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I've sent over a friend request! :D
Sorry for the late reply as well, I have a bad habit of not checking the feral heart website pff

Welcome to the lands of Rota!
This is a WC based canine roleplay, we are not currently up and running yet considering we are looking for people to fill in the high ranks! We're also in need of staff for the group.

Now, what is Rota?
Well, we're;
Plotted, mature, ranked, tribe-based; features two tribes, dark themes, literate, and, hope to be, active! A map may be coming soon, we're not sure yet. :)

Now, this post may be extremely small but all the information you need to know of the group can be found on our website, linked below. This group also doesn't require any sort of discord or skype, we're feral heart based. If you're interested in joining this group either leave a note here or catch me in game!

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