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Forum Games / Re: Who can post last?
« Last post by Oddonelynx on Today at 10:25:14 pm »
I dreamed about being a feral dog in a pack last night. Sounds familiar...  :-\
Art Gallery / Re: Saboomba's character art
« Last post by Saboomba on Today at 05:21:11 am »
added a snek
Forum Games / Re: Who can post last?
« Last post by Telluric on Today at 02:18:06 am »
heeyyyyy hey heyyyy hiii heyy howdy
Forum Games / Re: Who can post last?
« Last post by Azurain on Today at 12:59:03 am »
Forum Games / Re: Who can post last?
« Last post by Knowbee on Yesterday at 01:15:33 am »
Game Discussion / Re: Looking for Maps
« Last post by wolfuss on September 30, 2023, 01:29:21 am »
I usually just like farting around on the legacy map that can be played here:
Forum Games / Re: Who can post last?
« Last post by Oddonelynx on September 30, 2023, 12:01:30 am »
The people at my table in my science class always get distracted by the doodads our teacher has on each table and never do their work... It's like they get hypnotized by the high viscosity, clear liquid pouring down into the lower chamber...
Member Bio & Journals / Re: Virtual Dream Journal
« Last post by Oddonelynx on September 29, 2023, 11:56:01 pm »
10:18 AM 6/4/2023
There was this zoo-like place. Inside there were 3 animals, a baby T-rex, a baby spinosaurus, and some sort of crocodillian. The crocodilian started biting through the cage of the spinosaurus from the outside, the spinosaurus watched at first but then starting biting through it too. Then the crocodile ran in and sat between the young spinosaurus' legs. Then the T-rex who was sitting on a rock who saw the whole thing decided to climb down it because it was like: "Oh okay we can move around." So it walks a few steps and it's claws can even be heard clicking on the ground. Then people come up with pet it as it stands there. Then my dream cuts to a different part of the zoo. It is an aquariuam area and dark. There is only one light source, a lavender dark-light. In front of me, there's is a sea lion looking at me. It leads me to this brown, underwater cave where there's more lavender dark-lights. I touch & press on it, but I discover I'm losing air! When I try to breathe. I found out I could breathe just fine underwater.
1:59 PM 6/6/2023
I was playing Spore in Tribal Stage with the Ape creatures. I was allied with the other villages and they were giving me gifts. Then another village came to visit [My brain says it was the pink village.] and started they & my creatures started to play together with grass. Giving each other grass LOL. I decided to zoom in and watch these two creatures from different tribes [My villager and a pink villager] play together and they were rough housing. One of the villagers crashed into a storage building and grains/grasses spilled onto him. Then some domesticated animals from a building next to it turned around and kicked some sand on him/peed on him.
10:03 AM 6/18/2023
There was an ant vs human war. [I guess you could say these were; ARMY ANTS!! No really, they were army ants.] A lot of the soldiers were minors though, including myself... We were fighting in some sort of underground laboratory. Then we went to sleep in quarantine chambers... I remember the aftermath of a battle, so many people had to get medical attention for their legs [When they did, there was no blood, like at all. It was like my brain had an option to turn off the blood like in Diablo LOL] It was sleeping time and I was running while they closed down the doors so I could get to my sleeping chamber but I didn't make it in time and had to sleep in the lobby. Oh yeah, we didn't have beds. We just slept on the ground. I did sleep in one of the sleeping chambers a few times. They had translucent, yellow glass dividing each area.
12:00 PM 6/21/2023
I briefly saw a spring fox from Animal Jam [The 2D one] and then I chased after it's player icon as if I was in an adventure or something from the game. I ran through forests, past houses, and hills. Then I came across some guy's house and I wanted to get past without being seen. I imagined myself going slowly invisible and it worked! It wore off though and the guy saw me. I said something along of the lines of: "I need to get through the window." He went "KK" and opened it but it was crazily high up and foggy so I decided I would just take a different route.
11:31 AM 7/4/2023
I finally got the hang of flying in my dream about... It was like some mash up of video games I've seen before, I have no idea what it actually was. I just remember flight!
12:16 PM 7/7/2023
My grandma let in a bunch of insects while staying at her house. when I went to the bathroom there a mosquito on the door so I threw my tablet & 3Ds at it for some reason like a normal person. It worked but my devices were destroyed and then I went to another room and broke into hysterics. I remember saying: "Why can't I ever keep anything!?" while loudly crying.
