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~ The Kreptic Circle Info + Application Thread ~
« on: April 24, 2017, 08:28:47 am »

Found and Created by Jack The Hollow in January of 2011

The Kreptic Circle also called TKC is an RP/Social group that is focused around the unique species called Kreptis. We are all like a little family within TKC and wish to make this a fun, exciting and unique group for all those who join, and we hope those who join find the group interesting and want to stick around with us for the long run! Like Mentioned before we are a family!

We are a decently active group within FH and have been around for quite a long time, and  we are currently still one of the longest lasting group within FH! Currently since we are working on our new map pack, you can find us in Ficho if we aren't in the grounds Advertising! We want our members to say active though! So please be Active if you decide to join! Depending on the day our most active times are 2pm-9pm PST

This group has no literacy level! As we an RP/Social we won't force people to RP! We are also willing to help those wanting to improve their rp skills!

We also have a Skype group as well as a Discord chat! Below I'll link a few of our sites Which contain a lot more info! And At the bottom of this forum will be the application process!

Kreptis are Shadow beast's, an entity that is trapped in a realm between the world of the living and the world of the dead. Because of this type of parallel "limbo", a Kreptis can interact easily with living beings if they choose to do so. A Kreptis is formed when an individual suffers an intense traumatic death or has lived a hard life full of regrets. It is believed that the species exists to wander the in-between until they come to terms with their regrets and passing. Depending on how they handle they're passing they will either be a TEC, BL or a Hausk.

The Ebon Cirlce (TEC) Kreptis are aware of their death from the very start. They do not deny death, They are accepting of it. They are able to control themselves mentally and physically with their shadowy forms. Overall content with their new life.

Bloodling's (BL) are kreptis that are unable to accept their death. They instantly go into denial forgetting any good memories they had of their passed, blinded by anger and fear. They despise the TEC for their sanity and ways of existing. For their happiness. Bloodlings are a big threat to normal Kreptis and living creatures. Though among other BL they have some amount of sanity and get along among each other for the most part. Bloodling's are plague by 'fits' that trigger an insane anger within them, causing them to lash out and kill any TEC krepti that is in their way.

Hausks are derived from the Kreptis species as a stand-alone subspecies. They are merely the shadow entities who have taken the skins of living creatures in an attempt to pose as living beings. Where are the kreptis stand for contempt with their underworldy form and the Bloodlings, another sub species are the denouements of rage filled souls, Hausks represent the denial a soul harbors for their imminent death. Forever clinging onto life however means Necessary.  Hausk's can be in either TEC or BL with the tag of hkTEC or hkBL

Thinking about joining? Awesome! On this forum please filled out this application, and post it to this forum and we will review it and meet you on the game to invite you into the group! Please go here -->  For the Requirements for your character as well as to see which clan we are currently recruiting for! If your character does not meet our requirements you will not be accepted!
Our recruiters account name is tkcrecruiter, please only PM/Whisper it. We do not add people on that account!
Need to get ahold of someone for recruiting? Go here to check out our site officials ---->


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