Author Topic: // Feral-Heart Game Update June 2016 //  (Read 239522 times)

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// Feral-Heart Game Update June 2016 //
« on: June 09, 2016, 12:10:34 pm »
This patch/update has been made without any access nor modification to the game's source code. Please keep this in mind as it's more of an overhaul and a mod of the original game than it is a new game. All changes experienced has been possible without the modification of the game's source codes and all accounts and account information will remain as is! No changes has been done to users accounts. Also please avoid posting help related issues as replies on this thread, turn to the FH help section on the forum instead, thank you!

Feral-Heart Game Update
We got some big news for you guys. We're rolling out a FeralHeart game update for the first time in 4 years! There's been many obstacles on the way and very likely more to come, but we're proud and happy to deliver something new to the players of the FeralHeart community to bite into and enjoy. We encourage everyone to take a good look around as this update is here to stay and will be replacing the old game with immediate effect. You will connect to the game like before by clicking the "Play Game" tab, and your account, characters, friends and groups will not be affected by this update and remain as is, you will however need to download and install the new game client by using the downloads provided below.

Feral-Heart Game Installer (Torrent)
Feral-Heart Game Installer (Websetup)

(Also keep in mind that this installer will replace most of the old files if there's already a copy of it in the game, make backups if you want to be on the safe side)

Now get out there and explore, we will meet you all in-game soon.
//FH Staff

Feral-Heart Changelog patch 1.15:
Maps & Worlds:
-Remade "Lonely Cave"
-Remade "Cape Of Distant Worlds"
-Added "The Grounds"
-Added "Seaside Grove"
-Added "Ficho Tunnels"
-Added "Cherika Valley"
-Added "Eastern Pass"
-Added "Kiwimbi Beach"
-Added "Zama Grotto"
-Added "Bonfire Islands"
-Removed "Bonfire Island"
-Removed "Ficho Tunnel"
-Removed "Fluorite Plains"
-Removed "Temple Of Dreams"
-Removed "South Pole"
-Removed "Atlantis"
-Removed "Last Cave"
-Removed "Sky's Rim"
-Modified login screen map
-Modified character selection screen map(More focus on character creation)
Items & Equips:
-Changed items list order
-Added antler items
-Added candy cane item
-Added ear feather item
-Added glasses items
-Added rose items
-Added spine items
-Added tail ribbon item
-Added twig item
-Added tail leaf item
General Game Changes:
-Added "Moonwalk" animation
-Added ingame rules in start map(Impossible to miss, no more excuses <:) )
-Edited "Headbang" animation(No hip motion)
-Removed "Buttswing" animation(Replaced with a more considerate moonwalk)
-Reworked some ground textures
-Remade a majority of the game-markings(Now free to be used and modified as players please)
-Added sound FX object group(For mappers)
-Added environmental sounds to maps
-Replaced music tracks in the game
-Re-textured UI
-Modified in-game UI position(Buttons and minimap, more room for roleplay posts)
-Modified text and tag colors(More easy to read and fits with theme)
-Added new meshes
-Reworked all object groups(Cleaner listing of object groups)
-Reworked game folders and files(Easier navigation)
-Added two versions of the game(FH & FH Light)
-Added a credit list in the main FH folder

(Something missing here? Let us know)

To read more information about the patch itself check the post below

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Re: // Feral-Heart Game Update June 2016 //
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2016, 12:14:22 pm »
As many of us are aware of whether it's from being an old or new member of this community is that this game has experienced quite some heavy growing pains over the years, all of which might not always be that easy to sort out or fix in a good manner. Even though there's many things that will still linger around not directly to be fixed by a mere patch, we hope that at the very least it will paint a welcoming road ahead for the future of this game but also it's players.

It has been 5 years this game has been up and running and there's been tons of players coming and tons of players leaving, be it for various reasons. Players that might like and dislike various things is something most of us staff has been placed in a position to deal with or in general just look over, and it's not always we can please the people that play the game. For the last 5 years the game has been up, we've spent 4 of them without any signs or words about the game continuing moving forward or getting fixes and we've more or less been made to think that the very game we have now, and the problems it has is something we will need to live with as long as we try to take care of it. It's a bit of a helpless situation since a good majority will place the responsiblity and questions and concerns for the game on "us", even if we by no means have the tools to fix them or it's out of our reach.

We have been, and always will be a random bunch of people online who's dedicated to to the game, and since we are we sadly will fall in the line of fire when people are unhappy about matters around the game. Making a patch adding new content into the game and change some things around to avoid deep issues that has been haunting this game and players for a long time is a fine idea, but just as a game doesn't take care of itself, neither does a patch make itself where there's many pitfalls and problems that needs to be taken into account. Even if we're standing on the doorstep with a game update we cannot know for certain what will happen, but sitting around and being beaten by a stick for something out of your power is not exactly fun either.