11:55 AM 7/19/2023
I heard fox sounds out at night. I looked out my window and saw a fox. Timeskip to daylight, I look over the creek in my backyard. There's a big red barn. Now it's night again, and there is a big, friendly fox that tried to walk into the house through the garage. [This dream was influenced by the fox sounds I heard before bed]
12:32 PM 7/31/2023
I was in a cage, in what looked like a garage. I swung in the cage and accidentally launched the one in front of me over the horizon. Then I got excused of manslaughter and was promptly arrested.
12:33 PM 7/31/2023
I dreamed of a SpongeBob SquarePants episode that doesn't exist. SpongeBob was helping a human skeleton lady find her missing husband [who is also a human skeleton] and he was on the table and the lady said: "SpongeBob what are you doing here? It's late, get down from there".
1:33 PM 8/1/2023
I got IP banned from Transformice after making my username "Hillary"... What's that supposed to mean?
7:03 AM 8/18/2023
I was playing a 3D game that looked a lot like Feralheart. I was exploring when I realized I was dreaming, so I decided to summon a character. It worked! We went walking together but then he got stuck on something but I woke up right before I could help him...
6:45 AM 8/28/2023
I had a diary, but it was vertical and the pages were a lot more like giant, narrow sticky notes than anything. They looked like loose leaf though and in dream time I spent all night writing in it.
12:09 PM 9/3/2023
I was sitting on the floor of my grandma's kitchen. A hamster, rabbit, maybe Guinea pig walked by me and transformed into a dog. It was friendly and smelled my face.
6:51 AM 9/5/2023
I had a dream where I snapped. It was unpleasant...
6:38 AM 9/7/2023
My friend and I were apart the Demons from the Chakra Heroes, but we both left after Ryu went on some sort of rampage. [Read Chakra BTW, it's a great webcomic!]
6:42 AM 9/14/2023
Bug invasion! Bugs everywhere! They took over my parents room and we had to call the exterminator.
9:15 PM 9/15/2023
I was in one of the bathrooms in my house. I was looking at myself in the mirror when all of the sudden there was this flash of these empty plastic cups attached to some flesh and then they loosened up and separated. Apparently, these were holding in my teeth and then they all fell out. After they fell out, there were red & blue wires sticking out from where my teeth should've been, like I was some kinda robot. I ran up to my parents [the bathroom was on a lower floor] in the kitchen and tried to tell them what happened to me but I couldn't speak properly due to my lack of teeth.
6:39 AM 9/21/2023
Some kid behind me during some sort of play some being annoying [and also offensive] so I banished him to a YouTube commercial XDDD
6:21 AM 9/22/2023
170th & 171st:
1. In this dream, I was Firestar from Warriors patrolling my territory. Which was in my school for some reason...
2. Some baby bird-thing approached my family and I started backing away incase the mother showed up, but it never did. So we all played with it as the mother watched from the skies above.
6:38 AM 9/27/2023
In this dream, every human was a quadruped. We all considered ourselves animals too [humans are animals, but most people don't acknowledge it.] and we were trying to solve some murders.
173rd & 174th:
6:39 AM 9/29/2023
1. I was pressing random numbers while playing an Impressive Title server and then something pulled up some admins stuff and then an admin in game was like: "What do you think you're doing!?" So I tried to explain myself but my message came out in a garbled mess in the chat... Luckily the admin pieced them together and understood anyways.
2. I found this blue moon in space and landed flew down to it Spore-style but it turned orange and looked like Earth... I set up a colony and left and then my colonies were nests of creatures for some reason and had to be defended from giant birds that lived on that moon. I remember I was one of the creatures, I was holding one of the birds in my mouth by the neck like some sort of hunting dog.
Game Discussion / Looking for Maps
« Last post by Dentrimental on September 25, 2023, 04:40:29 pm »
Heyy, i was hoping to find some savannah maps that have a working download since most ones ive found are confusing to download/download isnt available anymore on mediafire. i dont know if this was posted in the wrong discussion board but if so i apologise, thank you!
Finished Maps / Re: Endless Sands - Desert map [PUBLIC]
« Last post by Dentrimental on September 25, 2023, 04:31:51 pm »
How do i install this? its only a rar file for me
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