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Request/Find Meshes / and i oop [specific couch needed]
« on: September 25, 2020, 03:21:07 am »
i've been scouring the forums and offsite on da and whatnot but can't seem to find the red couches that uuuhhh
best way to put it is that they're the seats in red's cinema map ig? i've been trying to find them bc i have. several map ideas where they'd be useful but thusfar my luck's been down.
thanks @ anyone who can direct me to 'em

Forum Discussion / owo whas thees?
« on: April 16, 2020, 05:40:39 pm »
it can't be just me who's noticed new formatting stuff for the forum/homepage, new colors/changed buttons and everywhere and the DOTS ARE GOOOONNNNNEEE

also look at that new commenter-pfp-whatever layout i vibe w/ it

idk, thank you staff for this it looks rly rly good so far i hope you keep going in this direction and please please never let the dots come back.

in celebration of the servers back up and running!
here's a music mod of stuff i made up on my guitar.
my thumb's been kinda hurtie lately so i figured it was now or never on getting this all put together.
don't look too deep into any of these and i have to apologize that all of them are short[pretty much all of them do not crack the two minute mark, you're gonna wanna have other music ready to relaunch because i assure you if you listen to fh music a lot you will be very. very sick of these relatively soon.]
i made about thirty recordings total for this and had to narrow it down to just eight and i oop
take a listeny and remember i'm a newbie to guitar.

also sorry for the audio quality, it isn't the best, esp on my electric guitar because my amp makes a lot of white noise sighhhh, what can ya do with a thirty dollar microphone and a very not-acoustically inclined room, eh?

without further ado - >> buzzing strings <<

also huge thank you to whoever voted on my poll i <3 you

Request Other Mods/Creations / makin' a music mod. [4.9.2020 finished]
« on: March 28, 2020, 08:17:23 pm »
this mod is complete!

>> <<

mods feel free to move this if this is the wrong area for me to post this.
about a year ago i was thinking of making a couple music mods for fh only to realize some of the songs i chose were much too long to be in game in their entirety and i'm not really versed in music cropping so i dropped the project.
recent events including but not limited to quarantine and the game's current issue have lead to me spending more time on extracurriculars like guitar, drawing, whatever whatever.
[mostly guitar lol]
but that brings me to my point - would you guys be interested in having a music mod of tunes i've entirely made up? none of the songs are super consistent or good, it's just my daily practice, but i figured someone might resonate with 'em or at least be interested in hearing it and spicing up the music roster, if only for a little bit.
i won't do any covers, i don't know any songs in their entirety because that hasn't been my focus.

idk. just tossing this out here because i don't wanna go through the trouble of recording 6 songs only to have no one use it.
i know a lot of us can't get in fh right now but if you want this i can hurry and try to release it before it gets fixed and you can come back to the game with an entirely new setlist of tracks. just food for thought.

Art Gallery / made a little something for these trying times
« on: March 26, 2020, 06:28:10 pm »

i'm waiting between classes and unfoto i'm one of the ones whos been hit with the server's big bad mood day so i threw this together hoping we can laugh over shared tragedy.

<3 you mits letting us know it's being worked on btw please don't attack them if ur upset over this it's not really anyone's fault nd fh is never down for long, i just made this for the funnies

maybe i'll post some real art around here soon-eventually

Praise / flyinggrass
« on: October 29, 2019, 02:45:06 am »
quite out of the blue but i gotta say, flyinggrass? i really hella appreciate you, dude.
you've always been a consistent face around here.

i've pretty much admired you and your work since like. day one. sometime in spring 2017. you showing up as gui and every time there was something new to her character, it seemed. i remember you launching the mechanicats as a species and- though i personally don't do much group rping in fh, being happy you were able to get your dreams cohesive enough to get other people involved.
i've still been me, the reaper lounging around the grounds and making terrible dad jokes while you've been building your species' story and world. though i haven't been around for much of it- i have seen the growth of your lovely feline as a character and species and admired your dedication to them.

beyond that, i've always been unable to express how grateful i am for all the things you've done for me, personally. i can recount at least two occasions where you took a look at lighthearted bantering and you took it upon yourself to make it a reality:

first was the wedding map and second was the cthulhu sun- and both i still reflect on in good fun. you're the definition of not only 'above and beyond' but 'see a need, fill a need' and i ASPIRE to have the kind of generous, creative heart that you've got.
you are amazing. i know we don't talk much but just know, i still remember you, the late nights in the grounds, the on and off chatting over the years, the things you've done for myself and the fh community as a whole. you've earned every title you've gotten and i am 100% certain everybody's only got good things to say about you.

i can safely say without you, fh would be much duller and sorely lacking in our fix of good, sciency fun.


Screenshots / summer party screenshots !
« on: August 04, 2019, 04:40:21 am »

start to [well timed] finish of the chatlog when i was there. still sad i had to work but i did make bank so. eh. still not worth it. hope you floofs had fun- do show if you did!

Discussion Board / one small step for a man..
« on: July 20, 2019, 03:59:47 am »

it's been 50 years.

50. years.
since man first walked on the moon.

figured i'd make a post about it because a pal of mine reminded me- and not to mention i don't see many people actually talking about it!

feel free to share your favorite images captured from either that mission or any others that came after. i'm currently recounting my trip to kennedy space center and [if i find the drive] will add some pictures of my own that i have from that place here.

what a time to be alive.

Member Bio & Journals / the 18 year lesson
« on: June 26, 2019, 05:41:23 pm »
wasn't sure where to put this one but for my 18th i decided i'd finally give back on my birthday.