In the end we've decided to do something and it has now been about 2 years since this project started to take shape as the scale is actually quite big(Who would've thought, derp). We know that not everyone will like this certain direction we're trying to take with this update and might just be stuck in time just like the game was, but we believe that this is what the game needs however, what you all need, what we need, and so this project has been kept alive and slowly making it's way here despite what might've gone on at the time during it's making. The game and it's codes are still the work of KovuLKD and by no means has this patch changed that.

We've reached out to quite some different people to assist with this task of making an update, many not even having a proper clue for what as this update changes a lot of things, markings, animations, textures, interface, meshes, and maps. With this help we've reached even higher up and been able to take some already heavy weight off our shoulders, you guys are the real MVP's and we appreciate it.

Some changes has been done to the game and it might be in order to explain more in detail and some reasoning behind these changes, feel free to read up on this if you'd like.

We can start off with something that has been eating us for quite some time, and that is the buttswing animation. For years now we've had the problem of users either not reading the rules or disregarding the rules all together, going around using the "buttswing" animation in what could be considered a bad manner. Even though I personally and many other people do not have a direct problem with it, as we are trying to run a game we've been forced to take measures to prevent people using this animation inappropriately that could get the game itself in problems. A year long ban is not exactly a stranger around FeralHeart, and many users do not even understand or realize what they've done until it's too late. It's a situation where we get penalized for trying to keep the game up and running with the animations it has and in all honesty it's something we want to get away from.

In this patch/update we now got a moonwalk to replace the buttswing all together, and also the headbang has been modified to not have any hind motion. Even though this by no means will prevent people from being inappropriate or breaking rules it will make it so we don't need to ban users for a long time over something like a buttswing "done wrong". Don't get us wrong though, you'll still get thrown off the game for being inappropriate for things like chatting, character name etc, but as far as the whole buttswing matter goes, we will be able to avoid a lot of inappropriate situations in which we have to take action, and that will directly affect users and make it so they cannot make some mistake they will pay dearly for. Everyone wins. The only real problem is that we cannot change the name of the animation in the game itself as we have no source codes so you will still see the animation being called "Buttswing"(something modders already know of), but the animation in the game itself will give you a new fancy moonwalk to enjoy. There's been some changes done to the headbang aswell to make sure it's not going to be used instead of buttswing to cause problems, but it is still going to represent a headbang to most.

I mentioned earlier about users not reading the rules or disregarding them all together. Our rules has always been listed on the site since they never got implemented in the game or got the chance to. I think most people can agree it would make sense to have them listed somewhere if they are going to be applied in the game. We've now made it so a summary of the official game rules are listed right infront of your noses when you spawn into Lonely Cave, and they can always be found there again. Hopefully this will keep a bigger scale of the users informed of the rules and make them easier to find. We know this will not stop people from breaking rules but it will hopefully improve general awareness of the rules and prevent new users from making mistakes they will hate the game or staff for later, not themselves.

One of the biggest changes done to the game is the maps and worlds. Not only have we added a lot of new maps but we've also removed the majority of the old ones to get a fresh start, but also for other reasons such as bearing of maps and their directions were very misleading and confusing(you'd head one way and end up another, or go from warm climate to ice), and object groups used for the old official maps causing more clutter than good when cleaning things up. For reasons like those listed, we started fresh and tried to keep as many things in mind as possible such as map sizes, amount of decoration, usage area, directions and whatever might be worth considering when making a map that loads of ferals are going to run around in 24/7 to make it as interesting as possible.

We made cape a little more welcoming for mapped roleplays to advertise in, we've made the first few maps from lonely cave a little less "dense" on objects to hopefully make them easier to run with lots of users in them, and we've really tried to make some interesting environments for you guys to run around and explore in. The way the maps are laid out now should hopefully also leave room to add more maps in the future. Sadly we're going to be missing some jumping action from Ascension Island or Shivering colds from South pole now as we do not have such environments in the game currently, but we wanted to work more on quality over quantity, and so the maps you will find should be a welcoming addition and quite the upgrade. The environmental changes should be more gradual now rather than instant, and if you end up going north for example that's where you'll end up, all to make the game seem like a world, rather than just maps.

We've also re-worked the majority of the markings in the game that you can apply for the characters. Even if they are new, the markings should still ressemble the old ones fairly well where a ring is a ring, scar is a scar, tiger markings are tiger markings etc. The reason behind remaking the markings is mainly because of problems we've faced when some of the game markings has been "off limits" for users to use outside the character creator, and sometimes we've had users being forced to remove or edit their presets when they taken help of existing markings. Not only is it a bit tricky for us to police this, but we wish for users to be able to use the markings provided by the game to come up with a design or preset if need be. We now have new markings that will allow the users to use them more freely.

