Author Topic: Preset collab for all to join!  (Read 265 times)

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Preset collab for all to join!
« on: August 21, 2018, 03:18:57 pm »
Greetings! I'm Skat/Dorky!
And this is an idea I had to bring the community a little closer - A preset collab 4 all(non-preset makers free to join too - yes we can acctually do it)

So my community group, CCG(Cuddlings Cuddle Gang) decided to do a mini event that invites everyone in, preset-maker or not as long as you have a discord so we can communicate! You can join our discord temporarily as a guest(I will add you the role but you need to specify you're there for the collab) and once the event is done you can leave the discord server if you like, no hard feelings if you're not interested!

Here we've decided to host this little thing as members of the community for everyone to communicate with the rest of the FHians to make friends and have fun!

You gotta have discord to join! Once you've joined please PM/Note me your discord name so I can give you the guest tag to participate the event~ This is needed so we can communicate with eachother better and have a nice talk in the meantime

You can leave the discord after the event is done, don't worry about it!

We have information about to participate the event in the #mini-events channel on our discord and further info on how to join as a non-preset maker!

‡ Don't be rude! Respect everyone! Please understand that not everyone can be quick or an extreme preset maker in a periodic time especially if they just started to explore codings etc. Be nice

‡ Be patient! If you ended up finishing your part in the collab you're considered free from it and you can join another request!But please, don't pressure you collab-partner if they haven't finished yet! Remember they have a limited period of time to create the preset!

‡Don't request something you don't own! While this would be fun, we don't allow google pics, drawn characters(unless you own them and you must provide proof you created them) or let the other guy roam around on a preset/character you want to have but had no creativity to create. Only existant characters of you allowed!

‡ If you are to create a preset, don't use the default markings on your creation! This rule might sound dumb, I know, but it has a reason. Since non-preset makers would need to create a default character(it's optional for them to add details so it will later on be turned to a preset by me) it will be unfair and unbalanced also it will be considered as a piece you didn't make as you don't own the markings while others worked hard to create their pieces.

‡ Any kind of texture allowed! You can do any kind of texture you want! It doesn't have to be default don't claim it.

‡ The countdown about this event is one week! Yes, you will have to finish the preset within a week! While I understand you're busy, but we don't want this event to drain too much so people will be motivated to join other events around and it will be a mess since more and more people will want to join and it will never end. If your collab partner ends up delaying more than a week please contact me Immediately!!!

‡ You can do up to 3 different collabs max! This rule simply exist to relieve stress. I will try my best to join every single collab request came on my way but I might not make it because I have to manage a lot of things at once and people have lives. But we will let you decide which collab you want to do!

‡ Have fun!

Our purpose is to make the community friendlier towards eachother and make new friends while playing the game. It's more fun to be surrounded by friends than playing the game alone!

Thank you for reading~

Hope to see you there, Stay cuddly :D see ya!

| Skat  | Weirdo | Foodsexual | Nice to meet you :D|

Me and my children PFF XD

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Re: Preset collab for all to join!
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2018, 12:36:14 am »
Hmmm, this seems very fun. A learning experience for all, definitely! I have always wanted to see the community getting together with their ideas like this.

I may get around to joining. :)