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Tres In Unum
Tres In Unum is a roleplay hub that has been active since late September, 2015. Over the course of it's growth a lot of members have come and gone, but overall, we have expanded a lot as a community. Lately we've experienced a slight dip in activity due to many members moving on, and we want to open our site to more people. There is a wide variety of roleplays on the website, from human roleplays, to canine roleplays, and even a possible WC roleplay coming up. We also allow new members to create their own RPs on the website, so if you don't find something there you like, make an RP that suits your tastes!

We're a welcoming and tightly knit community that focuses most on roleplays being enjoyable above all else; there are few literacy restrictions, we just ask that you have at least three legible sentences per post. There is an unlimited character limit on the majority of the roleplays. As aforementioned we allow any genre and there is a board where you can advertise your own RP ideas-- if enough people volunteer to join, then the RP will be made into an official thread. They are categorized based on rating (G, T, M, MA). The current roleplays we have open are:

The Night's Watch
In the middle of a harsh, wintry terrain similar to Siberia, a small pack clings to life as it struggles to overcome oppression of the feared Northern Pack. The Night's Watch was once a powerful force, but eventually fell to greater forces and lead by their widowed Queen they must fight their way back to freedom.

Member Count: Around 10
Character Limit?: No
Characters: Wolves
Rating: T with very occasional M moments, due to violence and language.

Wolves of Baskerville
In the small town of Baskerville, two shapeshifter packs battle for control of the city. In the midst of their rivalry a new foreign threat emerges; demonic soul-sucking creatures known as the Incubi. They seek to annihilate all wolves in area, forcing the two packs to work together to face the stronger threat.

Member Count: Around 6
Character Limit?: No, and people are permitted to have Incubus/Succubus characters as well
Characters: Werewolves or Incubi/Succubi (they're not [Removed by Moderator], also, more like vampires that drink your soul instead of blood)
Rating: M due to violence, language and occasional adult content.

Survival of The Supernatural
After a massive war wreaks havoc global wide, the world, and humanity, is left in tatters. Due to nuclear bombs large stretches of land are left totally uninhabitable by lingering radiation; disease and famine is widespread and many animals have mutated to survive in the extremely hostile environment, along with many humans. The radiation has had strange effects on certain people, giving them 'abilities' that allow them to survive better, although not every mutation has a positive effect.

Member Count: Around 5
Character Limit?: Nope, in fact having multiple characters is encouraged.
Characters: Humans with supernatural abilities.
Rating: M due to violence, gore, language and occasional adult content.

Royaume Kingdom
The Court of Royaume is a vicious place to be. To survive and ascend to the top of the hierarchy, one must cheat, lie, and back-stab their way up the social ladder, or face the consequences. Tensions are high as other countries seek to destroy the Kingdom and claim it's land for their own, and the Court is left to solve the nation's plethora of problems.

Member Count: Around 7
Character Limit?: Nope. Having multiple characters is encouraged!
Characters: Humans, members of the Royaume Bureaucracy.
Rating: M due to language and adult content.

These are the most successful RPs on our site. You're very welcome to bring your own ideas to the community. There is no need for a roleplay sample, but if you're interesting in joining I ask you notify me in the thread below and then register to the website!
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Re: Tres In Unum - A Miscellaneous Roleplay HUB!
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Re: Tres In Unum - A Miscellaneous Roleplay HUB!
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I'll have to check this out some time; it seems very interesting. c: I bookmarked the website and I'll register when I'm not busy with FeralHeart-related roleplays.
I'm too lazy for this.