You will also find that most of the media(textures, items, objects etc) in the game folder has been cleaned up, this will make it a bit easier to navigate(mostly for modders) and install new things to the game. The object groups for map making has also been cleaned up a bit and boast some new meshes in there, so even if you don't know how to properly add meshes and make object groups yet mapping should be more of a breeze! Also for those who are concerned, your custom maps should still work as is. If you made your custom map with only the default groups and didn't add any special meshes to the default groups like (mytrees, myrocks, because you shouldn't anyway), these maps will work after this update.

Other than that we've done some quick changes like cleaning up the character selection map to give the focus more on the making of a character, changed the position of the minimap and buttons in the game to give more room for an extended chat, added some items that work well for both Feline and Canine characters, and in general just cleaned up things and made them nicer. Sadly any Modifcations such as marking packs and item packs and emotes must be re-made to be compatible with the new version of FeralHeart. DO NOT INSTALL CUSTOM MARKINGS ITEMS OR EMOTES UNLESS A NEW VERSION COMPATIBLE WITH THE NEW UPDATE IS RELEASED as it will display things in the wrong order. You have been warned.

These are probably not all the changes that could be mentioned but it should be a hefty amount of what you'll realize upon playing FeralHeart from now on.

On a personal note, this patch has been more about fixing and creating a good base to continue working on for a future FeralHeart, rather than just filling the game up with sparkles. It has been quite rough if I will be honest. I cannot stress enough about how tricky it is trying to take care of a game and it's players as you're trying to balance whatever is going on in your life, all while working on a patch that needs your outmost attention and care to not go wrong along the way. But now I cannot do anything else than give a pat on the shoulder and say: Look, we did it. It's not something that requires rocket science but rather hard boiled dedication and will to shug through, and since we're here now, That says something.

I want to give a qick shoutout to some users here that helped making this possible(Let me know if I forgot anyone):
-Tigg (Meshes)
-Glave (Meshes)
-Thierry (Meshes)
-Sherlockian (Markings)
-Delayni (GUI Textures)
-Phloxenfree (GUI rework and animations)
-Bawfle (Ground Textures & markings)
-Shallow (Markings)
-Dr.Flob (Emotes cleanup)
-Starlitewolf (Texture)
-LordSuragaha (Seaside Grove)
-Whitelightheart (Ficho, Eastern Pass, Zama Grotto, Cherika Valley)
-Razmirz (For making this all possible)
-And of course, the FH staff for ther involvement, work and testing with the patch.

Thanks for reading.
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Re: // Feral-Heart Game Update June 2016 //
« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2016, 04:33:28 pm »
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Re: // Feral-Heart Game Update June 2016 //
« Reply #3 on: June 09, 2016, 06:32:43 pm »

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Re: // Feral-Heart Game Update June 2016 //
« Reply #4 on: June 09, 2016, 06:36:46 pm »
Oh my god I'm shaking right now. This is going to be so exciting! It'll be just like when I first joined, and it'll have that new game nostalgia!
Thank you so much, staff team! This new update looks amazing, and all your hard work will be put to good use, no doubt!

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Re: // Feral-Heart Game Update June 2016 //
« Reply #5 on: June 09, 2016, 06:37:56 pm »

I was wondering why there were so many users online suddenly! Thank you so much, staff! And everyone who helped make this as well! I am so excited I can barely type <333

Can't wait to go explore the new game. Again, thank you guys so much for making this!

Moved to new account, Torskite!

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Re: // Feral-Heart Game Update June 2016 //
« Reply #6 on: June 09, 2016, 06:38:07 pm »
Practically Beaming.
HUGE thanks you guys. Like....really, very big thank you. Hard work & dedication no doubt paid off in this c:

Keep on traveling across this road called 'Life.'

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Re: // Feral-Heart Game Update June 2016 //
« Reply #7 on: June 09, 2016, 06:38:42 pm »
*The sound of wolfish screaming can be heard very loudly*


Yassssss! No words, just YASSSSSSS

But the Torrent download dowsn't work *cries*

Thank you guys so much for working on this! *more wolfish screaming* Super excited to explore these maps!

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Re: // Feral-Heart Game Update June 2016 //
« Reply #8 on: June 09, 2016, 06:40:13 pm »
Darn it, Darn it THIS IS AMAZING! *O* /flees to install

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Re: // Feral-Heart Game Update June 2016 //
« Reply #9 on: June 09, 2016, 06:41:58 pm »
Oh my gosh! You managed to put this together with no source I am amazed! What a good job, I'm so exited to look around at all this lovely work and effort.

Looking for my converted mesh? You can find them here !