Author Topic: !! Before you ask for help !!  (Read 72751 times)

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!! Before you ask for help !!
« on: January 09, 2011, 05:52:56 pm »
The Help Boards

If you are in the help boards its not surprising if you are looking for some sort of help with the game or forum. A good thing to think about before you ask a question, is that you scan through some of the earlier thread Subjects. Maybe you can find a post about the same problem you are having, and maybe even a solution in it. There's a search bar positioned on the top right side of all the threads, write something related to your problem there, and it will scan posts and threads. But remember!

All game related help in the "Game Help" section and the forum related help threads in the "Forum Help" section.

Another thing to think about is that when you post a new thread. Try to explain what the problem is about in the Subject, not only something like "It's not working" or "Help". This way it will make it both easier for you, and the ones that try to help you to achieve better results in less time. :3 Just keep in mind that you are in fact asking for help here, so you must be able to receive that help and swallow your pride. There's not much point in posting a help thread if you're just going to tell those who try to help you that they're wrong.

Also take note that IN GAME BANS are NOT meant to be discussed on the boards, please refer to a mod/admin in pm form if needed.
A help thread for fixes when it comes to the most common issues can be found Here

Thanks for reading!
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