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  In a world of nothingness, evil lurks at every corner.
        Now, who will challange it?

        One side will rise up against the dark. The light will reclaim they're land and fight for what's theirs.
        The battle of the century is about to begin, but only one rise.

        You have to be strong enough.

        You have to want it.

        The land is yours to claim.

        But, who will claim it?

        Fight for the light. Claim you land.

        Or, fight for the dark. Powerful, dripping with death, the dark is destined to rise.


        To join:

        Character name:
        Character picture:
        Dark or Light?
        RP sample:

            All forms must be PM'd to me in order to be accepted!


        The most lethal war of all time is about to begin. Who will you fight for?


        Character name: Djyra

        Character picture: 

        Dark or Light? Dark

        Strengths: She has large, powerful wings that carry her to no end. She is strong and highly lethal, but also very manipulative.

        Weakness': Despite this, she is blind. Her eyes were clawed out by her brother in attempt to save her from the demons, though he failed. She is quick to anger, which makes it hard to remain allies with her.

        Age: Immortal

        Family: Crypt (brother; deceased), Silver (mother; alive), Ryota (father, deceased)

        RP Sample: Djyra walked through the woods, snow crunching under her feet, feeling as her wings, torn from her recent fight, ached. Her paws hurt, and she finally sat, unable to go on. Where am I going? None of this smells familiar, she thought to herself, until she sensed a figure somewhere near.

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