“this is the story of how i learned to value perspective, which is probably one of the only things we actually have power over in life.” - ryan higa in his autobiography, how to write good.

perspective and optimism are not usually what we’d like to consider a part of our daily lives. we live in a taking, draining culture, surrounded with information of the bad and the ugly by the hour. we form negative opinions about good things because it’s just that easy to harp on them.
but is looking at the world through a negative perspective because it’s fun and easy really what we ought to be doing, especially if we’re seeking change, rights or a reason to be given a platform?

optimism is difficult. i’ll say it now. i spent most of my time growing up like “i’m not a pessimist but i don’t think i’m an optimist, either.”
[and if i’m being honest the split between optimism and pessimism is one of my least favorite concepts in the entire world]
And then i had my personal crash of 2017. I thought i could never be loved, i spent an evening sitting still in my chair, wondering if i was able to even get out and go to bed to escape what i was thinking about, i had days i laid in bed for hours because i couldn’t even kick out my legs and get up.

And yet today i consider myself an optimist. Even with the knowledge that those thoughts can’t be gone forever.

why’s that? what’s the point in finding everything sunshine and rainbows, arte? It’s not all that! We live in dark times and i’ll agree with you til the cows come home on that one.

but being optimistic is beyond that. It’s, funnily enough, the refusal to be negative, or so goes the definition i find myself agreeing with the most. it’s not ignoring the worst, it’s seeing the worst and garnering something from the ashes. it’s the unspeakable beauty you find in pain, the ability to smile even when you know your game’s up.

and it’s the toughest damn thing i’ve ever had to learn how to do.

and that’s exactly why i do it.

the concept “challenge” in this modern era is usually reserved for a few specific groups of people, namely athletes, thrillseekers and anyone but the general populace.

so it’s sorta taboo to challenge yourself. We’ve got digital assistants, self driving cars underway and a million ads that promise to make your life easier if you buy the product. no more difficulties, just streamlined living in every aspect. and yeah, getting things done faster and having things at our fingertips is marginally easier than technology even conceived or designed in the last decade.
but when our everyday lives are so easy, it makes the big tasks that much more intimidating.

we can’t stand the thought more and more of having to earn our keep.

and the same goes for us emotionally. with every day running smooth as a machine is it any wonder we have complications with emoting sometimes and letting the tough feelings be there and be natural.

now i'm gonna pause here, just for a moment. what if i told you that you didn't have to be happy to smile? wild idea, i know. but it's true. it's one of the toughest things i ever forced myself to figure out because sometimes things aren't okay. but actions speak louder than words. smiling or finding joy in something tough isn't weakness, it isn't pretending there's nothing wrong, it's strength of the most unbreakable kind. it's compassion and mercy in times of being tested and thrown to the ground. it's being victorious not in your situation but in yourself, which is the first step to getting yourself on level grounding and fixing your complications.

and that little shift in perspective is all the more impactful when you look back on it. when you see the time that, yeah, you can smile against the odds. you can have hope against it all.

i firmly believe everyone is capable of doing it. usually when faced with desperation i see people turn to ways to farce happiness or throw it aside altogether, which in most cases doesn't work out in their favor. i'm not gonna say you can't be upset about circumstances or cry or be mad or all the natural responses to challenges that strike from the unknown. but amidst the pain what's keeping you from smiling?

Discussion Board / real life collections
« on: January 12, 2019, 04:33:08 am »
i thought this might be a fitting little thread post-chrimmus hauls. [plus i hadn't seen this done before]
basically, what do you have collections of in real life?
like, what are the floofs secretly [or not so secretly] hiding?
might as well start this off with my stuff.

first up; unsurprisingly - my overwatch loot.




listed -
76 tank
76 tee
76 jacket hoodie tee
logo hoodie
mercy tee
reaper tee
reaper lootcrate box
mercy swimsuit[long story]
reaper cute spray tee
overwatch cast lanyard
reaper funko
reaper keychain
lucio cute but deadly
witch mercy pin
reaper 'horns' spray pin
vampire reaper skin pin 'salt' spray pin
tracer pin
logo pin
reaper mask keychain
mccree funko
sombra funko

my computer with the actual game on it
reaper poster
blackwatch retribution hoodie[in the mail still uwu ]

secondly; pokemon



pikachu pillow
3ds with pokemon y
pokemon x
pikachu hat
jolteon pokemon center plush
eevee pocketwatch
eevee evolution tags
pokemon cards
meowstic tags
b+w tags
marshadow code
booster pack cover
eeveelution tags
tanked alpha sapphire[died tragically and randomly]
replaced alpha sapphire
mega rayquaza coin
mega tyranitar pin
pokemon moon
pokemon sun
pokemon ultra moon
pokemon ultra sun + ultra moon box
pokemon ultra sun + ultra moon legendary cards

charizard pokedoll
meowstic pokedoll
vulpix pokedoll
probably some other stuff idk ? ?

third; polaris/indian merch




slingshot jacket
indian moto tee
v-twin victory tee
atv tee
snowmobile figure
victory vest
victory jacket
camp razor '17 tee
polaris backpack
polaris mouse pad
polaris '54 baseball tee
indian moto jacket

polaris snowmobile hat
a polaris sticker
blue camp razor shirts
polaris fundraiser shirt
probably a few tees idk

finally, bandannas


roygbiv bandanns
camo bandanna
firearm safety bandanna
christmas head bandanna
owl bandanna
usa bandanna
onward bandanna

nothing to my knowledge


and there you have it, all my stuffs.
now share your wares, floofs. i didn't go through all this trouble for nothin'.

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