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Forum Games / Re: Random Info About You
« Last post by Oddonelynx on Yesterday at 01:54:16 am »
I really like drinking warm water...  :P
Member Bio & Journals / Re: Virtual Dream Journal
« Last post by Oddonelynx on Yesterday at 01:52:08 am »
8:52 PM 3/24/2022
There were these monsters that looked exactly like humans, except that you couldn't kill them. They would respawn, that's why. One of them was trying to crash into the front door my house. So I decided to jump out my window to remain unseen. (And possibly to get help!) I didn't worry about getting hurt because I knew this was a dream, but as I got closer to the ground I started to panic! Luckily I was right and the fall didn't hurt one bit. Then as I opened my eyes there were these random people in my backyard. (The window in my room leads to my backyard.) Then one of the monsters came over and I decided to fight it. I won. Then we all found that that the monsters wouldn't respawn if you killed them that way, the end... o_0
7:26 AM 4/4/2022
Some kind of interview of the creator and Inanimate Insanity and a voice actor was going on in my house... Oh yea and they discussed a meaning of a Cheesy painting, lol.
8:18 AM 4/20/2022
I was driving, and not doing a very good job... I crashed a few times. Yikes.
7:25 AM 5/6/2022
I got whacked in the face by some string on a stick, that's it.
7:27 AM 5/6/2022
Think of Harry Potter and MLP combined, that's my dream... I don't read Harry Potter nor have watched MLP in years!
8:10 AM 5/11/2022
I was in a beautiful, warm meadow. Then some kind of buzzing insect (looked like a bee) came zooming towards me. Right before it hit me my dream ended and I covered my head. Even though the dream was long gone, I still heard it's abominable buzzing...
10:06 PM 6/19/2022
Guess what? Dream marathon. The first one I had was about my clothes coming to life, then I dreamed about being back at school, (Yikes!) unfortunately I lost memory of the last third one.
8:29 PM 6/29/2022
I was in a field with some bleachers. Maybe it was a sports place? I fought someone and then ran off to climb on the bleachers. Then I wanted to get down but the bleachers were super high up in the sky. I just went back to the way I came and lied about winning the previously mentioned fight. [Which angered the guy I fought] I forgot to enter this entry earlier.

Work In Progress Maps & Map Discussion / Re: Mystery Island maps {WIP}
« Last post by Oddonelynx on Yesterday at 01:50:01 am »
I like Tranquility a lot, so much blue...
Leaving / Re: Farewell Floofs
« Last post by Oddonelynx on Yesterday at 01:46:15 am »
I never even got to know you too well... Have a nice travel on the web
Leaving / Re: Farewell Floofs
« Last post by D-ead7Dog on July 02, 2022, 01:31:57 am »
You will be very missed, Kiki!
I'll have to bug you to come play some games!
Forum Games / Re: Random Info About You
« Last post by ArkhamScout on July 01, 2022, 03:33:47 am »
I often redesign my ocs (mostly my transformer ocs) a lot of times like about 50+ times to get the right look and design that I feel comfortable with and mostly I do this because the designs mostly I do is too basic
Ask Me / Re: Ask Me, Arkham Scout ❤
« Last post by ArkhamScout on July 01, 2022, 03:30:43 am »
taking questions, give me hard ones or questions that I haven't answered yet
Leaving / Re: Farewell Floofs
« Last post by Telluric on July 01, 2022, 02:01:25 am »
remember us on the slow days, we're so grateful for all the work you put in.
happy trails.
Leaving / Re: Farewell Floofs
« Last post by DylanCheetah on June 30, 2022, 04:21:50 pm »
I'm going to miss you a lot Kiki. Feel free to talk to me on Discord anytime!
Leaving / Re: Farewell Floofs
« Last post by Ame88 on June 30, 2022, 06:36:45 am »
It is absolutely heartbreaking to see you go, Kiki. The last of the OG crew </3 but I completely understand and don't blame you whatsoever. As much as it's sad to see a Kiki shaped hole here in FH, I am so happy you are giving your life the attention it needs.

It has been an absolute honor working with you. I couldn't ever trade the time I've had with you and the others for anything. You are such an amazing staffer, and I want to say thank you so much for your time, efforts, and care endlessly poured into this little place.

All the things I've learned from you, Morgra, Sura, Ressy, everyone, I am so grateful and I cherish every single moment. Thank you so much for your time here in FH, we will never forget you! Please take care Kiki bean!
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