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Mechanicat {Open species}
« on: April 25, 2017, 02:20:22 pm »
This species is the Mechanicat, by FlyingGrass. They're basically fully-sentient robot domestic cats the size of tigers, all with a goal to fit into the ecosystem somewhere. They have all the peripheral sensors that an organic has, albeit robot versions of those peripheral sensors, so cameras for sight, hidden pressure plates or current-sensing wires for touch, and particle analysers for smell and taste. They're so self-aware that it's almost(If not exactly) as if they're organic, yet they have no organic parts. Being robots, there's quite a bit of room for creativity in these high-tech felines.

Basic details:
The Mechanicats are living, breathing machines that can eat, are capable of feeling touch and pain, can sleep, and are able to rid their cooling system of bad/contaminated coolant by using the bathroom, so they mimic organic cats in many aspects.
If any water gets onto their circuitry then it'll short out the wet circuits, as usual.
They produce heat themselves, but that's cooled down by either coolant or fans or both, fans are more effective than coolant in hot climates however so most possess both fans and coolant.
They have two types of blood, one being the electricity that runs through their wires and if they lose all of that then they can't function, the other is coolant and if they lose all of that then they can overheat much easier.
Whilst living, they'll always instantly sleep when their battery is at 1%, because their battery being at 0% prevents them from automatically recharging(They'd have to be manually recharged to recover from 0% battery).

Overheating is fatal to them, first the Mechanicat feels woozy, 5 minutes later their entire body starts to ache from the heat, another 5 minutes later they are paralysed as their internal components melt, then a varying amount of minutes later they'll pass out and gradually perish. Stress warms up their main processor considerably, when combined with exercise the stress becomes fatal to Mechanicats.

A lightning strike is very dangerous, it takes a lot of effort to save a Mechanicat from one, most Mechanicats don't make it past 2 minutes after a lightning strike.
They can be affected by radiation, effects of radiation vary from Mechanicat to Mechanicat(But aren't unique to each Mechanicat).
Reprogramming them can be done by anybody who gains access to their computer and knows their OS(Operating System) coding language, each Mechanicat has their own operating system(A rare few can dual boot) but default to PetrOS if the manufacturer doesn't install their own.
They are able to heal their own damage automatically, unless the damage doesn't reach the inside, because their self-repair system is on the inside and works by using material to fill in damage.
They are susceptible to electrical breakdown(Wikipedia link for explanation of what that is).

They make territories, and may interrogate(Or even fight) other Mechanicats who encroach on the boundaries(Not OOC, only IC), they can decide to invite the trespasser, some Mechanicats are extremely welcoming to those in their territory. They all can mark their territory by spraying an air freshener from right above their tail, the scent of the air freshener differs from Mechanicat to Mechanicat(And multiple Mechanicats can have slightly differing variations of the same scent), and the smell repels organic animals except for humans, and warns any un-allied Mechanicats that this is not the territory of their own allies. An unlucky few use the scent of bananas, only few Mechanicats will recognise bananas as territory, so a banana-scented Mechanicat territory gets trespassed a lot by most other Mechanicats.

Most Mechanicats are social creatures, despite their tendency to not take to kindly to trespassers. They form groups of unlimited, and it's hard to see one sitting alone, but some Mechanicats were seen to deviate from the social nature and choose to live on their own.

As for purpose... While not restricted to just one purpose no matter their design, they're usually designed to be better than most at just one of the following archetypes: Blacksmith, tank, spy, medic, philosopher, mere household pets, or a different purpose that I can't think of!

Appearance varies from Mechanicat to Mechanicat regardless of gender, but there are a few things that tend to separate the males from females. Females have mostly empty space in their abdomen but less free space in their chest, while males have less free space in their abdomen and more free space in their chest. Another way to figure out the gender of a Mechanicat is to look for a paw scanner anywhere on them, it may be hidden beneath a panel. No paw scanner means it's a male and therefore has a genetic chip hidden in one paw.

They can have kittens.
It's not graphic, but I'll put it in a spoiler anyway
To have a kit, the female opens a square panel on her side to reveal a flat scanner(Looking like a paw-recognition scanner) which the male places his front paw on to allow the female to scan the Genetic Chip in his front paw, that's all that needs to be done before the female starts selecting parts of the male's color and pattern code. After the code is completed, the self-repair mechanism builds the organs and hull of the kit until it is fully developed(The female won't be able to heal herself as fast, if at all, in the process), it takes 7 IRL days to build the kit. After the kit is completed, the female expels the kit out of her mouth(Vomiting the kit onto the ground), which hurts the jaw mechanism in the process, and has a chance of damaging the jaw mechanism which is more painful to the Mechanicat.

