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Game Discussion / Re: Why did he go?
« on: December 24, 2015, 09:13:37 pm »
I know I wrote a lot, so I appreciate that you wrote it! I guess I kind of poured my heart out, now that I reread it, whoopsies!  Thank you, Ellen, that was very kind of you to say! If I had the attention span and the dedication of these mods, maybe. ;)
Us old farts gotta stick together, man, I'm tellin' ya!

And you are all very welcome. <3

Game Discussion / Re: Why did he go?
« on: December 24, 2015, 10:44:49 am »
*Old lady voice.*

I joined December 24th, 2011, that's four years ago today! A friend begged me to join, so, I did. I was lucky enough to join on the day that LKD gave the community wings for Christmas! What an exciting day, my friend was so excited, and I was too! Even though I hadn't know a time before that we didn't have wings, heh.

Anyway, a couple days after that came LKD's last update on the game (at least, one that he made mention of on the bo. I was young, I've never really browsed the forums (as you can see, I have no floof-o-meter or really... any posts). I just played the game, role played, join packs (Vs, Battalions, it was a grand ol' time), I spent all my free time in game. I really couldn't have given two short and curlies about checking the news and such.

Buuuuut I started to notice after a while there were no updates, bug fixes, etc. I wondered why Kovu sir stopped posting in the little side box. By the time I realized he was gone, it'd been two years. Which is sad to be honest. My friends even teased me that I brought bad luck upon the game (which was just a joke of course). XDD Anyway, I've been waiting quietly in the shadows, lurking on FH every so often. Sometimes I attempted to rejoin old groups of mine, but it's difficult for me to stick around most of the time (since my interest in different things rises and falls like a flood). Not to mention the fact that many of my old friends are long since gone, and finding a literate pack or pride that has a long-term goal set in mind is like pulling teeth! Perhaps I'm being too picky, heh.. Today was one of the days I decided to pop on the forum, completely forgetting that this is my FH birthday, yay me!

I thought that eventually LKD would come back. *More old lady voice.* I've waited so long! But alas, he never has, but you know what? I think it's AMAZING that the mods have stuck around for the love of this game and community. Things have been difficult on them, I'm sure of it. Having the source code yanked out from underneath them, unable to sate their users' demands for bug-fixes and updates. I bet it's akin to having a child asking for food, but having none to give, and that's sad.

But nonetheless, here we all are. The mods are the only reason why this game is still on the radar, and for that I think they deserve all the love and appreciation that we all have to give! They didn't have to keep it going, but they did, and boy, I sure am thankful. So even if none of them see this, I just want them to know that as a long-term member, I really, really appreciate you! Even if I don't play all the time, coming back to FH floods me with nothing but fond memories, and I love you all for it so much!

I saw mention of making a new game, and I think that is a wonderful idea! While I'm not familiar with game mechanics and my art can be pretty rough, I would support it all the way. The makers of Arokai are making slow progress, but last month they added a multi-species demo. They could potentially be of interest to any one of you to get behind. I will say however that the progress is very slow, and they do take moderately long hiatuses every so often. They have not given a release date and refuse to, which is understandable (however frustrating it can be when you're so excited for it!) The game will have NPC's and a plot, but I do believe you can just role play on your own. Here is there official forum:

Let LKD keep his source code; we have a good thing going here, with a great community and benevolent mods. While he may have given us the beauty that is FH, you, me, the mods; everyone made it what it is, and that, I think, is what counts.

On a side note, Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to you guys! I really hope it's wonderful.

Name: Minsi

Gender: Female

Species of wolf: Ethiopian Wolf

Pack: Eioss

Rank you'd consider having: Scout (I figure Lead Scout would need to be betowed, but one day, I'ld like to be lead! :D)

Eyes colour: Amber

Soul Colour: Pale yellow

Past History: Minsi doesn't really have that tragic of a back story. In fact, it's quite the opposite. She lived a comfortable life as a pup, her life full of wonder and joy, curiosity and excitement. As she is a typical Ethiopian wolf, her pack was large and loving. She didn't leave it for a specific reason. Rather, she was just looking for something new and exciting.

Roleplay Sample:

It wasn't a particularly note-worthy day. The fiery sun rose in the east and was now hanging in the middle of the pale blue sky.  Minsi had started her day with a quick trip to the watering hole and she was now starting her daily duties as a scout. Her mother had been a scout, back in her home pack. Minsi loved that she got to follow in her mother's paw-steps, even if she wasn't with her anymore. But this pack would be good for her. It was small, but Minsi felt this would change. Being the social creature she was, Minsi looked forward to the day where their pack grew beyond that of even her old one.

Trotting across the shadowed terrain, the rust and white coated belle came to a sudden halt, her auds perking forwards in full attention. She could hear the crunching of leaves and pine needles that was not under the direct influence of her own four paws. Turning her nose upwards, Minsi sniffed the air, then gave a snort. She couldn't pick anything up; the wind wasn't blowing the right way. Just as she turned her gaze towards a bush, she saw its branches quiver. A growl rumbled in her chest. The youthful scout slowly took several steps towards the bush, and without warning...

Out popped a little rodent! The sudden appearance of the squirrel was enough to cause Minsi to yelp a quick yip and jump back as it scurried off up a tree. She stood in shocked silence, but then laughed at her own silly actions. "Wow, Minsi." She breath, shaking her head. After getting over the incident, the she-wolf returned to her duties.

Why you believe you'd be a good member of Onyx Chain: I believe I can bring something fun and exciting with Minsi as my partner in crime asset! I love meeting new people and making new friends, and I feel like  this group is going to go far; I wouldn't want to miss out on this!

Activity: 8/10. I can be on every day. I'm Eastern Time Zoned, and I have school from 8:00-3:30. However, until next Saturday it'll be harder for me to get on as early, because I'm helping the school with a Benefit Concert, so we've been staying as late as 9:00. Even if I'm tired though, I'll probably hop on, if only for half an hour. Sometimes I need someone to say, "Hey, get your lazy butt on here!" though, which is why I'll give y'all my skype.

Do you have skype?: I do, yes, and I'm open for communication. But um.. I'll give it to you privately. I really don't want a Skype Stalker. XD

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