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the future is bulletproof, the aftermath is secondary, it's time to do it now and do it loud, killjoys? make some noise!
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-cue live studio audience groan
now your local problem
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the REAL housewives of pokemon
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January 18, 2013, 12:34:54 am
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August 16, 2022, 09:45:07 am
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    i am the bullet in the gun, i am the truth from which you run.

    [art by darkiearkie]
    "this is the story of how i learned to value perspective, which is probably one of the only things we actually have power over in life.”
    - ryan higa


    telluric - residing within the earth / electrical currents within the earth


    my presets


    “being genuinely positive doesn't come from forced cheerfulness, motivational quotes, and the like. it comes from a refusal to be negative, choosing not to see the worst in what shows you the best.”
    - trashcanbees on tumblr


    who i am

    multimedia artist,
    a non thrown rock that's actually gold,
    smells like death and looks even worse,
    knows the story of the yellow flower,
    the keeper of dreams,
    just an effigy to be disgraced,
    wearer of hoodies,
    cowboy approved truck driver,
    savior of the spiral on multiple occasions,
    back of the class,
    cryogenically frozen,
    shooty mcshoots a not lot because i don't have time,
    wishes i was something real, something true,
    slav squatting in unexpected places,
    dragon tamer,
    got one hand in my pocket,
    freelancer menace,
    a snarl-toothed seether,
    pokemon trainer,
    elevator button spammer,
    who even knows

    “i was always willing to be reasonable until i had to be unreasonable. sometimes reasonable men must do unreasonable things.”
    - marvin heemeyer


    ~my muses~

    gabriel s. reyes / reaper

    reese tanner / ct

    silver s. dreska

    "it's true that humans are.. ..weak and

i am the king of excuses

i've got one for every selfish thing i do
don't ask about the yellow flower
see you, space cowboy..