The Mechanicat kitten doesn't have strong enough jaw actuators to chew their food well, so the female Mechanicat feeds her kit metal that she's digested. The kitten sheds its skin often throughout the growing process.

Almost any Mechanicat is capable of having litters, the Mechanicat kittens born in litters are smaller than regular kittens, but most of the smaller kittens still grow up to be normal size.

Males have a small chip in their front paw that is readable by the female, called the Genetic Chip. The Genetic Chip contains code for things such as the color of markings and what markings the kitten may have.
The Genetic Chip doesn't automatically program itself with what code to give; The manufacturers install code into their Mechanicat's genetic chip according to the appearance of their Mechanicat.

More Basic details:

Description of their skeleton
They can have hinges at the base of each rib which allows the ribcage to move with the breathing and/or movement of the Mechanicat. The hinge mechanism makes the Mechanicat's ribs more fragile than organic ribs however, and all Mechanicats are built with hinged ribs to make them able to imitate the Felis Catus ability to squeeze through small spaces.

The skull can be mostly open at the sides to slightly decrease weight.

They bear the shape of a domestic cat, and are the size of a tiger(At least one size slider at maximum), it is rare to see an adult Mechanicat that's smaller than that.

The metal on their body is somehow flexible, the flexibility hasn't yet been compared to that of rubber.

Their fur can be yarn-like or fiber-optic. Their fur will not regrow after it is lost.

They all have metal plate jaws, the shape and color of which varies.

They smell like metal and/or rubber with a hint of anything.

Their nose can be just nostrils, or a full nose, they don't really need a nose that looks like a nose in order to have functional olfactory sensors.

They can make feline noises as well as speak English, the feline noises sound robotic in all Mechanicats, while their voice may be robotic or clear, and vary in accents and pitch.

Those that have jump jets can't fly too far above the ground, and can't fly when there's no ground below them.

Whenever they move, mechanical clicking and/or whirring sounds emit from their joints, some are noisier, some can move silently with a bit of effort, a rare few move silently without effort but even they have drawbacks; A silent Mechanicat's motors will whirr if moving too quickly.

They are edible by creatures capable of digesting metal and/or rubber. Some venomous Mechanical snakes were invented by an evil manufacturer and are currently slithering in the wild to give the Mechanicats some danger to look out for, the robot snakes' venom causes:
  • Malaise.
  • Dizziness.
  • Drooling.
  • Occasional split-second long paralysis spells, basically falling over.

long, so I put it in a spoiler
Kanwut March started the Mechanicat species, or at least coined the term. Kanwut is a man who is cocky and blunt and selfish but rather helpful(If your definition of 'help' includes inventing things that really aren't necessary but work), and impossible to anger, he was a great(Although sarcastic) adventurer from his early 20s all the way up to his late 50s. One day, Kanwut(58 years old) found a temple surrounded by tiny pyramids and stonehenge structures, it had never existed in all of history, yet he could see it so he and his wife(Also an adventurer) decided to venture into it, suddenly a bright light stunned him and he awoke on an ancient-looking stone operating table smelling blood, and surrounded by weird creatures, then he spotted his wife on another stone table with aliens covering her up as if she were dead, he was too dazed however and didn't think much of it. When the aliens threw him out, he heard(And felt) a metallic clang from his shoulder(Muffled by the fabric of his explorer jacket) as he hit the ground, and that's when he realised his torso had been replaced by metal, he paced around unsure of what to do, and wondered where his wife went, then his childhood friend, Holly, approached him and offered him a job as a scientist at Sparrow Industries, and he accepted. Later, when the new laboratory was being set up, Kanwut noticed his childhood friend wasn't acting like herself, and then a year later the aliens took her and never returned, leaving Kanwut to run the new laboratory on his own, and he had a big weight on his shoulders and chest when he came to the realisation that he may never see his wife again.

In his struggle to keep the laboratory running, he randomly said one day "I think we need a robotic servant.", the scientists laughed but considered the idea, and begin working on a prototype, before Kanwut cancelled the operation saying "It's hopeless. We had better keep realistic expectations, what's our robot going to do when it isn't being told what to do?".

A year later, the laboratory was surviving(Though not thriving) as it manufactured various different technology devices. Kanwut spent time writing a story and pondering that day in the weird temple, and he remembered those beings were aliens. He spent a day writing down the events of the last temple exploration, and piecing things together until he came to the realisation that his metal torso must be made of alien technology... So he ran some studies. This was an ingredient of the Mechanicat species.

