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MOD FAQ + Information (Game & Forum)
« on: May 26, 2012, 04:17:22 am »
Below you will find frequently asked questions regarding MODS in the game and the forum, what they do and how they work. All to make things just a little easier to understand for those who seeks to know more.

So what is a moderator?
A moderator is usually someone who helps the community with various tasks, these are here to keep track of the users and their behavior making sure they keep the rules that apply, along with keeping things organized and up to date. They have powers on either the game or forum, and can use these to engage with players not behaving or in need of assistance. You can say MODS are really the ones trying to keep things in motion and set the lines required for "you", the users. Moderation work is done both on the Site/forum, as it's done within the actual game, and tasks can vary. Their main purpose is really to help as much as possible and put up a good example for other users within the community.

How do I become a moderator?
To be fair, asking rarely gets you anywhere regarding this matter. But since the question has been asked many times in the past, and still occur, we will try to explain as well as possible, but also a few things you should think of. The staff team consists of those who will keep track on potential users that could be seen suiting as a MOD, but just because you think you'd make a great addition as one or the fact that you'd want to help, doesn't mean you will become one. Moderators have powers and responsibilities they need to be careful of and use well, so only those who are trusted enough will be granted a MOD title.

Here's a few things that's common for a MOD:
- Preferably active both within the game and on the forum.
- They've shown themselves as helpful towards the community and game and has a great interest.
- They're known to and have done positive actions in this community and game.
- Are well aware of the game/forum rules and has stayed rather clear from bans and other warnings in the past.
- Know their way around the game fairly well, both inside and outside.
- Is contactable online outside of the game
- Preferred if they are above or at 16 years of age.

Even though this list explains some of the things well, it still doesn't mean a user following these lines would become a mod. But if you behave well you might get offered a MOD position. If you work on your own accord and show you want to help without the soul reason of "being" a mod, then you most likely have good chances.

Other facts about MODs:
- Staff are volunteers. This is not a full time job.
- Staff should not be judged soley on forum post and or in-game activity, there are many other responsibilities (background or otherwise) that staff are expected to attend to.
⁃ FH is not other game communities therefore staff should not be expected to behave like staff from other communities nor should they be compared to such. Every game staff evolves around the needs and niches of their own respective communities, thus every staff team is different.
⁃ MOTS does not guarantee you a spot on the staff team, just as users who have never been nominated as MOTS could become staff
⁃ Staff promotion to positions with higher responsibility (such as admin & or global moderator) are most often progressive and granted upon the individual’s ability to manage the increased responsibilities expected within these positions. Regardless of seniority admin and or global moderator positions should not be expected as a given as they are roles assigned due to certain qualities not a reward.
⁃ Staff are not selected on the basis of friendship but rather necessity. Quality of an individual’s personality and traits are valued over shear skills as skills can be attained through training with time.
⁃ Staff that retired on good terms and remained in good terms while out of position are guaranteed their former position back to the team so long as they’ve proven that they still can manage the time and responsibilities expected of their allotted position.
- If a staff member isn’t allowed back due to not being on good terms the staff is not obligated to disclose the reasons to the public community.
- Staff should be treated with the same amount of respect as any other member of the community. That means that all rules apply when interacting with staff through any medium of FH.
- Staff must adhere to the same rules of discipline as the rest of the community.

How do I get in contact with a MOD or Admin?
There's a few ways to get in contact with a mod, but the most simple way would probably be by visiting this page here, it will bring you to the staff page of the site along with links to Admins/mods profiles. But you can also use the online user list located on the bottom of the forum and click on their name (Admins/mods have coloured names).

What do the different ADMIN/MOD titles mean?
Admins - Are the ones in charge of the majority of the site and staff and their work is to not only help as any other mod, but also to help the rest of the staff when needed, keeping things structured.
Global Moderators - Are moderators granted some more powers and responsibilities around the forum to help and assist with the staff work, but also the ones that moderators can turn to if admins are not around.
Moderators - Are the ones defines the word moderator. They move and lock threads around the boards, suggest things within the staff, keep users within the boundaries and do what we see as moderating.

What is a kick, and what is a ban? (Game)
Kicks within the game works as warnings. If you're given a kick it's for a reason and an in-game MOD probably spotted you breaking some sort of rule for the game, and in the majority of cases the reason is stated for you as you get booted off the game. By then it's usually a good call if you stop with what you were doing and learn from the warning you got, cause if you get back in the game to repeat your actions or mouth back, you will most likely face a ban instead. Bannings on the other hand are much more direct and harsher since it restricts a user from getting back in the game for a certain amount of time given. The times given for breaking rules can vary depending on the case itself, and the mod giving it, but if you receive one you did something wrong, and should check up on the rules to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Can a MOD get fired?
They can, but it's nothing that happens too often exactly. The only way a MOD would get fired would be if they misbehaved greatly towards the staff or community, or even abused their powers to such an extent that the Admins and the rest of the staff would be needed to take action. Activity could also be a factor if a staff member is away for very long time without letting the rest of the staff know.

Can I report a MOD?
If seen needed, you are able to report a mods actions to an Admin and explain your situation along with proof showing this, since the MODs shouldn't abuse their powers or walk over their own rules. The MODs should know what they are doing though, and if you're trying to frame a MOD because you hold a grudge from earlier events you could be the one getting in trouble instead.

Are mods real people or computers?
Mods are people just like you and me that need sleep, food, and nuzzles.

A MOD has banned me, what do I do?
If you got banned it's most likely for a good reason and you should look up on the game rules here. You should never post threads on the boards asking to be unbanned since this is against the board rules. If you by any reason must explain your situation and show you are not guilty for any rule breaking, please contact ONE moderator here on the forum via message function and we will look into the matter. If you try to lie about a ban given and make up your own stories we will find out eventually though, and in that case you might face an extended ban instead.

How come MODs don't respond to me in the game?
The mods in the game are there to keep their eyes after rule breakers and inappropriate behavior. If you need to get in contact with a mod or need assistance regarding any matter you might have when it comes to the game, you should contact them on the staff with a message, or possibly post in the help boards.

Who are the Staff?

Administrators -
Razmirz (Game Admin / Server Master)
Ame88 (Stand-in Admin)

Global Moderators -

Moderators -

Moderators in Training -

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