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Fun in the Sun - Newsletter
« on: June 27, 2019, 07:13:03 pm »

*now with less sunburn

Welcome to FeralHeart’s very first Member of the Season (MOTS)Newsletter!

Recently, things have been bumpy as one can see on the forums, but regardless of that hopefully things will be smoother with the help of this new format.
Basically, this is to help open communication between the Staff and Community with the MOTS acting more as ambassadors than they have previously.

Through this we - The members that you have voted for - Hope to finally start achieving what this community has been wanting for a long time:

An open window into what’s going on and a way to communicate efficiently with those on the other side.
Fair warning, none of us can give an ETA on when some of these will be implemented. If we are given one, we will definitely inform you.

There will also be a feedback thread posted shortly after this with a form for you to fill out, so we can get a good gauge on what the community wants/needs, as this thread will act as an archive for more MOTS Newsletters to come. Any questions, concerns, inquiries, or statements will go there.

So without further ado - Here’s what’s shakin’ bacon.

First off as we see it most important - The Rules

Staff have begun the long process of overhauling them, making sure that each one is up to snuff with the current FeralHeart environment.
The completion of this will be in the coming days, although I cannot myself nor the other MOTS give an ETA.

Second - Translating the Rules

Yes you heard.
As this will be an entirely new list they will need to retranslate them for foreign players. If you have any experience in languages other than English, please contact one of the Admins expressing your interest in helping translate the game’s rules. The help will be invariably appreciated and is sorely needed. Although quite a few Staff are multilingual they do not cover the entire globe. I’m sure one speaks Klingon at least.

On that note, hopefully soon they will also be showing their proficiency/nationality on the Staff page. So if you’re in a pinch but don’t know English too well, you’ll be able to see which one speaks your mother tongue best or a sister language that’s similar to it. Big thanks to Calvary for getting that sent underway, it wouldn't've happened without her.

Third - Contests

Yes, these are still happening as one can certainly tell.
They’re not as high a priority as say patchwork and the like but they’re still on the table.
Don’t worry, they’re not going away anytime soon.

Fourth - Forum Spruce-up

Right now the staff are compiling various needs and wants concerning the forum itself.
Currently, here’s the list of ideas they have in mind.
[Please share your input on these as this will affect you!]

- Merging Art Boards
- Forum Tutorials Section
- Hall of Fame other contests
- Saving Drafts

Fifth - Overall Communication

Without diving too deep into what I’m sure all of you already know if you’ve been on the forums this week, the community has made a public notice that they’d like more communication.
Players want a peek into the perspective of Staff members and how they run things, without worrying and jumping to conclusions.
While we the MOTS cannot guarantee anything an effort will be made on our behalves and hopefully the Staff themselves. While we are spokespeople they are their own individuals. If you have concerns you should absolutely still go to them about it, and us if you feel so inclined.

No one wants the Community to feel alienated or as if they’re being smothered. By doing this we will start to cure what ails it and put to rest any fears you may have.

Six - The Big Cahuna, the Patch

Yes, it is being worked on. While we can’t divulge too many details, it is well under way, but the Staff and Patch team needs your help!
They are in search of map makers from any skillset willing to submit their creations. There is an entire board filled with it.
Any other kind of mod making talent is appreciated as well so feel free to submit anything not necessarily map related as well!
Meshes, sounds[Please not the fortnite one], and textures galore!
You can submit your creations here.

That’s really all we have to disclose.
You’ve now seen basically everything that’s been going on behind the scenes in the past year concerning work on the game and forums as well as concerning the community itself.
I hope that this has shed the light you all wanted, and if not please let myself or any of the other MOTS know.
Our task is to represent you guys, and we wanna do it right.

If you don’t want to do that however, there is another way you can get your voice heard:
Just posting on the forum or speaking out in the game itself.

It’s still advised to send us these threads to make sure they see it. Not everyone is as obsessed with the recent posts made to forum button as myself.
Whether it be a suggestion, a discussion concerning an important aspect of the community/game, etc.
If it’s from an older topic, feel free to bump it or make a new thread entirely! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing this. All it does is show that this is still relevant to the community and should be looked into.

You may give Feedback concerning this announcement here.
There's also an anonymous poll - if you don't feel comfortable with speaking publicly - here.

                              Thanks for reading.
                                         -Jango, Valar, Esarosa, Vortex & Ame
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