Kanwut found alien technology, but the scientists thought that it wasn't a good idea to use such technology in laptops or phones. One day, he remembered Oleander, her liking of cats and robots, and her dream of there being a robot cat. At this moment, Kanwut knew the stage was set, the time was now, he planned to start work on a prototype of a robot cat, and better yet it would be sentient!

7 years later, now that Sparrow Industries was rich, work began on prototypes(Gui's siblings). Kanwut was 67 years old.
The first prototype Mechanicat just wouldn't come to life, a year later they created again but the second one died, yet another year later the third one was made but then incinerated due to malfunction, but still Petrel Industries tried again. Two years later, the fourth and fifth were created but both malfunctioned and were marked for slaughter, the scientists tested the pain sensing of the fifth(To find out what hurts robots), before fourth and fifth both escaped via an escape route no scientist knew existed, and it made Kanwut wonder if Mechanicats were getting too smart, but he was confident that they'd have a tame Mechanicat someday. That same year, the sixth was created and was about to escape when a scientist pummelled the robot and threw it into the incinerator, since it was marked for slaughter too... Petrel Industries is quite brutal at times, but Petrel Industries prides itself in owning only friendly sentient machines to introduce sentient machines to the public, so some robot sacrifices have to be made. Still that year, the seventh one was also malfunctioning and was pummelled, but escaped anyway.

Finally, after all those years, they made a successful Mechanicat. It's 2017 and Kanwut was 70 at the time.

The first known successful Mechanicat was Gui, as far as Sparrow Industries' knowledge went, and Gui was made to replace animals that are used for fur, somehow that was the drive the scientists needed to actually get something working properly... Well, Gui's AI systems were in good working order, but Gui wouldn't grow fur on her own, the scientists had taken off most of her fur in the experiments they ran trying to get the fur growth mechanism to work, her fur growth mechanism was still not functioning when she escaped the lab following an accident involving a wrecking ball, which had caught her tail and caused permanent damage to her left eye's red hologram, and then after a few mishaps where she threatened to eat lions, she was captured by the rebuilt Sparrow Industries and re-purposed to protect organic beings and fight the robots that the scientists thought were coming, but the supposed incoming robots never came so they chose to finish the creation that they had rushed to create. The laboratory named ShadowFault Industries took note of the creation of sentient robots, and laughed because they had made sentient spaceships long ago! ShadowFault Industries wasn't a villain however, they became friends with Sparrow Industries.

More and more different tech manufacturers are making their own Mechanicats, each Mechanicat is made to the liking of their manufacturer, they can be built for any task and even rebuilt completely if the manufacturer so desires. If there are any problems, then any nearby being is advised to alert the manufacturer via radio, be it their own radio or the radio built into the Mechanicat.

Gui's manufacturer, Sparrow Industries, thought Sparrow wasn't unique enough, so it got renamed to PetrelBrow Industries.

According to the studies of the inner workings of some Mechanicats, scientists estimate Mechanicats to have a lifespan of 4-60 years(Differs for each Mechanicat), in very rare cases they may last just one year. After reaching their maximum age, they start to wear down and quickly become more and more prone to malfunctions until they lose their ability to function at all, it usually takes just 5 days for the wearing down to complete after it starts, the medic can do nothing to save the Mechanicat who's worn away.

Their appearance varies so much from Mechanicat to Mechanicat, that it is hard to depict them in a few pictures alone.

Length, Height and Width sliders: At max size(Unless kitten), rarely an adult Mechanicat is below max size.
All other sliders: Anywhere.
Shape tab: Round tail(Required) || Any mane || Any ears || Any tuft.
Markings tab: Any eyes || Any markings anywhere.
Items: Scouter of any color(Required), you can wear two scouters at once to mix colors | Any other items are optional, from natural to unnatural
Colors: Everywhere any colors, and any pattern too, but not too much "255" colors unless it's the eyes or nose or a small marking.

Below are a few other things they have, they don't have to be a marking or even show up on the preset at all, they're just features that all Mechanicats share.

They all possess computer screen anywhere on their side(Or both sides if you prefer), your Mechanicat's computer screen can be out in the open or concealed beneath a panel, but the screen doesn't have to be a marking or even show up on the preset at all, it's just a default for the species to possess a computer screen somewhere on their side(s).
They all possess LEDs on the bottom of their paws so they can put their paw in the air to signal other Mechanicats(And even other robot species), color and arrangement of LEDs varies, but don't fuss if some other Mechanicat has the same paw LED pattern as your Mechanicat.

~~~They don't shed their fur like organic cats, but they can lose fur in a fight.

