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Carnival Carnage
« on: September 21, 2019, 12:35:43 pm »
Carnival Carnage
We are mostly based on carnival themed characters, evil like characters are also accepted
same with clowns,demons,cannibal characters etc

*currently were not discorded but a friend of mine may be making us a discord group unless i decide to join discord myself and do so*
*WARNING this group may contain 18+ content such as swearing being allowed in the group chat*
We accept wings
We dont require a roleplay sample to join
We accept both canine/feline models
We are not plotted create your own stories as you go along
We are unrealistic to realistic in design
We accept multiple characters and species
We are a social group we don't focus on roleplaying, we dont host RPs either but your still welcome to begin a RP in game
We are a long-term we have hope to grow and stay around rather than users to join and simply vanish
We are tagged, Your tag upon joining must be [Character name] CC, We do not have "ranks"
we are Randomly active, We have often clear outs of those who dont announce that they'll be inactive
We Host events with the prizes being presets
We have Seats open for multiple leaders and staff, we wont just hand them out though you must prove to us you'll stay and be good with the position so dont come joining like "CAN I BE LEADER/STAFF"
If you're looking for a place to just chill out come along and join us
You may find us in game with our leader or send us a join request