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    Age: 800 years old. And according to Mystery he is a young adult kitsune.

    Gender: Male

    Species: Kitsune

    Appearance: Mystery is a white kitsune, with ten white tails with a black tip at the end of each. (their was no white tail items I could add to Mystery so I had to go with red.) Mystery almost could be mistaken for a wolf or even a dog, but his ten tails shows he is not a wolf,or a dog, but a kitsune. Mystery for unknown reasons wears a red collar, and glasses; which is odd considering a Kitsune dose not need glasses to see, nor a collar either for any reason; yet Mystery wears them by choice. Mystery's eyes are red with the slits black, you could almost mistaken Mystery as a demon cause of his eyes; Mystery's eyes also glow red when he uses his magic. (like in my proflie.) Mystery also has black color fur on his four paw's, (feet) and legs.

    Personality: Mystery has a good guy, bad guy, cool guy attitude. Mystery often has a smile on his face, and can be friendly, and talkative, but if Mystery's smile turns into a smirk that's a bad sign that tells you might want to run.

    Other Information:
    Wearing his glasses for unknown reason; Wearing a collar as if he was a dog; Using his magic, and powers to prank mortal canines, and felines for fun, and leading them on chases to nowhere just for a laugh; other friendly kitsune; Adventuring, and exploring the world; helping, and aiding mortals and immortals in need of help. Listening to music, and dancing to the beat of music, and singing.
    Having to explain why his name is Mystery.

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