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Game Help / The game will ABSOLUTELY not run as Direct3D9.
« on: December 08, 2019, 12:09:14 am »

So I've reinstalled FHD for the current patch, and being an oldie I forgot the specific rendering subsystem required for it to run. Just found out it was Direct3D9 so I went to swap it.

There's no DIRECT39D option in the Rendering Setup option when you get the small box to run FH. I manually changed my settings in ogre.cfg but once I load the game it either crashes or just plain swaps what I've reentered and replaces it with OGRE again.

What gives? Any ideas?

Game Help / FH Combined for the latest patch/update?
« on: July 18, 2019, 07:30:22 pm »
The download link for the original FH Combined seems to be missing, and I don't have the original FH Combined files anymore.

Help a gal out?

Art Gallery / WIPS & art things
« on: June 12, 2019, 05:50:06 pm »


this may or may not become an art thread. i just want people to look at my things & get critique.


here's a WIP i may or may not finish

i may even open up requests so PM me or reply to this with a character & i'll decide if i wanna do them!


Game Help / Rendering Setup doesn't recognize my graphics card
« on: June 06, 2019, 12:19:10 am »
I've noticed that my computer isn't running FH well and it's odd considering I have decent specs. I have integrated intel graphics AND an NVIDIA 1050 card, but when I click the drop down on rendering device, the only thing that shows up is Intel.

It should be worth adding that there's no OGRE option in Rendering Subsystem. It's only Direct 3D9.


Site/Forum Help / images aren't appearing for older threads
« on: June 16, 2018, 06:47:18 am »
hey! i joined FH a long while ago and occasionally i like to browse the forum screenshot selection to relive the older FH days. i've noticed on all my devices, some older threads (or PMS, anything where you post an image) the images aren't appearing. they just aren't there. is this a compatibility issue with the forums and a specific photo uploader??

Art Gallery / paro's art thread
« on: February 11, 2017, 03:38:11 am »
[ paroxysm's art ]

[2/9] considering i have a lot of time on my hands, i thought 'why not' & decided to make an actual art thread!

{ i can draw a variety of creatures but i'm most proud of the feline variety.

keep in mind i tend to have a more sketchy, unfinished style. it's kinda difficult for me to find the effort/desire to finish a piece, honestly xD

critique is always welcome! }

requests! {CLOSED as of now, but keep on the lookout!}
{keep in mind that i am a busy person, i have a social life and an education to keep steady. please do not be upset if your request doesn't get completed or chosen. this is NOT first come first serve.}

FORM: (pls fill this out otherwise your request will be declined, sorry! :<)

[/size](the code keeps glitching with this ug h)
[/size]username: x
character name: x
character species: x
character sex: x

preferred pose: x {anatomy is a struggle for me, so whatever practice i can get helps and is appreciated!}
preferred expression: x
items: x {not guaranteed!}
extra: x

[/size]onto the actual art! (if you can call it that omg)

idk i have no name for this guy but yEAH

old babe of mine from a rlly old rp. her mate, kuma, is in the left corner :^)

gay grandma thats never experienced love :^(

& here we have yet another wip that's legit my character "Walking the throne", as my other thread implies

and that's it for now! i'm giving up on the coding & html formatting of this stupid thread, it's actually really irritating

more to come!

Art Gallery / walk the throne - WIP
« on: February 10, 2017, 02:51:44 am »


i draw & i'm not sure if any of you know that so i mean

have a wip image of a throne stealing jerk (his name is ghall & he'll actually eat you)

Ask Me / ??? ???????? !!
« on: September 03, 2016, 09:36:52 pm »

oh!! hey!

i decided, seeing as i had nothing else entertaining to do, that i should take a break from my latin studies
and make an 'ask me' thread!

the rules are simple, man - ask me whatever. i'm cool with personal questions, but please avoid inquiring me on subjects like;

- orientation
- political views
- information such as my address, real name or phone #

have fun!

Member Bio & Journals / ????????'? ????????? 8/8/16
« on: August 09, 2016, 02:18:43 am »

boy oh boy look who's making a biography


hey there! if uve actually taken an interest in this biography im not only quite surprised but here to thank you! ??

now if you're actually here you're probably thinking, "wow! this person has an obsession over the character(s) in their bio!" - and then id follow up with yes, i most likely have a picture or gif (or some other tribute) of a character or ship in my avatar & signature right now! good eye!

if you get to know me, you can effortlessly say that i spend most of my time pining over fictional things - or, if you want to be more specific, i have a tendency to become obsessed with certain fandoms & the characters within them!


current obsession; all things dceu - suicide squad - Harley Quinn - joker
muse; Harley quinn
pairing; mad love (j/hq)


onto more personal things!

