Author Topic: Feral Update November 2018  (Read 15953 times)

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Feral Update November 2018
« on: November 03, 2018, 09:00:25 pm »
This was supposed to be October part 3 but alas there are not enough hours in the days.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate the new staff on their excellent work in hosting the Halloween Party of 2018. For those who attended, I hope that you all enjoyed it. It was an amusement to see them running about to turn it all round in time as it was short notice.

I assume that you have discovered this thread very quickly, you probably may have gone in-game and noticed of our new login page. I am aware that some of the community have been missing out on events and news etc. But all recent news can be found on the new page, alongside upcoming events. This should allow easier and faster dissemination of important information, it will be updated on a regular basis. Again, a big thanks to those who contributed - not only to the new staff team, but also some of the old ones.

Speaking of the grumpy old staff, they are now making a return and will be working alongside the new staff team. Issues have been resolved and they are back, stronger and better than ever, with their new buddies to help. They have been discussing and helping with things from the sidelines ever since they left, so I'm happy to say: a big welcome back to Shally, Lord Sugarmuffin (who seems to have no clue what a cookie is), Nynx, Kynvuu, Morgra and that odd little Kiwi fruit in the corner.

Ressy, who has basically been acting admin since her return, will now also be taking a full Administrator role, therefore a huge congratulations to her for her constant hard work and dedication.

Unusually today is actually Nynx and Edo's birthdays. I don't think we have ever had news on the same day as mods birthday before. So Happy Birthday you two.

On a final note, this being the main event of this post, I would like to announce that we have finally got another patch! Hopefully, the first of many to come. Not a lot will be said here as we will give plenty of room for the wonderful LaughingWolf and Lazy_Alizarin to explain their participation in the creation of this patch. Another HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who was involved for this patch's release and, I know we are all looking forward to the next one. Also in celebration registration will be open for the next 24h.

Downloads are now available on the Download page. HERE
If anyone comes across any issues with characters in blank maps/empty voids, simply reset your home location and 'go home' in the User Panel, which should resolve the problem.

Think that about covers it.....

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Please contact other members of staff if necessary they will escalate issues to me

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Re: Feral Update November 2018
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2018, 11:34:39 pm »
Thank you Raz for the update!

First, welcome back Shally, Lord Sura, Nynx, Kynvuu, Kiki, and Morgra to the staff team.

Second, this is a day we've all been waiting for, and I'm happy to finally show all the hard work we've done for this Feral Heart patch. It was an honor to work with you guys to make this possible. Thank you.

What have I done for this patch? I've put together a snowy winter wonderland that we call Kibou Ridge. This map sets over Cherika Valley and has some prehistoric findings scattered around. The map has many hidden dens and caves, frozen tree lines, snowy meadows, snow capped mountains, and hidden treasures. Did I mention it has lots of snow?

LaughingWolf helped me with the terrain masking, new ground textures, object textures, and ideas. The staff also helped with textures, and ideas that went along into Kibou Ridge. The user who made the beautiful Aurora lights, swimming fish, and all the other new critters is CoralStar  We worked together to make Kibou Ridge a success.

I won't give too many more details, for it's up to the players to go out and explore the changes that were made. I hope the FH community enjoys what we've made.
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Re: Feral Update November 2018
« Reply #2 on: November 04, 2018, 04:55:17 am »
First things first, welcome back to the 'old' staff. I'm glad you guys worked out your grievances. It will only help the community. I am truly happy you guys came back to good terms.

I'm excited to see what you guys think of your new Eastern Pass. This one was my baby. lol
The first goal was to make it look more like a pass, and less like a large but pretty meadow, so we went vertical with it; you'll see. Second was to give plenty of spaces for characters to hide out and rp. I also wanted to add a little fun to the map, so a little parkour was added and something else I think you'll like. I made a little map of the pass for you guys to get the lay of the land, which I will post below. You'll see some familiar names and acronyms in the map. There are a  few things to find on your own though, I don't want to spoil it all just yet.
I will say one thing, watch your step, you never know when you might fall ;)

All of the staff and Lady helped with finessing this map to what it is today, so thank you for that, and allowing me to participate in creating this patch.

I also helped a little in the modification to Ficho, but that was mostly a group effort, ideas, finessing, and final product.

I truly hope you enjoy the upgrade, have fun out there!
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Re: Feral Update November 2018
« Reply #3 on: November 04, 2018, 12:30:44 pm »
Thank you for all your hard work, Lady, LaughingWolf, Raz, 'old' and 'new' team.
Welcome back, to the older staff members. <3

Happy birthday, Edo and Nynnix!

We hope you'll all appreciate and enjoy the update. c:

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Re: Feral Update November 2018
« Reply #4 on: November 04, 2018, 12:36:49 pm »
Thank you for the update! I am very excited!^^
Happy Birth Edo and Nynx!
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Re: Feral Update November 2018
« Reply #5 on: November 04, 2018, 12:39:46 pm »
Aaaaa omg thank you for the update! And happy birthday to you two! <33
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Re: Feral Update November 2018
« Reply #6 on: November 04, 2018, 12:40:36 pm »
Thank you guys for the update! I will make sure to check it out sometime, I am also very excited!

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Re: Feral Update November 2018
« Reply #7 on: November 04, 2018, 12:43:57 pm »
Thanke for the birthday wishes and happy birthday Nynx <3

Hoping you all love the update, and a big smooch to everyone who worked so tirelessly on the patch. Especially you old staffies, welcome back <3

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Re: Feral Update November 2018
« Reply #8 on: November 04, 2018, 12:44:51 pm »
Well this seems intriguing.

Congratulations Ressy!
Welcome back, old FH team!
Happy Birthday Nynx and Edo!
I'll be awaiting the patch with a heck ton of fangirling ready. :D
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Re: Feral Update November 2018
« Reply #9 on: November 04, 2018, 01:02:31 pm »
Oh my gosh, I am way too excited right now xD

Thank you Razzle! :D

Its okay you guys werent able to post in time in the month of october <3

Happy birthday nynx and edo! I wish you good wishes and have fun im happy for you too <3

Congrats to the staff that gained up a position and some are coming back! <3 I will be sending a sweet message to you guys <3

As for the patch, Ahhh im just so excited!! I cannot wait to try it out! Its looks so so beautiful and Laughing and Lady did a beautiful job <3 cant wait to go in game! <3 Thank you!
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