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Hello folks I should launch into the plot and all that but a few quicks words wouldn't hurt. I am rather new to FH but I have made many role plays on other websites and so I want to make one here too! Please spread the word about this RP! Without further ado...


In Kentucky there are many stables ranging from breeding stables or training stables or both. The only thing that makes them the same is the fact that they all want their horses to win and Maple Leaf Acres is no different. Striving to be the best Maple Leaf Acres is set in a gorgeous land surrounded by a large forest. There is the Mare barn. A large barn with large stalls. The stallion barn. Looks like the mare barn. The maternity barn like the last two but with much bigger stalls for the mares comfort. The weanling and yearling barn. A bit smaller then the first three but same beautiful stalls. The training ring. Modeled to look like a racetrack this is where the yearlings are trained. And the ten pasture each large and full of lush green green grass and each has a large shelter.

(Pictures later)

Stables hands /trainers

There are five trainers : Kelly O'neer
And many many stables hands: Chase Macheen Dani Trehur
The breeding managers(two):
The stable managers(two):


All FH rules apply
The horses are only Throughbreds if you want a riding horse please PM and ask
You can have play horses but they can't talk to each other
Have fun


Maple Leaf Heartbreaker (heart)
Maple Leaf: Dancing Lady (Lady)
Maple Leaf Ready Set (Red)
Maple Leaf Golden Godess (gold)
Maple Leaf Racing Queen (Queenie)
Maple Leaf Flying High (Fly)
Maple Leaf Butterfly Wings (butterfly)
Maple Leaf Let It Go (Lacy)


Maple Leaf Regal Lord (Regal)
Maple Leaf Handsome Devil (Dev)
Maple Leaf Pretty Boy (Bo)
Maple Leaf Twisting Turn (Twist)
Maple Leaf Running On Wind (Wind)
Maple Leaf Laughing Out Loud (Laugh)
Maple Leaf Dangerous Man (Danger)
Maple Leaf Starry Skies (Skies)


(To be added)



HORSE FORM (when you make a horse it will be added to the list above):

Race Name:
Stable Name:

(All horse Race names must start with Maple Leaf)


Name: Kelly O'neer
Age: 20
Gender: F
Appearance: Light blond hair blue eyes her hair is always in a ponytail
Personality: Kind funny happy go lucky
Job: trainer
Username: Luna

Name: Chase
Age: 15
Gender: M
Appearance: Light brown hair brown eyes
Personality: kind quite silent
Job: Stable hand
Username: Luna

Name: Dani Trehur
Age: 15
Gender: F
Appearance: Long dark brown hair brown hair
Personality: kind happy go lucky nice
Job: Stable hand
Username: Luna
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Re: Maple Leaf Acres~~Horse/Human RP~~Please join!
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Race Name: Maple Leaf Phantom Storm
Stable Name: Storm
Gender: Female
Age: 1
Appearance: Jet Black with 1 hidden white stock on her back left leg, also a small white snip
Username: DarkPhantom