Author Topic: A Very Floofy Feral Literature Day!  (Read 942 times)

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A Very Floofy Feral Literature Day!
« on: September 26, 2013, 08:59:49 pm »
Hey guys! Whitesnow and/or Caylis here in an all-new feraltastic literature day!

What IS this day?

This is a day where YOU can create your own character from your favorite fanfiction, comic, book or poem! Plus you can create your OWN character from your own story! It will be taken place at the Temple Of Dreams, at 6PM EST on Saturday,  September 28th. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help at what time the party will be at in other time zones correctly!

What's gonna happen?

First, there'll be a contest where whoever can make the best character/preset wins; there will be five places: First, Second, Fourth and Fifth place. So, there's plenty of time to make them! Next, there'll be a race up the temple! After that, there'll be one heck of a floofy party! But first; before this happens, there'll be a few rules!

  • #1: Do NOT claim the map as your own!

    #2: Follow the FeralHeart rules!

    #3: Treat EVERYONE with the utmost respect!

    #4: It doesn't matter if there are duplicates, however; it would be best that there are to be no arguments on who's the 'real one'. We're here to have fun!

    #5: Not exactly a rule but if you want to give some suggestions, go ahead and suggest what's on your mind!

    #6: Try to join in and participate, that's what we're here for!

    #7: I would definitely appreciate it if at least 2 other members could volunteer to become part of the 'staff' to assist me with advice and/or reporting.

    #8 Last but not least, if you see anyone disrespecting another member/s or the rules, tell me IMMEDIATELY and i'll see what I can do!

    #9: Have fun!