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    Heya, I'm Michen. No, you pronounce that as Me-g*n (replace * for any vowel, I'll listen to it). I'm currently 22 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I'm a Christian and furry by heart. I'm also autistic, so some things are naturally more difficult for me and I tend to avoid crowds and very loud noises.
    I like listening to music, playing video games and watching others play. I also like checking out artwork, and sometimes I also draw myself with pencil on paper. I'm often silent when you first meet me, but I become more light-hearted as I open up more. Either way I usually stay friendly unless I have a bad day, someone around me is having one or someone is trying to give others one when they don't.

    Oh, I also don't like random friend requests. If you want me to befriend you in-game, there should be a reason for that. Your best shot is just talking to me and let me get to know you a bit better! Nevertheless, I do like to play games with others, so hit me up in a PM or something if you feel like playing!

    Music - Chillstep, alternate styles
    Games - RPG, dungeon crawler, story-based adventure
    Artwork - Traditional art, digital art
    Comics - Furry, story-based adventure
    Movies - fantasy, cartoon

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