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Other Mods/Creations / Re: FeralHeart HD by Brokami
« Last post by binaryc0de on July 01, 2024, 07:05:15 am »
i know i haven't introduced myself, but it's an urgent matter. FHHD has been lost media for some time now, and i have a copy of it on internet archive. However the 1.16 patch is still lost media and i ask y'all to help find it. without further ado, here's the Link:

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ALWAYS WANTED THAT EYE ENV_MAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Game Help / Re: Export characters to 3d models that are made in game
« Last post by binaryc0de on July 01, 2024, 06:54:51 am »
they work.

you'll just need to add this before converting to .skeleton file
Help Us Improve the Game / Re: \\ Animation Submissions //
« Last post by binaryc0de on July 01, 2024, 06:49:57 am »
Hope submissions are still valid.
2015 player here, made a new account to start fresh. 3D animation has been a hobby for years and I figure it's worth a shot to see if it may be of some use here. I created FH animations years ago but the spark has returned because dissecting the syntax of skeleton.xmls is the closest brush to the feeling of game development I'll have for a long while (computer sucks and I'm broke). And it's just fun.
I chiefly use Blender 3.0 but use 2.79b for FH things. I've managed a cheap IK system for the rigs that can be converted to Ogre-friendly FK, so no more stuttery feet clipping through the ground or floaty movement due to zero cooperation between pelvis and limb. Doing FH animations is good fun and practice for when I plan to graduate to a more intensive game engine for personal projects, so with the free time I have maybe I can make a contribution.

I mostly stuck with movement as it's easier to get good animation because the hardcoded playback speeds aren't extreme - what you see is close to what you get. Harder to achieve an appealing idle or something when the keyframes are stretched waaaaay out in game and any secondary motion gets destroyed. Maybe that can get changed in the source code, but as it stands right now as a non-recruit I'm not too concerned with showing off sits and idles and the like. There's some weird deformation in some areas (ex. the rump on the canine crouch) as I'm still learning the limits of these models (and in all honesty the models themselves aren't great but more on that in a bit).
I kept a barebones semi-realistic animation style for demonstration but I can make more expressive stuff if desired.

Canine locomotion (newest)
Disclaimer, the hocks and tail deform strangely throughout animation. It's no fault of mine. The bones get all crunchy with the addition of any animations that aren't default, and this can be seen in any animation pack. If I had to wager a guess I'd say it's because the bone translations in the .blend file aren't equal to those in game. Fixing this is something I can't do.




Feline locomotion (oldest)
This one isn't very good and shouldn't be representative of my best but I'll include it anyways.
The canine has better animations than the feline because the canine rig has (mostly) even weights and bone rotations. Feline poses don't mirror correctly because of uneven rotation and it's not as pleasant to work with. I am looking to fix this however.
The feline also includes a shoddy idle and stretch not pictured here as I was testing playback speeds, in addition to a crouch and crawl done as a test to see how much I could deform the mesh before it starts to look like a Half-Life model. You're welcome to see for yourself but they're not included here as I'm not fond of them.


I encourage you to download these because the gifs butcher them a bit. Dances, curl transit and idle, roar + howl, and stretch (except for feline) are not included, so don't try playing those animations, or you'll crash.
cbody download            fbody download

And this 30 minute interpolation experiment. Not entirely relevant but I think it looks neat.

Thanks for checking me out.

holy - Removed by Moderator - is the last one smear frames???????????
Art Gallery / Re: Saboomba's character art
« Last post by Saboomba on July 01, 2024, 02:25:06 am »
added Latchkey
jesus how do I make the screenshots not that huge
Game Help / Collision object not working (?)
« Last post by cryptkeepingpawn on June 29, 2024, 12:14:29 am »
I started making this big map with two islands and with water separating them and around them.
The idea was to make the water walkable so I made a collision box sort of thin (0.137 on the Y scale) and put the map's width in the X and Z scales thinking it would make the object as the map. (With images for better understanding, you can click on them too see better).

I put it near this island ^^

Then I begin running to the other island which has a portal to see if the collision worked from point A to point B.

And halfway the character sinks.

This is how the map looks in the editor. As if the object covers the whole water level (the island seen here is the one with the portal). Also, that piece of water is because..... you know, the tides it has makes it go up and down:

So, I cloned the collision box I edited to put it near the island with the portal since I thought that the object didn't cover the whole map but just a portion around the first island.
Finally, the water near the island with the portal is walkable. I run to the first island then the same thing happens, I sink halfway through.

I got desperate, so, I delete both objects and put a new collision box in the middle of the both islands, I make it X:90000,Y:90000, and I keep sinking after walking for a while but this time I can't reach neither islands without sinking.

All I want is to make the 2nd island barely visible and the distance water walkable.

This is the data of the map.

Width:20000 Height:380 Ocean height:370. The height map is 1025x1025.

Does it not work because the map is huge? Am I not understanding something? I want there to be noticeable distance fog in the map, is there any way to force it that wont bring suffering?

Another thing, don't know if it's okay to ask it on the same topic.

I need this tree object from IT. I have IT files but they're sooo many (I'm guessing you can transfer the meshes, materials and models to FH and it'll work??). Does anyone know what its called so I can find it within the files? or does anyone have the files of the object itself?

AND A LAST THING, is it possible to change a model's texture for a floor texture, as in, get a rock and change one of the files for a floor it has the floor's late.

Thanks. Have fun out there.
jesus how do I make the screenshots not that huge
With spiderhead wooooo

Forgot to take a ss at the top U_U wonder why..........

So many lives lost..... so many sacrifices..... but the pilgrimage was a success, at last....

Did you install the items.cfg in the main FeralHeart folder?
Game Discussion / Re: How Old Are The Floofs In FearlHeart?
« Last post by Maliceowo on June 26, 2024, 08:24:12 am »
23 yrs old
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