1. i prefer to be called by the alias "re", as most of my family and friends do. my real name will not be disclosed.
2. age really isn't that important to me, so i'd like to steer clear away from the topic??
3. whatever pronouns are fine, but yo im a girl (a very masculine one but st i l l) & would prefer she/her thank u

4. i'm a leo & my birthday is august 7th ayy
5. you could consider me pretty rebellious? in key areas at least oops
6. genuinely im trash like seriously don't make friends with me im the worst person ever when it comes to shutting up

7. i can make headcanons for hours - i even once rped as my muse for 13 hours straight without breaks.
8. when it comes to things i enjoy, there's a lot of stuff!
? roleplaying characters (mainly non-oc's such as fandom character rp bc im bad at making them and feel more comfy representing one then actually controlling my own)
? fiction in general- ive always been in love with the ideas of fictional things - characters, plots, schemes, ideas, how intricate timelines and character arcs can alter storylines completely -- gosh i get really emotional just talking about it u  g h
? i have a weird thing for knives, swords & guns - i find it interesting how attractive & alluring they can be but how easily they can injure or cause harm idk im weird tbh
? i have a strange devotion to tigers & lions (no i don't have some neat revelation like ive had for the last 2 i just li k e  t he m o ka y)
? tea is the best thing that's ever happened to me
9. for little tidbits about me, though,
? its rlly typical of me to feel wary around new people without an instant connection or understanding - ive met most of my pals on occurrence bc we like the same things - small talk is odd & i have troubles keeping up with it & maintaining my composure
? u can make me laugh so easily its kind of pathetic - but for some reason i have this hot mess kind of humor
? im either a high ball of energy that wont stop talking for hours or im completely drained and not willing to give any kind of effort at all & theres really no inbetween - soRRY to the people that meet me!


i know i already made a 'things i enjoy' section but if ur talking about genuine likes then here you gO

? frank Sinatra
? Italian food
? Mexican food
? positive plot twists
? fictional relationship dynamics
? physics
? journalism
? interviews
? big cats (especially bc theres no like. cool name for them. its literally just big cat. can u imagine if a wolf was called big dog or a horse was called big pony)
? collecting things (action figures, figurines, tapes, comic books, articles)
? decorating things (not prettily. i like the "just thrown on" aesthetic for some reason idk why)
? people who can easily be labeled "parent" bc of their nature
? all English classes
? fiiiiction
? classical music
? Christmas music (i will listen to it any time of the year i want to and we can fight about this)
? not being labeled
? good debates
? the use of logic and reason
? talking for hours
? staying up rly late
? sunflower seeds
? mint tea with honey
? Alabama football teams (sobs)
? accepting people

things im not so into

? 'the fandom police' aka 'ur a horrible person for shipping this / liking this idea'
? when people at the end of the day aren't who they say they are / 'fake' people
? genuinely bad people
? when my hair gets messed up
? people who dont understand opinions
? people who enforce their views on others
? veggies
? spiders
? unsweetened things that are supposed to be sweet (t e a)
? when something you like is called 'problematic' and 'impure'
? too much hair gel
? intense sarcasm
? when things go bump in the night
? eerie sounds
? uneven things
? dresses
? sundays
? polka dots
? pink
? scratchy things
? needles
? when people make no effort to understand you

i have a lot of issues with people hones t l y


things i watch / listen to / read??

bands / artists
? imagine dragons
? twenty one pilots
? pierce the veil (occasionally)
? maria mena
? Melanie Martinez (her musics pretty cool but idk the videos just e h)
? whole lot of country but i wont add it bc ill probably get stoned
? does mr suicide sheep count i think it does
? Hamilton??

shows / movies im into
? knock me out with the dc/eu
? suicide squad (i will talk about it for hours)
? csi cyber - csi anything pretty much but cyber was my favorite ugh whY DID THEY CANCE L
? penny dreadful
? b o n e s
? i rlly like the movie holes

people i watch on various platforms
? amandaschronicles (queen)
? dazgames hes genuinely hilarious i love him
? jacksepticeye only occasionally but yep
? all buzzfeed channels
? mentalfloss
? brave wilderness


thank you for viewing, it's been a pleasure!

this will be regularly updated, so keep an eye out!

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