble of the valley of Pantheons. Led by High King Ragnvald Spades are conquerors and warriors; flourishing when surrounded by blood and aggression. The Spade Clan relies on the teachings and guidance of the Norse Pantheon and specifically their Ace: Odin the Allfather.

The Diamond Empire: The Southern Isles are home to the Diamond Empire. The Diamonds are led by Kyo, the Merchant Empress. The Diamond Empire are dedicated devotees to their Ace: Ebisu, and follow the Japanese Pantheon.

The Hearts Kingdom: On the warm and sunny shores of the Pantheon valley lies the generous and kind Hearts Kingdom. The Hearts are led by Arachne. Hearts are excellent healers and devoted to the craft of medicine and hospitality in their sunny kingdom. The Hearts follow the Greek Pantheon and praise their Ace, Aphrodite, in all they do.

The Club Guild: In the heat blasted lands of the East sits the Club Guild, a group of hearty canines that act as mercenaries. Led by the Fearless and determined Pharaoh Aidtiram, they are thriving in the rather barren lands. The Clubs follow the Egyptian Pantheon and give praise to their Ace, Isis.

Check out our website for more information including rules:

Whisper: .BloodWinsAll. or spaztic in-game to join.

If you wish to apply right here on the forums, here is a Forum Application!

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FH Username:
Character Name:

Also we allow guests into our Discord so you can take some time reading up on more information and interact with some of our members to decide whether or not Pantheons is the right group for you!
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