~~~For some, fur can grow back when it's lost, for others the lost fur doesn't grow back.

~~~Their fur can be yarn, string, paracord, fiber optics, chains, crochet hooks, go wild!

~~~A few Mechanicats possess a circuit breaker box to shut them down in the event of electrical shock, most Mechanicats just have sets of capacitors to absorb the shock and carry on(Until capacitors are full).

~~~They are able to be affected by an EMP(Electro-Magnetic Pulse).

~~~They can regain battery power by taking a nap.
~~They can control when they sleep, but it's trickier for them to sleep at all if their battery is below 4%, but sleeping is inevitable if the battery is at 1%.
~~They can't recharge if their battery is at 0%, causes of empty battery include severe injury and defective battery(Rarely other defective part), if their battery is at 0% then they're dead.

~~~If their main processor or harddrive is damaged then they're dead, the harddrive is most often found in the chest, but some manufacturers may mount their harddrive at the rear.

~~~They all emit a constant quiet electrical hum from their power supply unit(Or battery), the pitch of that hum varies from Mechanicat to Mechanicat unless two share the same make of battery, it can be silenced with pillows but that'd look a bit silly.

~~~Instead of being their only functions, the programming is the list of actions that the Mechanicats can't do and will avoid doing, it allows for an ever-growing range of activities for the mechanical being to do.

~~~Their CPU and GPU are guarded in the same waterproof box as the Main Processor.

~~~Their GPU is relied on by both their vision and the graphics of the computer screen that all Mechanicats have on their side.

~~~Their harddrive has a storage capacity of whatever you want it to be, but putting the capacity under 10 TB may be troublesome.

~~~They have two hearts, one is the coolant pump which has a beat that rises and drops with the mood of the Mechanicat, the other is a battery which doesn't have a beat but was just classified as a heart making two hearts.
~~The wires are the veins, arteries, and nerves at the same time, their cooling system serves as a secondary bloodstream.

~~~Their components can be either dust-proof(Resistant to dust build up), water-proof(Resistant to water), shock-proof(Resistant to hard impacts) or, and I'm going to make up a word here, current-proof(Resistant to electric shocks), but there can be only one resistance power.

~~~Their purr sounds like the buzz that a speaker sometimes makes.
~~Purring is only possible if they're relaxed, whereas organic domestic cats purr also when injured, Mechanicats don't purr due to injury.
~Whenever they sleep, they purr softly. That(And their constant electrical hum, although the already-quiet hum is quieter when they sleep) can give away their location as they sleep.

~~~They have trouble talking when their head is touching the head of another Mechanicat, as it often produces a sound like speaker feedback overlapping their voice.

~~~They eat metal and rubber to refill their self-repair system. Unrefined metal(Rocks) works too, but refined metal is better for them.
~~They can consume organic food, but it is rare that they do.
~If they do consume organic food, their stomach turns it into a slop and extracts the nutrients which is then vomited back up, if they lack a separate compartment for organic food then their metal/rubber lunch will be gone as well, they are physically incapable of eating what they spit out.

~~~Their teeth are made of metal coated in a hard sandpaper-like material to grind metal down so that they don't swallow any sharp stones/metal. If they don't chew their food enough then they may end up swallowing sharp fragments of metal accidentally(Which can be fatal if not dealt with).

~~~Their self-repair device takes metal from their stomach and fills in damage by linking molecules together in a circular pattern layer by layer, starting with the outermost layer, it somehow manages a speed of 1 centimetre(0.3 inch) of completed external shell per minute.
~~Since I think 0.5 centimetre per minute is probably going to be a long time, the self-repair system is capable of regenerating a whole missing part of their body in three-four ingame days. Since the self-repair system is also utilised in engineering Mechanicat offspring, creation of it takes anywhere from 3-7 ingame days depending on how much the Mechanicat sleeps.
~~They can connect new parts to themselves in around two ingame days.

~~~They can't regenerate if their main processor is damaged(Or if the wire connecting to the self-repair system is broken/disconnected).

~~~If they don't eat, then they become unable to heal themselves until the next time they eat.

