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!! Ask Me Board: Rules & Info !!
« on: May 14, 2014, 01:21:32 pm »
Ask Me Board

In this board you may post your own "Ask Me" topic for others to ask you questions or you may go along and ask questions to someone else on their own "Ask Me" topic.

Perhaps you've always wanted to ask another member how they came up with their username, what's their favorite color, or what food they dislike etc? Or maybe you'd like others to ask you about yourself. Whatever the question(s) here is the board to give and get answers and get to know your fellow Feral Heart community members better.

Rules to keep in mind:

- Only one thread per user in this board.

- Keep your questions appropriate. Refer to the forum/site rules HERE

- Avoid questions about personal information such as, Full name, phone number, address etc.

- Do not post any questions that are offensive or hurtful towards any member.

Have fun!
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