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Introduction / Re: Poking around a bit (plus two questions for staff)
« Last post by Azura on Today at 10:03:38 pm »
Welcome back
Discord Servers Hub / Worsaw - Discord-Based Roleplay
« Last post by Morqque on Today at 09:44:47 pm »

Following the atrocious acts of war and mankind's never-ending greedful
nature to gain power, the result is a nuclear bomb shrouding all of human civilization, drowning it in total turmoil, leaving behind
only radiated landscapes and total vacancy. Within all the rubble of the once prosperous civilization, the animals have dug themselves
 underground, to flee danger for hundreds of years, whilst only being mildly affected by the radioactive fallout. They are quick to regain
 power over their once forgotten Kingdom. As they have evolved the ability to read and speak, so have they evolved the ability to quarrel
and rebel. They have split themselves into various factions, seeking for their own version of what they believe is the ideal future.

- Literate
- Animal-based
- Join-able factions
- Off-Topic discussion channels
- In-depth lore

Do you have what it takes to survive?
Click me to join
Praise / Re: Happy Birthday, Red!
« Last post by Redlinelies on Today at 09:41:52 pm »
Just wanted to log in and say thank you for wishing me a good day, much appreciated.
Forum Games / Re: Last person to post wins
« Last post by Machungwa63 on Today at 09:28:53 pm »
Yes, I’m winning!!
Introduction / Re: Poking around a bit (plus two questions for staff)
« Last post by Kerriki on Today at 08:44:49 pm »
Welcome back to the FeralHeart community! We're happy to have you back c:

As for your questions, feel free to pm me~
Introduction / Poking around a bit (plus two questions for staff)
« Last post by grumpybox on Today at 08:39:54 pm »
hello! so, i got a huge wave of nostalgia and decided to check out this game again, maybe have some fun ingame. i wanna apologize for a loooot of the dumb stuff i've said and done over the years, if anyone remembers my past usernames  :-X

 i have a few questions though!! since i've left and returned i've... gotten really into the legacy of kain series. and i was wondering if it would be okay to make raziel in feralheart and in IT servers (aoi tenshi, etc.) or would this be considered 'staff impersonation'? i'm super into lok but i understand if i can't make razzy.
my other question! would it also be okay if i made a legacy of kain themed item pack for fh? stuff like the reaver, bandannas with clan emblems, etc.

sorry if i'm speaking to a very niche audience, but since i've gotten back into the feralheart and IT server stuff this has been nagging at me for so long!
Introduction / Re: Hello!~
« Last post by Kerriki on Today at 08:38:22 pm »
Welcome back to FH! I wish you lots of luck in succeeding in what you wish to do<3
Groups Roleplay Board / Seeking Friendly pack members, some RP
« Last post by kaliku on Today at 08:33:35 pm »
Hi everyone and thanks for clicking on my post :) Im seeking packmates, in character and out. More looking for a great group of friends to goof off with. I used to play furcadia and i had a wonderful pack who were active and amazing. But those days have come to an end. I used to RP paragraphs but im very rusty. So anyone who wants to RP some , im completely down for that but OOC is just as fun.

Looking mainly for some goofy people x'D and just friends... probably already said that but YEA! Let me know :D
Forum Games / Re: Eat, Marry, Kill
« Last post by WolfQueen on Today at 08:24:44 pm »

Forum Games / Re: Last person to post wins
« Last post by WolfQueen on Today at 08:22:37 pm »
Haha there used to be a last post wins years ago but it was locked because there were arguments and attention seeking all the time.
Please be nice people or I will cry
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