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A Forum Help Guide~~
« on: October 21, 2014, 10:49:46 pm »
Hello and welcome darlings!
I see there are a lot of help threads around FeralHeart, and I'd like to create this thread.
It's a forum help guide, for all those who seek for help and advice. Let's get started now, shall we? OuO

Home - This page has some information about what FeralHeart is. It also features important links to some websites/threads you should see.
Forum - The forums is basically one giant community where FeralHeart members and Staff can come together a discuss things; FeralHeart-related or not! There are plenty of boards to post in. If the board had a guideline thread, please read that first! Also, remember to stick to topics that are in their appropriate boards!
Staff - This has a list of all the FeralHeart Staff which features a screenshot (photo) of the Staffer, a link to their profile, link to PM them, and a link to their about me. This is the perfect place to go if you want to contact Staff easier or know who is Staff!
Manual - This page has plently of information about the game and how to play! If you want help about the game, you should see there first. If you can't find anything that can help you, please go here.
Game Download - This page has links where you can safely download the official FeralHeart game. If you experienced any problems, you should contact a Staffer or an experienced FeralHeart community member that you believe can help with the situation.
Rules - Rules are an important must read! When you join the website, you should always read this first! This page is here to show you the rules to read, at any time you wish to read them.
Radio - This page links to a board where you're able to click a thread. Each thread leaves a link to the creator's radio, so you can listen to music, watch movies, etc.
Official DA - This is FeralHeart's official DA (DeviantART) page, where you can join the community and post art/screenshots/literature!
T's C's & Priv Policy - This page includes the official information: Terms and Conditions, Private Policy. It's very much preferred that you read this first after you read the rules, but you really don't have to. But again, it's very much preferred.

Threads and Posting
Well, let's start with thread.
What's a thread?
A thread is a placeholder information accociate with a single use of a program that can handel multiple concurrent users. There is another meaning, but it goes way off-topic to the one I'm talking about here.
How do I create one?
Click on the "Forums" button and click the board you want to post a thread inside of. Now, look for the list of buttons (shown at top right). You'll see: Mark Read, Notify, New Topic, Post New Poll. Click on "New Topic". Here you get a giant white field box, where you type in what you want to say. The buttons above are buttons used for text features, which you don't always have to use. Only if you want to.
Now, posting.
What's posting?
Posting is the process of transferring entries from a journal or original entry to a ledger book or a thread as talked about above.
How do I post?
Click on the thread you wish to post on. Then look at the top right for the buttons. You'll find a button titled "Reply". Click it. Same as thread. You get a giant white field box with text feature buttons above.

Profiles and Profile Editing
What's a profile?
A profile is a short article or "feature story" giving information of a person and/or organization.
How do I view it?
Log online and once you're logged in, find the "Profile" button. If you're searching the profile of someone certain; click their name in a thread's post and you'll be lead there. Another method is open, yet difficult to use.
How do I edit my profile?
When on YOUR profile, look at the buttons off to the left. Use them. They lead you to pages where you can edit your information. Click save before clicking another tab, though!

Staff and How to Apply
Staff are real people who come onto this website to do their job. Enforce the rules, play, chat with members, and handle moderation reports. It's their job to keep the community safe, active, organized, and controled. Without them, this place would be hectic and everything would just be haywire. If this happened, a sad thought of the website being shut down may just so happen come true. So, appreciate the fact that Staff are here to help you and keep the website up.
How do I apply for Staff?
You can't. As Red (Redlinelies/Kovured) has stated in this thread : "How do I become a moderator?
To be fair, asking rarely gets you anywhere regarding this matter. But since the question has been asked many times in the past, and still occur, we will try to explain as well as possible, but also a few things you should think of. The staff team consists of those who will keep track on potential users that could be seen suiting as a MOD, but just because you think you'd make a great addition as one or the fact that you'd want to help, doesn't mean you will become one. Moderators have powers and responsibilities they need to be careful of and use well, so only those who are trusted enough will be granted a MOD title.

Here's a few things that's common for a MOD:
- They're very active on Both within the game and on the forum.
- They've shown themselves as helpful towards the community and game and has a great interest.
- They're known to and have done positive actions in this community and game.
- Are well aware of the game/forum rules and has stayed rather clear from bans and other warnings in the past.
- Know their way around the game fairly well, both inside and outside.
- Is contactable online outside of the game
- Above or at 16 years of age.

Even though this list explains some of the things well, it still doesn't mean a user following these lines would become a mod. But if you behave well you might get offered a MOD position. If you work on your own accord and show you want to help without the soul reason of "being" a mod, then you most likely have good chances."

Official Game Rules
Official Forum Rules and Guidelines
IMPORTANT NOTICE (Regard Account Usage)
MOD FAQ + Information (Game & Forum)
How to Report a User
Money Making
If you have any questions and/or concerns, take them up to Staff. Staff are respectful, experienced, and here to help everyone.

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Re: A Forum Help Guide~~
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2014, 10:58:11 pm »
This is very sweet of you to make and quite thorough however this isn't the right board for this type of thread so I shall move this to the Member Made Tutorials section under Miscellaneous. Thanks so much for your lovely contribution +floof
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Re: A Forum Help Guide~~
« Reply #2 on: October 21, 2014, 11:07:32 pm »
Aw, you're welcome!
I was going to add a "You're welcome!" attachment but it was too big, so I just decided to leave that out.

Also, thank you. <3
I knew something was off about this.
My session timed out while I was creating this (I'm glad I had this on copy-paste) so I had to wait a few minutes just to post it. ^^" Totally worth it though. <3
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Re: A Forum Help Guide~~
« Reply #3 on: March 12, 2019, 12:06:13 pm »
Thank you, this is a very helpful thread! Thanks for taking time to put it together^^
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