Author Topic: List of Common [Errors] that can be FIXED  (Read 595 times)

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List of Common [Errors] that can be FIXED
« on: June 05, 2018, 06:34:04 am »

1- Q: having trouble connecting to the server in game?
  A: Be sure to go to and on the menu bar click > “Play Game” Log in through there and KEEP THAT TAB ON AT ALL TIMES!

   (Back in the day there was a hacker crisis on the server, and the website login is the reason why we do this now, to keep the server EXTRA secure)

2- Q: White characters in game?
  A: Download a markings texture pack.

(People have made many markings over the years and it has been collected by the people who been keeping track, “Aug22” / “Legendary”)

3- Q: If someone asks if you see their items but you don’t see them?
  A: Download an item pack

(People have made many Items in additional to the current ones we have from over the years, it has been collected by the people who been keeping track, “Ringo/Delay’s”/“Legendary”/etc.)

4- Q: Crashing?
  A: Could be caused by file error, or internet traffic. both of these are very common

a. (Internet Traffic: It is a common one for a lot of those who play this game, especially in places like The Grounds or Cherika Valley.)
b. (File Error: [OGRE FILES]: Be aware when transferring your stuff from an old download of FH that you NEVER EVER EVER! replace the Ogre.CFG file! This will completely ruin your game and cause it to have MALLOC errors.)
c. (File Error: [Multiples of Particle Files]: Be aware while making a map with added particles and after exporting, that you enter the Feralheart Files > Media > Particles and find any particle files that have an UNDERSCORE# [ _0 ] [ex: flame_0.particle])

5- Q: “Could not find movie #xxxx”
  A: Reboot the game, and be sure not to “Stretch” your chat box from horizontal (you can squash/stretch vertical)

6- Q: “I Sent my friend a preset and they cannot see it, even though they placed the file in right!”
  A: This is a little something I didn't realize till after the game was updated to 1.15. and the problem is the USERNAME.
If you have a username with numbers at the end. **And i know this may sound ridiculous, but i had to go through trial and error** (Ex: username123) the program will confuse the numbers at the end of your username with the preset number file. "username123_3" So if you want your preset to show, my suggestion is to please go to the website and click "User Settings" and at the bottom of your characters list are the things you need to change your username and what not.

7- Q: “Seeing a Rainbow gradient pattern on an object?”
  A: A common error which usually signifies that you are MISSING a texture, or that a TEXTURE is either too big or too small. To fix this go to photoshop/GIMP or whatever other image program and resize your file to 512x512 PIXELS!

**If there is nothing here that could solve your problem, please send me a PM, and im on my way to research!**