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Silence Immaculate|
« on: March 09, 2019, 12:19:53 am »

Silence Immaculate
but that,
that was only time...

Name Jasper
Alias Silence, Jazz
Gender sexless, male identity
Age millennia, immortal
Species spirit
Orientation asexual, aromantic
Looks reference

so willow weep not for me...

closed-off · laconic · patient
trustworthy · independent  ·disciplined
drifter · self-sacrificing  · tolerant

A spirit, his physical body is merely a manifestation.
Due to his phantasmal nature, his manifestation has limited interaction with the physical world. Almost completely deaf while occupying a body, but can still communicate telepathically with beings soul-bound to him, and can read lips.
Can freely drift out of this world and into others. May or may not leave his body behind when doing so.
Lethargic in warm weather, will spend most of his time asleep and drifting.
A protective and guiding figure; drawn to the weak, vulnerable and inexperienced. Will offer his guidance freely and generously.
Has raised many adoptive children over his incomprehensibly long life, and is always open to taking more under his wing.
A creature of his word; will never deceive or betray. Will take secrets to the grave and sacrifice himself to protect others with no hesitation.
Although he cannot fall in love, he is capable of immeasurable, boundless, unconditional love. Will love friend and foe alike, eternally. Once awakened, no action or circumstance can ever extinguish his love. Will continue to hold those he loves in his heart millennia after they are dead or gone.
On the flip side, he cannot hate, regardless of circumstance. Will treat those who have wronged him or his loved ones with equal measures justice and mercy, but regardless will be incapable of hating them.
and oak bend not for me...

FatimahMother, ancestor; created from the very essence of her soul on the day of her death. Though never met, Jasper carries a big part of his mother in his soul, and is very much a mirror image of her character. Often considered to be her reincarnation, but does not fully see himself as such. A source of longing and melancholy, would give anything in the world to have known her before her passing. Still has an incredibly strong connection to her and feels that she, in some way, lives on beyond her mortal life.

Ifrit The Devourer of Worlds. Father, creator; everything in complete opposition to Jasper's soul. The killer of his mother, and his life-bringer. Created by Ifrit as a final act of subjugation against his mother, Jasper was quickly resented by the Devourer due to his unwillingness to bend to the wraith's will. The years of his youth were spent enduring his father's many violent attempts to break and dominate him, until the Devourer's rapidly growing animosity led to their permanent, irreversible estrangement. Centuries of history are shared between them. The Devourer's twisted obsession with Jasper, as well as his deranged fixation on consuming every world he blazes through, led to the inevitable clash between the two, a battle spanning hundreds of years and worlds, as Jasper rose to protect the innocent lives his father threatened to devour in his insatiable gluttony. Ultimately consumed by his madness, the wraith was bested by his son, and in a last ditch effort to break him, devoured Jasper's home world - the place his mother had breathed her last - before disappearing into thin air, never to be seen again. Presumed dead, though Jasper does not fully believe it so. Has not seen in over 600 years. Despite their history, and his father's irredeemable villainy, misses and loves the wraith, and hopes that he is still alive somewhere. A source of pain, loss and conflicted feelings; often dreams of a life where their relationship could have gone differently, though is fully aware that nothing he could have done would have changed his father's essence. Craves, and dreads, meeting him again.

Varhmiel Once bound to Varhmiel's parents, Jasper raised the peryton as his own after their deaths. Their close relationship grew cold on the day before Varhmiel's sudden, inexplicable disappearance. Believed him to be dead for a century, filled with turmoil and regret. Held himself responsible for decades, and his guilt was just barely dissuaded at Varhmiel's just as sudden reappearance. Their reunion was painful and strained, and brought about a lot of repressed memories and emotions, but shed light onto many questions that had festered unanswered in Jasper's mind for one hundred years. Slowly and steadily patching up their relationship. The only one who can communicate with Jasper through telepathy. Soul-bound. Equalis. Loved.

bottom art (c) Lathyrus
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art (c) Lathyrus

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Re: Silence Immaculate|
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They're so beautiful! The whole post is amazing! Lovely job!

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Re: Silence Immaculate|
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This character so unique and gorgeous! Such an interesting design and description. So stunning. <3

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Re: Silence Immaculate|
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pretty goat boi

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Re: Silence Immaculate|
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Lovely character

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Re: Silence Immaculate|
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The way your character looks is very enticing and the general simplicity of the layout is very beautifully presented! Stunning work. +floof

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