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Suggestion - Roleplaying Character advertising board
« on: June 06, 2019, 07:47:12 pm »
Short introduction for idea
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If there's something I always noticed when I was seeking for roleplays, was the lack of groups that accepted multi-species. Specially if you don't play with the most common types of animals, you will struggle finding a group to accept you, which kinda of "forces" you to create a specific character to join.
And I mean, that's not a bad thing, I understand why group leaders would like to regulate which types of characters join their roleplay, specially for groups based on packs or prides of the same species of animals. But this does means that some more specific-types of characters will rarely ever find their place in a roleplaying group, which can effectively "kill" a character.

 Have you ever created that different species of animal, but never got to play as them since you never found a group they would fit in?
 Have you wanted to play as the weird-one out?
 Maybe you are the leader of a roleplaying group and needs someone to interpret an extremely specific role, but have a hard time finding people who roleplays that kind of character?

Don't get what I'm saying? I'll give you an example then:
Say you are the owner of a WC-inspired roleplaying group, and you also interpret one of the clan leaders. All of the clans already have a good number of members distributed equally, and everything is fitting nicely. But there's something lacking: there's a lore where in one of the clans, the deputy of the clan befriended a crow, and is secretly stealing some part of the fresh-kill to exchange with the crow for some information about the other clans! But since all of the players of your roleplaying group only roleplays as cats, there's no one to roleplay as the crow which resort you to the boring NPC-style of roleplaying. But that's not what you wanted! You wanted the crow to be a different, unique character with a personality just like everyone else in the group!


Wouldn't it be far more insteresting if someone roleplayed that "specific but unusual character"? But you know that opening a single spot just to find someone to fill that roleplaying niche would be frustrating.

So what is my suggestion?
To make it easier for you to finally find a roleplay where your character can fit in, or for you to find someone you think will fit nicely in your group, I proppose to you: The Character Advertising Board!
Where instead of you having to go after a group and send them your character's info and roleplay sample, you put your character's info and roleplay sample for THEM TO INVITE YOU!

How would it work?
You, the owner of the character, would create a thread where you mandatorily would have to make a relatively short bio for your character AND make a roleplay sample which would be publicly available for others to see. Group leaders seeking for specific-types of characters would look at your character's description and see if they think you would fit in their group or not. If they find your character appealing, or think you would fit a specific niche, they would PM you seeing they were interested in your character and ask if you want to join. Then, after you see what their group is about, you may decide if you want to join or not!

A REALLY Short example where someone would advertise their character:

Name: Ciel, (Named as "LostFeather" by the local warrior cats)
Species: Crow, or any type of corvid character
Gender: Male
Personality: "A shady and greedy bird, but with a good heart for those he trusts!"
Character specifications: I do have a backstory for this Ciel, but I won't mind changing it to fit a character niche for a roleplay.

Character preferences: I'll only join Warrior Cats's style of groups, as some short of untrustable unexpected-spy type of character! I'll may also join wolf packs too. I only do feralheart-only roleplays.
Character limitations: I won't join fantasy, big cats, human or magic-style of groups!

Description: Like an ordinary corvid, he's a small, dark-grey (almost black) bird with a lighter coloured beak! He also lacks one of his fingers, as it was cut on a kite's string accident. I use a preset! It can be found here: "insert preset url"
Picture of character In-game: "insert picture here"

Roleplay sample: "Insert roleplay sample here"

It would work something like this. I know there are the character's board and group roleplay board, but they are not enginered specificaly for someone who have a character wanting to join.

What do you think of this idea? Do you think it would work?

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