~~~They all can make any housecat sound, and can also make a big cat roar.

~~~Cat noises are their first language, and they will ditch speech when suddenly conveying surprise.

How their sensors seem to normally function:
~~~To sense when they're touched, there's wires that run through their entire body and pelt, and through those wires flows the steady current of electricity supplying their mechanical parts. If there's any fluctuation in the electric current then the main processor will translate the fluctuations into signals to let the Mechanicat know when it's being touched/damaged. The more the electric current fluctuates, the harder the detected touch is. A large fluctuation is detected as pain, and a small fluctuation is detected as a poke or a pat. If the current stops completely in one or more wires, that also causes pain signals. Pressure plates have been found in some Mechanicats.

~~~Their eyes are cameras of varying specifications, and are susceptible to normal camera problems.

~~~Their ears are microphones of varying specifications, and are susceptible to normal micropphone problems(Though they are capable of blocking out the sound of wind).

~~~There are electrical thermometers dotting the inside of their legs and body, those thermometers detect the temperature of their surroundings. If the thermometers detect a temperature too high or low, the Mechanicat will feel a pain in the location of the freezing/burning thermometer, just like a human would.

~~~Their whiskers are exposed wires to feel their way around their environment, some Mechanicats can retract their whiskers at will to keep the exposed wires safe.

But why do they sense pain? Pain alerts creatures to what's damaging them, as well as damage they have sustained, so they don't bleed to death from a damage on their back they can't look at.


Naming ideas:
In addition to regular names, or alien names...
Names of appliances can be used and combined.
Names can also be acronyms.
It's possible for a Mechanicat to be named with a prefix and suffix like Warrior Cats.
You can try combining these to make a name:

You don't need my permission to make a Mechanicat.

Still curious? Or feedback? Or anything you think should be changed  about the species? Ask me!
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My presets.

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Re: Mechanicat
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2017, 09:00:17 pm »
This is a very cool idea! I really like it!

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Re: Mechanicat
« Reply #2 on: April 25, 2017, 10:08:05 pm »
Very interesting sounding species you have here. Very intriguing indeed...
Gone for good this time.

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Re: Mechanicat(Updated)
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My presets.

Good things take time, so I'll take an eternity and create something so good that the human brain can't handle the sheer goodness of it.

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Re: Mechanicat(Updated again)
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My presets.

Good things take time, so I'll take an eternity and create something so good that the human brain can't handle the sheer goodness of it.


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Re: Mechanicat(Updated again)
« Reply #5 on: July 26, 2017, 12:51:23 pm »
A very unique species! :D So much interesting details.

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Re: Mechanicat(Updated again)
« Reply #6 on: July 27, 2017, 12:55:47 am »
I agree with the above posts, a very intriguing species indeed. I kind of want to draw one now heh
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Re: Mechanicat(Open)
« Reply #7 on: August 16, 2017, 04:08:48 pm »
Oo, looks interesting. I might end up making a Mechanicat oc myself :D

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Re: Mechanicat(Open)
« Reply #8 on: August 16, 2017, 10:04:13 pm »
A most fascinating creature indeed! I love all the details you worked into it.

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Re: Mechanicat(Open)
« Reply #9 on: August 16, 2017, 11:10:39 pm »
This is a very cool idea! I really like it!
It all started when I returned to the game, I created a robot wolf and ventured around custom maps with it, no-one knew of my presence until I found the grounds, I dashed around the path in The Grounds and I could be seen most of the time just bolting across the path. Then I discovered preset-making and created a simple robot preset, and in just months the preset underwent many updates and more codes being added to it.

Very interesting sounding species you have here. Very intriguing indeed...
In my absence, I worked on creating presets but never have they been seen until my return.
The mechanical cat preset was the first preset of mine that was seen ingame, while the first one I ever made was a brown-furred wolf with patterns and gore(Between then and now, I had replaced my harddrive due to the old one becoming unable to run an operating system, months later I accesd the old harddrive and discovered the old presets I've made and put them on my new harddrive).

A very unique species! :D So much interesting details.
The number of mechanical canines was greater than the amount of mechanical felines(I have a mechanical canine char as well), and as a former canine-or-dragon-only person, I see how the mechanical canines are more common.

I agree with the above posts, a very intriguing species indeed. I kind of want to draw one now heh
Many times have I drawn a Mechanicat, only once have I got it to look like what I wanted to draw. Good luck!

Oo, looks interesting. I might end up making a Mechanicat oc myself :D
Go ahead! The species is always open as mechanical animals are very rare.

A most fascinating creature indeed! I love all the details you worked into it.
I'm constantly thinking of more details, never have I modified my posts as often as I've added more details to the two topics I've made about Mechanicats.

My presets.

Good things take time, so I'll take an eternity and create something so good that the human brain can't handle the sheer goodness of it.