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Members of the Season / Re: 2023 Winter MOTS Winners
« Last post by D-ead7Dog on Today at 06:29:49 pm »
Members of the Season / Re: 2023 Winter MOTS Winners
« Last post by Azurain on Yesterday at 09:14:37 pm »
Congrats to you all!
Members of the Season / Re: 2023 Winter MOTS Winners
« Last post by Telluric on December 05, 2023, 08:58:12 pm »
congrats to my fellow mots and thanks to all who voted!
Members of the Season / Re: 2023 Winter MOTS Winners
« Last post by DylanCheetah on December 05, 2023, 05:33:42 pm »
Congrats to the winners.
Other Mods/Creations / Kxynine's mega pack mod
« Last post by kxynine on December 05, 2023, 04:22:12 pm »
Hello once more!

I'm just here to drop my mega pack of mods I've done

You might've seen them here and there, this is because they were private but I've got some plans, which result in me releasing them :)

Pack includes:
Item Packs
Textures & masks

Item packs:
Original ghost items
kxy's ghost items V1
kxy's ghost items v2 (+ new purple varient)
kxy's metallic items V1
kxy's metallic items V2 (+ more color varients)



Blackout (Fully black map, intended for video editors)

Installations and notes are in the pack itself

Members of the Season / Re: 2023 Winter MOTS Winners
« Last post by BloodWinsAll on December 05, 2023, 03:58:14 pm »
Congratulations to the fellow winners. Thank you to those who voted and I'm happy to be here for another season c;
Members of the Season / Re: 2023 Winter MOTS Winners
« Last post by Harleen on December 05, 2023, 11:38:55 am »
Members of the Season / Re: 2023 Winter MOTS Winners
« Last post by toonanimals317 on December 05, 2023, 11:01:29 am »
Congratulations to the winners! Well deserved!
Members of the Season / Re: 2023 Winter MOTS Voting
« Last post by Telluric on December 04, 2023, 07:29:41 pm »
happy voting and good luck all!
Member Bio & Journals / Re: Virtual Dream Journal
« Last post by Oddonelynx on December 04, 2023, 11:41:20 am »
6:37 AM 10/2/2023
I was a thin, tan feral dog in a pack in the show Animaniacs. We adopted some new pups which were the Warner brothers and sister. I thought they were going to cause trouble so I tried getting rid of them but everyone wanted them to stay since they were pups, in fact I even got threatened to have my throat torn by some rottweiler named "Terry" if I didn't allow them to stay. I was about to fight her, when I realized I wouldn't win. So I agreed to let them stay and we continued on our journey.There's a timeskip and we're in a restaurant, we brought those "pups" with us. While the other dogs are sitting near them with collars, presumably adopted by the siblings, I sat away from them under a table booth glaring at them while I sulked. Then, Yakko turned to look at me, probably noticing I had been glaring at them for some time and I looked away. Then get gets up from out of the booth-seat and crouches on one knee and offers me a collar, I accept, well, after a bit of readjusting as the collar was too tight. Hire me Warner Bros!
6:54 PM 10/3/2023
I forgot about this one until now, hence why it isn't with the 175th one. In this dream, I was in this store in one of my local malls that doesn't exist. I don't know why, but all of the customers were these armless, headless bodies with clothes riding on scooters! Every time they passed by, I looked at them and got chills all over my body. I asked the manager about it [She looked & sounded like my math teacher!] and she told me "Oh they're controlled by their heads.". Then I got tired of making eye contact with the customers' neck stumps and hid under a table, still getting chills each time one passed by on its scooter.
177th & 178th:
7:00 AM 10/13/2023
In one I was running away from a swarm as insects as a dog, the other my mom became evil. I had so many again, yet I can remember so little...
6:36 AM 10/25/2023
Dreamed about having hiccups, it was so annoying & real to the point where I thought I did have hiccups when I woke up!
180th & 181st:
12:22 PM 10/27/2023
Dream marathon, you know the drill!!
1. I dreamed about a video game. Here's how it goes:
You play with 3 other players, and the avatars are dogs. You're all in the sky floating with either a hang glider or parachute [I think] and you collect balloons to stay lofty. Your goal is to stay floating longer than the others! This sounds fun.

2. I dreamed about my YouTube page being flooded by videos of dancing villagers from Minecraft, they were all titled things like: "Villagers shuffling". I remember getting annoyed in the dream too. XD
7:12 AM 11/10/2023
I was in a downtown city watching some sort of speech about lessr known bird flight formations, then once it was over I walked into some sort of tavern and then my dream became a cartoon! Rayman was in the tavern and he had 4 kids I think, He had a daughter named "O" and she always stared off into space while squeaking for some reason. The other costumers didn't like her and went "Oh crap, O's here" and left. Then they Animaniacs came in and someone said they heard compliants about the bathroons being gross or something and then Wakko looked guilty.
6:39 AM 11/21/2023
I was going to visit a band I liked in some hotel, but when I went there there were animals alll over the place! Like bugs and toads for some reason, eugh.
12:05 PM 11/22/2023
I just walking around some sort museum, It had statues of characters from BFDI, like Teardrop. Apparently Gelatin was with me in this dream [He still looked like he had injected Lollipop's food coloring into himself.] but then we had to go to the bathroom but when I went in and tried to sit on a toliet, there were no stalls and the toliets were really close to each other and there were already people there. The entire bathroom was also painted in shades of pink. I was disturbed, freaked out, and weirded out. That's when I woke up.
6:11 PM 11/26/2023
I had a subpar bus driver who just drove to his apartment, we then all had to walk back to school! [This school looked like my old middle school.]
6:37 AM 12/4/2023
I actually had 3 dreams, but this is just the one I remember the best:
I was watching YouTube, and had apparently clicked on a video about a techno band called "Smosh". It was a reaction video with some guy that either was or looked alot like ConnertheWaffle. Their music sounded a lot like eurodancer and other 90s-00s techno. Stuff you'd hear on Newgrounds on some old Flash game.
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